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December 14, 2004

I have had Acne on and off now for more than 30 years. It was much worse when I was a teenager and in my early twenties. Believe me, I have tried all the so-called alternative medicine cures, treatments, skin care creams and dermatologist treatment solutions, with no real permanent healing remedy. For my acne, milk and sweets really seemed to cause the flare ups!

Recently I developed very large Acne cysts on my chin, which inevitably grew a large white head, ready to squeeze... you know what I mean.

Rather than squeeze the acne cysts, I decided to try some of my wifeís Vitalize skin care cream. I liberally smeared some of the Vitalize cream throughout the day and before going to bed. The next day, what was the large ugly red acne cyst had shrunk to nothing, on the second day it was completely gone! To say the least, I was shocked and amazed with Vitalize skin cream as a healing solution to my acne flare-ups. Another nice thing about the cream is that it is a skin tone cream that also hides the acne blemishes while it heals the cysts and skin.

I have also noticed, when I apply the Vitalize skin cream on my old scarred acne pot marks that, over time, the acne scars and pot marks are slowly softening and disappearing! I would highly recommend Dr Koch's natural Vitalize therapeutic skin care cream to anyone that is fed up with the hype of all the acne treatments out there that donít work, or involve some type of acne drug side effects!

I also take Vitacel GH9 supplements, the GH9 works on healing cells and preventing my acne from the inside out.


P. Johnson Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Adult Acne Story

I lived with Acne for about 6 years. I tried lotions, ointments and all else the dermatologist treatments recommended, but nothing helped the acne. I tried hiding my problem with heavy make-up, only to realize I was making the skin disorder worse.

The dermatologist then recommended that I take birth control pills, which would enable me to take another acne medicine which might help to clear up my skin. Not wanting to try this treatment, I decided to look for alternative natural remedies and treatments with less or no drug side effects.

My father was taking an alternative naturalVitacel GH7 for some time. I took some of his tablets, ground them up with a little water, and made a paste. I applied this paste daily to the acne and after 2 1/2 weeks the acne had cleared up.

Joy Hogan
333 Bellevue Ave.
Trenton, NJ 08618


The acne problems that troubled me as an adolescent left me as an adult, except for my back and an occasional acne breakout on my face. This was very minor compared to what my skin was like as a boy. I would get cold sores during both the winter and the summer I would even get several at a time. When one would heal on my upper lip, I would get another on my bottom lip. I applied many acne medicines topical skin care cream and lotions which would dry them, but only temporarily. They would soon crack open and bleed. These were problems I thought I would have to deal with the rest of my life. Millie, my wife had other health problems and found beneficial results by taking Gerovital H3 which at that time was unavailable where we live. She went to a doctor in Nevada who willingly prescribed GH3, assuring her that there werenít any side effects. Although Millieís problems were not like mine, she wanted me to use it to just stay healthy.

After reading about Gerovital H3 in the Battle Against Old Age, I was impressed enough to try the natural GH3 alternative e for my Acne. Though I donít have any health problems other than those that I have mentioned, I did notice that I felt less stress and I had more energy after taking GH3.

I waited for new cold sores to appear, but they didnít. My wife also noticed that the acne on my back cleared up.

Since my father and uncles all became bald at an early age, I expected the same. Happily I report that I still have a good head of hair with a slight thinning in the back that is only noticeable to me and my barber.

About 4 years ago, GH7, the advanced GH3 formula, GH7 became available from Dr. Koch in the USA. My wife and I began taking it instead of GH3. We both liked it better than GH3. After each meal we take Vitacel, C-Dophilus and Cal-Mag.

5210W. Belle Plaine
Chicago, IL 60641


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