Rheumatoid Arthritis Personal Stories

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I have been taking Vitacel 9 supplements, 3 capsules per day, for my arthritis symptoms as an alternative to Celebrex with all its side effects. The Vitacel 9 releives 90% of my symptoms and works great!

C Kunz July 17,2008

I was diagnosed with both arthritis and osteoarthritis and was well on the way to becoming bedridden. The signs and symptoms were intermittent inflammation and swelling of my joints, in any one or all areas and at any given time. The inflammation and pain symptoms were often so severe that the area would turn color as though it had been bruised. Climbing stairs was a monumental task and without the availability of a handrail, sometimes impossible. Changes in barometric pressure would send me to bed with a heating pad and increased medication. Sleeping the night through was unheard of as I would often be awakened with immobilizing arthritis pain that literally took my breath away. My husband would have to move my hips and body to a different position so that I could try to go back to sleep. It was difficult to get into or out of bed without help. I was unable to wring out a rag, pick things up with one hand and it was becoming exceedingly difficult to type, the degenerative Arthritis symptoms were devastating because that was my livelihood. I could not raise my hands above shoulder height as my shoulders were so painful.

In early 1982, a friend brought the good news of Vitacel GH3 and its availability to us here in the USA. I received relief from the swelling and inflammation symptoms within four days and inside of three weeks almost all of the pain had subsided. I stopped taking my prescription medication the day I started the Doctor Koch formula Vitacel GH3. This isnít a recommendation, itís only because I had to know if it was the GH3 that was helping me, if indeed I received help. Today, almost seven years later, I only have occasional Arthritic discomfort symptoms. That is when Iíve either been working or playing too hard and not eating the right foods for proper nutrition.

The toll on my productivity due to the many artritis drugs and prescription medications, the adverse drug side effects are all behind me. For the first time in my life I am taking no prescriptions drugs, and thatís a miracle! I get weepy when I think with gratitude of all that the Vitacel has done for me.My husband says he has his ďbrideĒ back. I know that I will be taking GH7 for the rest of my longer, healthier and happier life!!



Many things can happen in a personís life to alter the course we find ourselves on with the passing of time. A milestone in my life was being smart enough to go to an information meeting on a product called Vitacel GH-3. The time, December 2, 1982.

As a skeptic, but with a built-in curiosity, I began taking Vitacel GH-3 supplements early in January 1983. Much to my debilitating surprise, I began to feel a distinct improvement in the Rheumatoid Arthritis that was slowly affecting my ability to work with my hands. Early signs and symptom improvements included a warm sensation developing in both hands; and thus, the slow road to recovery began. A very painful and persistent ache in my right shoulder and arm was slowly alleviated to where the area is virtually Arthritis pain-free to this day. The same holds true for the painful degenerative Arthritis that existed in both of my big toes. They are about 75% improved to the point where pain-free walking is now a reality A recent industrial injury to my left leg continues to plague me, but that area also is ever so slowly mending itself.

ďIf this is a placebo, I love it!Ē And thatís the way I experienced it!

Penticton, BC


I just have to let people know what a difference Vitacel GH7 supplements have made in my life. I was first introduced to GH7 about two months ago by the owner of a health food store. I was looking for some pain relief from degenerative Arthritis symptoms when she told me of GH7. I started taking it that day and have taken it every day since. GH7 has changed my life and saved my sanity. My Arthritis symptoms included sore, hot and swollen hands, along with pain and discomfort in other parts of my body. The Arthritis swelling and pain are now about 75% healed and progressively improving and healing over time.

God knows what else will happen! Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Las Vegas, Nevada


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this in hopes that others may get the satisfaction that I have enjoyed from using Vitacel supplement products for the last 4 years when I started using Vitacel GH-3, I was suffering from degenerative Arthritis and worn out cartilage in my knees to the point that the doctor wanted to replace the knees with artifi≠cial joints and it was necessary to wear braces on both legs.

Now, after taking Vitacel GH-3 products, the Arthritic pain symptoms are not bothering me, the braces are things of the past. My health is very good. I swim, dance, hunt, fish, and do anything I like to do. Oh yes, my age might help me too! I am almost 83 years of age and maintain an active life in real estate.

Long live Dr Koch's Vitacel and GH-3. Hoping that it helps you, as this has helped me.

Canon City, CO


November 25, 1985

In early October of 1984, my wife, Laura, brought home a brochure describing Vitacel GH3 supplements. She had been to lunch with her aunt (78 years old) who had been taking Vitacel GH3 with excellent results. Knowing that Laura had some physical problems, she suggested Laura study the brochure and consider trying GH3. I was going to be 70 years of age on November 25, 1984, and I was controlling high blood pressure using 4 different drugs daily. I had hemorrhoids that were annoying to say the least, and I had just spent a relatively large sum for hearing aids. I also had arthritic pain intermittently for which I knew that there was no help.

Within two weeks after learning that GH3 existed, Laura developed severe pains in her arms and shoulders (diagnosed as tendonitis), making it impossible to raise her arms above her shoulders. We looked at the brochure again and decided to try Vitacel. Our order arrived sooner that we expected and we began taking GH3 as directed, on an empty stomach. Within one week, the arthritic pain in my hands and arms was gone. And within two weeks, Lauraís arm problem was gone. We were less skeptical.

We have taken GH3 every day for over a year. I hear better now without my hearing aids than with them; my hemorrhoids have disappeared; there has been no reoccurrence of diverticulitis; and thereís more.

Starting in November 1974, I had blood in my urine for a two to three-day period at intervals of three to four months. At the first occurrence, my doctor sent me to a specialist for various tests and a bladder examination. The tests showed there was no cancer in the tract, but they were inconclusive as to the cause of the bleeding. Four months later, the same occurrence, same doctor, same specialist, same tests, new laboratory, results - no cancer Possibly the bleeding was caused by prostate disorder. In the year that followed I learned to live with the almost clock-like occurrences, but never without a feeling of apprehension. The occurrences were less frequent, and as I saw no reason to spend a lot of money on a condition that apparently was going to be with me the rest of my life. Since October of 1984, there has been no blood in my urine!

For at least the last ten years prior to taking Vitacel, my golf game was limited to nine holes of walking; any more required a power riding cart and even then, my feet really hurt. This summer and fall Iíve played 18 holes many times without a cart and no aching feet.

The arthritic for pain and swelling, has progressed constantly since taking Dr. Koch's GH3 supplement vitamins. I am no longer skeptical.

Frank & Laura Miller
Seattle, WA


January23, 1983

For the past 20 years, I have had rheumatoid arthritis in my hands. Fortunately, the arthritis is confined to my hands only. During this period, the pain was up and down. I took medication when the pain was somewhat unbearable. I always managed to type since my livelihood was that of an executive secre≠tary. Typing kept my fingers nimble. I played the organ and this, too, helped.

In January 1981, the arthritis flared up as it had never done before. As the months went by, the condition became progressively worse. I was taking medication, but no amount changed the status of the condition. I feared the next type of medication would he cortisone which I will not take because of the side effects. My fingers were so painful that [couldnít type or play the organ for over one year. Just touching the keys on the organ or the typewriter with the pinkie on my left hand was painful to tears. The pain would shoot up all the way to the shoulder By June 1, 1982, the pinkie on my left had was almost stiff.

On June 1, 1982, I started taking GH3 suplements. After two weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in the pinkie, as well as the other fingers on both hands. After two (2) months on GH3, my fingers were very flexible.

I continue to take GH3 and I have no pain in my hands whatsoever and no stiffness upon awakening in the morning. Itís hard, at times, to believe that this is happening to me after some pro≠longed pain. I am most grateful to GH3 and want to tell the whole world about it.

Another aspect of GH3 is that my energy level has never been higher - Iím almost tireless! As you can see, lam using the typewriter again. I am also playing the organ once again. Another plus for GH3 and Vitacel. After taking the products for seven months, I notice I donít have callouses! I had been plagued for years with this pain and inconvenience.

Sequim, Washington


November 23, 1984

I had a coronary thrombosis eleven years ago and I have had angina pectoris ever since. After eating a meal, I would have to wait from two to three hours before doing any activity, like walking, or I would get pain in my chest. When I watched ball games on TV and would get excited, I would get pains in my chest.

I started taking Vitacel 4 GH4 on March 15, 1984. After the first four months, I noticed much change, but in the last four months, I have noticed even a greater change. I have been able to engage in activities and watch the ball games after eating without getting any pain in my chest.

I have had arthritis for several years in my back, and last winter, it went into my feet. If I stood very long, my feet would get so sore that I could hardly walk.

Now about 90% of the arthritis is gone and I feel like I have a new lease on life.

Seattle, Washington


Although I didnít realize it at the time, my introduction to Vitacel GH-7 supplements was the luckiest day of my life. Little did I know or anticipate the results that were in store for me. Six months ago I ordered GH-7 after reading and hearing about others experiencing an improved quality of health after using this special vitamin. No one had anything negative to say after using it and I hoped to find benefits also.

I waited for the good results, but to my amazement, instead of feeling better, I felt worse and almost discontinued using Vitacel. I knew that sometimes you feel worse before getting better and hoped that was what was happening to me. This feeling lasted for almost two months and then gradually I started to see an improvement. My knees that had pained me for years and made going up and down the stairs almost unbearable were not giving me any discomfort. The Arthritis pain was gone, indigestion was a problem and kept me awake most of the night. Sleep would have been impossible without Tums.

One day my wife brought to my attention that the drawer still contained plenty of Tums and that I wasnít using them anymore. I hadnít noticed! The real shocker came when people noticed hair growing in the bald spot that I had had for years. I couldnít see it, but after more people noticed I looked and yes, they were right, it was growing in. Today it is completely filled in and all this in just 6 months of taking the GH7 supplements!

Duluth, GA


I started taking Vitacel 7 in September, 1988, for the swelling in my legs, hands and face that Iíve had real bad since December, 1987. Doctors, hospitals and a lumbar spine test showed arthritis real bad in my back as well as in the rest of my body. I couldnít get up out of a chair or in and out of my car without help.

I started improving in a little over a week, so friends had me ordering Vitacel 7 for them. Iíve referred 19 people to GH7 supplements since I started taking it. I feel so good and get around so much better People who know me have noticed the new me.

Try it. It has worked great for me. I will be glad to talk to anyone about it. You may use my full name and mailing address if you wish to do so.

Just keep my orders coming. Itís great!

Thanks to Vitacel GH7 for this good product and please keep my orders filled.

Rockwall, TX


I feel I had a pretty good vitamin program worked out for myself, but now with Vitacel GH-7 supplements added in, I do feel much better I had some Arthritis starting to come into a finger in my left hand, even though I was taking fish oil. After only two and one half weeks, the arthritis was gone. My blood pressure has gone from 136 over 86 to 127 over 76. A pain in my right shoulder has lessened quite a bit. I get up early each morning and feel more refreshed. I have more energy all day long and I donít get hungry as often as I used to. Because of not getting hungry as much, Iím losing weight without really trying.

Fairless Hills, PA


Iíve taken Vitacel for two months and I am very impressed so far. I have arthritis in my hips. This causes me to walk bent over in severe pain. I can walk almost straight at times. The pain is not as severe and my energy level is very high. Now I am able to do a little house work. I thank you for this product.

Trenton, NJ


I am 68 years old and suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure and heart trouble. The arthritis is in my hands, shoulder and legs. I could barely sleep at night because of the pain and could not walk without a cane. A friend told me about Vitacel 7 supplements so I decided to try it. I began taking one tablet three times a day an hour before meals. I also, at my friends suggestion, complimented the Vitacel 7 with two ounces of Diamiteís Aloe Vera Plus juice twice a day.

After one week, I was sleeping a lot better and seemed to have more energy. However, during the second week I began getting headaches and sharp pains up and down my arms and legs. I also had a nose bleed that lasted about 10 minutes. Now that really seared me, but I continued to take the Vitacel because overall I was feeling better In the third week the headaches and sharp pains disappeared and the normal pains that I was accustomed to lessened.

For the first time in over two years I am able to walk without my cane. I can even lift my arms over my head Something that I could not do prior to taking Vitacel. Iím only on my second bottle of Vitacel and it has already made a remarkable difference in my health.

Daisey Strother
New York, NY


I took Vitacel 7 for two years and because I felt so good, I didnít think that I needed it anymore. I stopped ordering it, and about six months later, my aches and pains returned. Each day I hoped I would feel better. The high energy that I once experienced was gone. However, the warts on my legs that fell off never returned. My knees started to ache as the arthritis flared up again. I have once again started to take Vitacel and I am happy to say that I do not have any arthritic pain, and I am enjoying an abundance of energy

Willie Sue Perry
Chicago, IL


Driving an eighteen wheeler truck 400 miles every day for many years didnít help my arthritis. The ARTHRITIC problem areas were my knees, ankles and lower back. A friend told me about Vitacel 7 & Vitacel 8. After reading some literature regarding this special dietary supplement, I decided to order some. After a few weeks, I noticed a feeling of well being and realized the arthritis pain disappeared.

My wife started taking Vitacel 7 & Vitacel 8 also, and noticed less fatigue. Gary Dimpfl
Chicago, IL


In 1994, I had Arthritis shoulder pain that at times required me to be bedridden, taking 32 B.C. Power packets a week. A friend told me about Vitacel 7. I decided to try it and within 17 days, I was free of pain.

I also have sickle cell anemia. Not wanting to do or take anything that might not have a positive affect on my blood, I decided to ask my blood specialistsí opinion of Vitacel. After reading the ingredients, I was told that there wasnít anything in it that would hurt me.

I started taking Vitacel 7 and have had only 2 - 4 crisis per year. This is extremely low for Sickle Cell Anemia.

While I was taking Vitacel, I was also taking some other products. Wanting to know which product to give credit to, I stopped taking Vitacel for 3 months and all the pained returned. I proved to myself that the good health I experienced was due to Vitacel.

Ken Welch
Memphis, TN


Iím 64 years old. A few months ago, I started taking GH7, an improved version of GH-3. After a few days, I started feeling tired and had some occasional, mild headaches. But by the start of the second week, I was feeling much better than normal; and after another week passed, I noticed that my usual morning back pains from spinal Arthritis were almost totally gone. I have a lot more drive and donít tire as easily as I used to. I also notice that frustrating or unpleasant experiences, which usually had a depressing effect, now seem unimportant and easier to deal with. I have more ambition and I get a lot more done in a day than I did before. In short, I feel much better, both physically and mentally, than I have in many years. Itís like starting a new chapter in my life.

If you are wondering why Iím spreading the word about GH7, I think itís one of the greatest medical discoveries of the century, and if enough people learn about it, maybe some day we will be able to buy it over the counter like millions of people in other countries have been doing for years. I am so pleased with the results I have had with GH7 and get much satisfaction from telling others about it.

Thatís all I have to say. No hype, no big claims, not high pressure. I use GH7 regularly now and it works! Read about it and make your own decision. Better yet, why wait? Wouldnít it be worth it if it does for you what is has done for me and thousand of others?

Niceville, FL


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