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Chronic Lower Back Pain Product Reviews

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> From: Karen H.
Date: 3/31/2011 2:22:19 PM
To: ''
Subject: Vitacel Testimonial

Lower Back-Leg Pain

I have to say I can only thank my cousin and your products, as well as my faith, if it wasn’t for your products and the faith I had in finding some sort of cure I would be on anti-depressants right now. I am only 33 years old and have been suffering from chronic leg/groin/thigh pain since 2005. I was an avid cyclist, doing lot’s of spin classes and running, I loved staying active and trying to stay fit. One day, just taking out the trash I felt something click in my right leg, something was out of “wack”. The pain was hard to endure, very sharp and deep in the thigh/groin area. I felt that area needed to crack back in to place or something. (For example when you need to crack your knuckles or neck, once you do it feels better) Well that didn’t happen and I was in bed in pain and out of work for a week.

First doctor I saw said, “nothing is wrong, just ice it” I had to get a bit loud with him before he would send me to do an MRI. He didn’t think I needed it. That’s where the story begins, but won’t bore you with it. Years, doctors (every type/specialist, you can think of) saw me and couldn’t figure out the culprit. I got diagnosis of Bursitis, sciatica, back pain, arthritis. Tons of x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and some biopsies, nothing found. One xray finally came back with a cyst in my femur bone. Out of all people to spot it, the xray tech did and pointed it out to the doctor. It was taking 30% of my femur bone and needed to do a bone graph asap. As hesitant and scared I was to do surgery, as my wedding was a year away I had to do it. 6 weeks out of work and no relief. That surgery was needed though, but never knew what caused the cyst, benign of course. After a few follow-ups doctor’s kind of gave up. I on my own did some research and thought a Neurography would help. (It’s like an MRI but concentrates on the nerves). I felt that’s where my problem was and a Neurologist I saw second my opinion but was not covered by my ins. I met with the chief of staff of Neurology and she was a complete joke, minimizing my issue.

I gave up and a couple months later came across Cell Health Makeover. My cousins dog fell and had major disc problem, needed major surgery which my cousin could not afford. She found these Vital Pet vitamins and dog was walking by week 3 of using the vitamins. Funny thing, same thing with me with the Vitacel GH7 plus, the back pain I had along with my leg pain completely went away. As for the leg pain, still there but in only 1.5 months of use I feel 20% better. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have referred you guys like crazy. My mother is being tested for some type of blood cancer, has fibromyalgia, arthritis, and knee pain, Type A diabetes, and the list continues. I told her to stay positive and that she will soon see the difference. She is starting them tonight.

I have a 4 year old and plan to have a 2nd, my pain kept me from playing with him so many times and now I feel so much better and happier, not depressed as I was feeling before.

Karen Harrell

Problems of the muscles and joints

The aches and back pains which plague so many of the aged are usually connected with either the muscles ( particularly the legs and hands ) or the joints. Procaine hcl has been found to be highly effective in relief of such back pain by many workers, and its therapeutic effects on these conditions were noted long before Prof. Aslan began her work with GH3..." --- H3 In The Batte Against Old Age - Henry Marx

Bad Back - Hip Dysplasia

Hello there

I've been ordering your products for some time now , both the GH7 and the Megapet. Both products have produced remarkable results - my 55kg Boerboel , Josie , was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the tender age of 9 months . To quote my vet " She has no hips at all - the worst case I have ever seen !". I was devastated. I immediately went searching for solutions on the web , and I found your site. What a lifeline ! Thank you. She's now 22 months old , and has been on Megavet for a year. My vet is astounded at her beautiful condition - she races around as though she were perfectly normal , and has no pain at all ! A full page photo of her , representing her breed , recently appeared in a national SA magazine. I was SO proud !!

My Dad , 73 years old , has a very bad back - the cartilage between his vertebrae is virtually non existent . He has been on the GH7 for 6 months , and I've just renewed the order. It has helped tremendously , much to my Mom's delight - she says he's stopped complaining !

Thanks for a wonderful product ! I've recommended it to a LOT of people , so if your orders from South Africa have increased , it's probably because I can't stop singing your praises.


Sue Holmden
Port Elizabeth , South Africa.


March 4, 1988

To Anyone Hoping to Improve His or Her Health:

After thirty years as a hairdresser, I suffered severe lower back pain when I was working on my customers. Fifteen years ago, the chronic back pain became so severe I was forced to leave my profession. It was necessary to seek other means - real estate, marketing or anything - for income as sole support for a maturing family. Low back pain was a constant companion. Standing or walking on a hard surface, for instance shopping, had to be done in short spurts. Sound sleep escaped me. Waking in the morning exhausted was a common experience.

Two months ago, a friend suggested that I try Dr. Koch's natural alternative medicine, GH7 supplements for relief of my back pain. He explained some of the benefits he had experienced and that the natural supplements. He hoped it would help. However, he was conservative and made no prediction as to being the cure and what it might do for my lower back pain.

Within a week I was aware of an improved sleep pattern. It made me feel better. After a month or so, I was also aware that the lower back pain symptoms had almost completely disappeared. As a great-grandmother, I expect to be careful and not overdo. But the improvement I have experienced with the remedy of my pain already is thrilling and beyond anything I had anticipated.

Portland, Oregon

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I have noticed a lot of changes in my self since I have been taking Dr Koch's natural Vitacel GH7 supplements. I have had severe back pain for years and just of late one ear has been giving me problems along with blurred vision. What is it they say? Hit 40 and everything goes to hell?

Well, all of these things have cleared up. The most important is the back pain which I have had since 17. That is a great relief, the GH7 was the natural cure for my lower back pain. The only thing that has not changed is my spelling, ha, ha. In that I will always be hopeless.

Dickinson, N.D.

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August 1989

On or about April 1, 1989,I was reluctantly introduced to Vitacel 7. I had numerous chronic aches and back pains and broken bones and sprains of yester-year. In August of 1980, I rolled a truck loaded with oil north of Winnebago, Minnesota. My thumb and arm became tangled in the steering wheel in the spin out, and I later learned I had a dislocated thumb that I had suffered with all these past years with terrible lower back pain and arthritis had set in to add to my discomfort. After 2 weeks on gh7 the pain was com­pletely gone.

In 1984, I was loading a hose in a storage tank and as I was climbing up the ladder, pulling a 2 inch 40 foot hose, it slipped out of my hand. As I grabbed for it, I missed the top rung of the ladder and fell about 18 feet. I was all alone. I laid there for about 2 hours before I was finally able to get up. My arm hung like a dead piece of meat. I drove the 120 miles home in my truck and was only able to use my left arm.

The doctor told me it was injured so badly I probably wouldn’t be able to ever use it again. I now have little or no pain in the injured left arm.

Lower back pain is something I had learned to live with for the past 35 years. Now it’s gone, but it did come back once to haunt me.

I also had an ulcer, hiatal hernia, and my arms and legs from my hips to my toes would go numb, after a long day’s drive. All of these problems no longer bother me. Plus I can see better, think more clearly, I am more alert, and I no longer have any depression.

I feel like a new Swiss watch. So be careful, I may ask if you want to run a race. There is a good chance I can do the same for you.

Plymouth, IA

P.S. Since this letter was printed, the ringing in my inner ear has stopped. After driving the truck all these years, the numbness in my hips, legs and feet is completely cured. Thank God for Vitacel 7 supplements, as a alternative medicine and remedy for my chronic pains.

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On June 8, 1992 my life changed in just one fleeting second! I was in an automobile accident. My car was totaled and I laid on a rescue squad board waiting to go to the emergency room. It was not until the next day that I realized how much pain I was in, I was sufering from severe back pain. After a week in bed, feeling depressed and taking pain killers, a friend called me and told me about his own terrible back pain problems and how he found total back pain relief through using Vitacel 7. He arranged for me to start taking an alternative medicine and after only 3 months on the product I am feeling like a brand new person, even better than I was before, the back pain has disapeared! People that talk to me on the phone don’t recognize my voice it is stress free. People that see me say that I never looked better my hair, my skin, my eyes are radiant!

Sharing this product with others is my special gift. I also want to thank all of those people who not only shared with me, but provided my support system through those very difficult days. I love you.

Gail Noel Kee
Virginia Beach, VA

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The following concerns immediate members of my family. My mother, my son and my wife. My name is Charles Still of Stephenville, Texas, and our experience with GH7.

My mother is 84, a widow and lives alone. My son is 13, and until recently was a vigorous and active young man.

First, my mom. Hazel, two months ago began experiencing intense pain between her shoulders in her back. After thorough examinations by two orthopedic specialists, she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. Fitted with a brace, she was sent home with “pain” pills to more or less live with the back pain and shoulder pain. Taking up to 15 extra strength Tylenols daily plus the pain pills offered little relief. This continued until June 9th.

My son for the past two months has had difficulty swallowing due to stress/anxiety as diagnosed by his pediatrician. Upper Gl barium x-rays and complete lab work showed no physical dysfunction. We were sent home with valium and hoped for the best. Perhaps the cause was school and we would see improvement as summer vacation was here. He had lost 30 pounds to his present 120.

June 9th, GH7 arrived. A friend told us of these Vitacel alternative natural medicines. June 11th, 48 hours after starting my son on Vitacel 7, his back pain symptoms began to vanish. His appetite returned, his fear of choking was gone, his overall demeanor was visibly improved. His sense of humor returned. This day, his weight loss stopped. Since the 9th, he has continued to return to normal. Now, he’s fighting again with his little sister, into everything and is eating with no problem. Only a slight sinus problem remains. After beginning GH7, within 48 hours, we saw results.

Now, my mom. Starting her GH7 on a Tuesday, in bed, unable to function, by Thursday she was out of her bed clothes, up and about. She was around town in her car, grocery shopping, going to her bank, taking care of business. Two days. Today is the 21st. It’s been 12 days since Hazel began her 1st GH7. She now is taking 6 daily. She has had one Tylenol in four days. Yesterday, she was again visiting her friends, out in her car, living a pain free, drug free normal life. Her varicose veins have flattened and are fading in color A “hammer toe” which was curled up is now flat and the callous on top is gone. Age spots on both arms have completely vanished. Her legs have quit cramping at night as they have for years. Her eyes have quit tearing which they have done for 40 years. Several bumps on her forehead which would not go away, plus they itched, are gone.

My wife Kati for the first time in 7 years has no more lower back pain at night.

As if this isn’t enough, Tank, our 160 pound Bull Mastiff dog is starting to hear better He’s been getting one Vital Pet medicine pills per day, for 3 days now.

Me? At 50 and a heavy smoker you’d think there would be something I could comment on. Please excuse me, I must go now. I am going to chase my child bride, Kati around the house some more. It’s kind of fun. She’s getting easier to catch.

Charlie Still

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Surgery sometimes is a trade-off. For me it meant swelling and scar tissue, which was quite painful. I started taking GH7 to see if it could help ease the back pain. To my great pleasure, it not only helped ease the back pain but I have a lot more energy and sleep like a baby. Twelve years ago I had a total hysterectomy like most women, I experienced hot flashes. Estrogen replacement was out of the question because of already having cancer What a delight, by using GH7, I no longer have hot flashes.

Gregory, my husband, is a very healthy man. He has worked in construction for 25 years. His only complaint was that his legs stiffened up after he had been sitting for a while. After the first week on GH7 he didn’t have the stiffness any longer. The strength he experienced as a young man returned and he said he fell nineteen again. He has so much energy. It is difficult getting him to sit down.

Our two teenagers are taking GH7 to protect their good health. Wouldn’t it be nice if it helped teenagers who have low self esteem get through their teenage years feeling better about them­selves? I might even help the parents cope with some of the problems they might experience because of difficulties in dealing with their teenage children.

Lenora and Gregory Lagoda
Blairsville, PA

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Each morning I would awake with back pain and stiffness. A friend told me about GH7, and I decided to order some, as it was obtainable at affordable prices, to see if it might provide lower back pain relif and remedy. After a short time on GH7. I found that the back pain and stiffness disappeared. I also seemed to he more alert on arising. When traveling a long distance by car, I found that my nap time has been shortened and that I am alert and ready to continue my drive.

Lany Voga
Piano, IL

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I had not been taking Vitacel 7 long, before I experienced remarkable pain relief results. I do alot of standing and walking on concrete and because of this, developed varicose veins. I am a weight lifter and having varicose veins didn’t look too good. I started to take GH7 as an alternative to traditional medicines and I didn’t realize that it would have an effect on the varicose veins, but within a few weeks I noticed they were beginning to go away. I thought that was pretty special and I was very p!eased with that.

I started to notice other very positive effects from the Vitacel. Years ago, I had a lower back injury from lifting weights and from time to time the back pain would bother me a bit, and since taking Vitacel I noticed a decrease in the back pain and greater mobility and I don’t have as many problems when I do work out. I feel in my heart that if I continue to use Vitacel my back will get stronger and I won’t have the problems that I had before. Since taking the Vitacel I feel alive, I have a sense of well being with a kind of peace, but a very definite difference in the way I feel.

My father has gout and arthritis. He was initially reluctant to try Vitacel but decided to give it a try. Within a few days he began to feel better and within a week’s time he said you must order me some more product. He has not had a gout flare-up or arthritic pain since taking Vitacel. He is now a Vitacel fan.

Anthony SaVage
Jackson, MS

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