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Many things can happen in a person’s life to alter the course we find ourselves on with the passing of time. A milestone in my life was being smart enough to go to an information meeting on a natural alternative remedy health product called Vitacel GH3. The time, December 2, 1982.

As a skeptic, but with a built-in curiosity, I began to consume the holistic tablet form of procaine hcl therapy labeled Vitacel gh-3 early in January 1983. Much to my surprise, I began to feel a distinct improvement in the debilitating trechanteric Bursitis symptoms that was slowly affecting my ability to work with my hands and shoulder. Early signs of symptoms improvement included a warm sensation developing in both hands; and thus, the slow road to recov­ery began. A very painful and persistent Bursitis ache in my right shoulder and arm was slowly alleviated to where the area is virtually pain-free to this day. The same holds true for the painful arthritic condition that existed in both of my big toes. They are about 75% improved to the point where pain-free walking is now a reality A recent industrial injury to my left leg continues to plague me, but that area also is ever so slowly mending itself.

For the past four years, I have been consistently consuming the higher potency product known as Vitacel 7, formulated from Robert Koch’s patented GH3 procaine hcl research. I am thoroughly convinced by personal results that continued bursitis health improvent has been a direct result of this product. The biggest lift of all is experienced by those of us who continue to share information about this remarkable vitaminic compound, Vitacel 7. We reap the rewards of being able to help our fellow man and hear the marvelous reports regarding improved health and vitality, all at reasonable prices!

“If this natural medicine is a placebo, I love it!” And that’s the way I experienced it!

Penticton, BC

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September 8, 1983

I’ve been taking Vitacel GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I’m overdue in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH-3 by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting “Tom.” However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything I felt could truly be of help or relief. As a result, I ordered the affordably priced antiaging supplements known as Vitacel GH3, following is my story:

During September, 1976,I had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, 1 have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and] have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually.

HYPERTENSION Treatment for this problem has been to take Oretic or Hydrochlorothiaz­ide, once daily After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking KIoi-vess “liquid potassium one tablet daily” Follow-up visits to the doctor revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart pill, was added to slow the heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking CH-3 I quit taking the heart pill but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH-3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above an accept­able level for my age group. Since using GH-3, my blood pressure is now under control. I’m con­vinced that in time Twill be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with GH-3, with is not a drug.

ALLERGIES - Like most people suffering with allergy problems, I’ve been through every known test and treatment, Treatment included various drugs, shots for 4 1/2 years, nose sprays, you name it. All medications worked until I’d build a tolerance to them and then I’d be switched to yet another drug. Due to sneezing, running/weeping eyes and “polyps” in my nose, most of the time I feel miserable and tired due to anxiety and loss of sleep. I had been taking two to four CTM tablets daily which caused extreme tension and added stress. The day I started taking GH-3, I quit taking all allergy pills to see if the GH-3 would help. Relying on GH-3 alone, my allergies have remained under control and I sleep comfortably 6 to 8 hour every night.

SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, 1 would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-Off Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, [was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH-3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief. Again restful, effective sleep.

STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my health problems compounded this situation. Since using GH-3, I’ve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way.

ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. [had been defecating four and five times daily It was suggested that I try Vitacel GH-3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Vitacel H-3, my absorption was back to normal.

BURSITIS SYMPTOMS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using GH3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis symptoms in my back, shoulder, elbow and arms. The pain symptoms in my back from the Bursitis was so severe at times would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help the Bursitis, but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me I’d live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using Vitacel GH-3, June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis symptoms in my back, shoulder, elbow or arms.

Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently Vitacel GH-3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING!

In summary, Vitacel GH-3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Aslan and her discovery GH-3.

Puyallup, Washington

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I was first introduced to Vitacel GH3 in the fall of 1982. Ron and Marcie Abraham of Seattle sent us informa­tion about GH3 and told of all the wonderful things it had done for Margie. I read the information (I thought with an open mind). “Baloney” I said, and filed the material in “File 13.” I felt that there wasn’t a product in the entire world that could do that much for that many different ailments without it being a drug. In the fall of 1983, we traveled to Seattle to visit Ron and Marcie, and I became a believer! It had been three years since our last visit, and 1 could not believe the change in Marcie! GH-3 had given Marcie a new lease on life, and I felt it was worth a try.

I wanted to see if Vitacel GH3 would do anything for my trochanteric Bursitis symptoms. The shoulder pain symptoms from the Bursitis was so bad, it was very difficult to lift my arms in the morning to brush my hair. I feel very strongly against prescription drug treatments, so I resigned myself to the fact that the Bursitis shoulder pain symptoms was something that I would just have to live with. Sleeping was difficult because there wasn’t a painless position to be found. I would sometimes awaken with a terrible pain, and my right shoulder would be locked. I couldn’t move. My husband would have to grasp my wrist and jerk my arm to unlock my shoulder. If my shoulder would lock when my husband was working (he works nights), I would have to grit my teeth, slide to the edge of the bed, fall to the floor and fling my shoulder into the unlocked position.

Five days into Vitacel GH-3 treatment therapy, I enjoyed the first night of restful sleep in years! The Bursitis pain was bearable! It was into the second month of Vitacel GH-3 that the shoulder pain disappeared and has not returned. It’s beautiful!

I began the Vitacel GH3 supplements because of my Bursitis, but other wonderful things have happened too. When I was about five years old, Iran my arm through a wringer of a washing machine. The arm went through the wringer completely to my shoulder until my mother rescued me. There were no broken bones, but the muscles in my lower arm were severely damaged, leaving me with a lumpy arm. As I got older, the arm would ache when the humidity rose, and it would sometimes go numb, causing me to drop what­ever I was holding. Thank God, it was never a cup of hot coffee! There has been no numbness or ache in the arm in the past year.

For the past 19 years, I have been allergic to the sun. I had to cover all exposed skin before venturing outdoors. The allergy would cause bumps that would itch, break open and leave sears. It was really miserable. I read a GH-3 testimony where relief from allergies was experienced and I decided to test myself I ventured out into the hot Montana summer sun with a lot of skin exposed, worked in the yard all day, and nothing happened! No bumps! Later that evening, some bumps did appear, but they didn’t itch and they left no scars! Maybe in the summer of 1985 the bumps won’t even appear. I can hardly wait! The entire summer of 1984 was a repeat of my first attempt to see if GH-3 helped my allergy. It was great!

I can’t say enough about Vitacel GH-3. I’ll never be without it. We figure that the cost of Vitacel GH-3 is about the price of a dinner out a month. So we’ve decided that feeling great is worth the price of one less dinner out during the month.

Great Fall, Montana

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I have been using Vitacel GH-3 consistently since June of 1982. My complaints at that time were Bursitis, joint pains, headaches and a few other problems. The effects of using GH-3 have not been as dramatic as with other individuals. The most noticeable within a month or so was that my frequent headaches were gone. I had used “bottles” of Aspirin. but realized one day that I had not taken any Aspirin for several weeks. Now, almost two years later, I think I have used less that 3 dozen.

My bouts of Bursitis symptoms have subsided and joint pains are less, but some of these have been due to structural changes following 2 herniated discs in my back in 1974. I have refused to have back surgery, so I will continue to have some discomfort, but it is tolerable. In general, I do feel better.

My vision has changed and it is not due to age! I have worn glasses for 47 years for astigmatism and my vision in one eye when reading the eye chart for distant vision was 20/40 and 20/70 for the other eye. Recently, when visiting a nurse friend in the eye clinic, I discovered that I could read the eye chart without glasses and my vision was 20/20 in one eye and 20/20 minus I with the other. I do need reading glasses, but perhaps in time, my accommodation for near vision may also improve.

After taking thyroid preparation for about 15 years, and being told several years ago that I would probably have to take it the rest of my life, I am no longer taking it! Last year after developing a cardiac irregularity (rapid and/or irregular heart rate), the doctor cut my dosage in half My heart rate became regular after a week or two. Then I started back on the former dose of thyroid to prove to myself that it was the thyroid which had made the irregular heart rate, etc. It did recur, so I remained on the half-dose until last fall when I again began to experience cardiac irregularities. I stopped all thy­roid, then had a date with the doctor 8 weeks after stopping the medication. He had blood work done to evaluate thyroid function and other chemistries. He later notified me that it appeared my thyroid was (or is) functioning. Also, all other blood work, cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and others were normal. Some have been elevated in the past. My blood pressure is normal which used to be quite low. Heart sounds excellent.

My hair, which was almost white, has more than white in it now, My nails were soft and broke easily, but now they are hard. My callouses are gone from my heels and lam thankful. They used to be very thick and would crack both vertically and horizontally and required much treatment with creams and use of a pumice block. I’ve not used anything on them for over a year (No corns or bunions either).

My skin, overall, has not been this nice since I was a teenager. All in all, Vitacel GH3 has made so many positive changes physically that I do not want to be without it. It also has given me a more positive mental attitude and that is a big plus!

ESTER L. OSBORNE, R.N. (Retired Nursing Supervisor)
Seattle, Washington


I have received great results from Vitacel 7 for the following conditions:

  1. Tic-Douloureux / Bursitis /
  2. Tendonitis
I also feel so much better otherwise and would not be without this special nutrient called Vitacel GH7

Memphis, TN

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