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MY SHIHTZU'S TUMOR IS GONE!!! COMPLETELY. After 10 days on VITAL PET. I could see the tumor under her eye changing. It was turning dark. After 20 was dead and dropped off. Unbelievable!! No surgery.

She has several more tumors that all look a bit different but they are not getting any larger.

Situation: My Shihtzu is 12 1/2 years old. March of 2009 she had to have 6 teeth extracted. She had infection spreading thru her body. Prior to surgery, I noticed the tumors. The Vet put her on antibiotics for 5 days prior to surgery. When I took her in on the 6th day, for surgery, we checked the tumors and one large one on her hip had almost disappeared. After surgery she was on antibiotics for 5 more days.

The 2 tumors on her hip reduced in size but still remain visible. The 1 tumor next to her eye lid was causing a problem when she scratched. Broke it open and it was bleeding. The Vet wanted to perform surgery before it got any larger to avoid deformation. I decided, to put off surgery as a last resort, and after some research, to try VITAL PET.

It was Clear: 1) all the tumors are benign 2) her immune system was compromised by infection and in combination with her age the tumors developed.

It was also Clear: That the antibiotics were clearing up some of the tumors therefore substantiating the immune system therory.

I'm one not to look a gift horse in the mouth! Whatever the priority blend is in, VITAL PET, it worked.

I will continue to give VITAL PET to my sweet Airee everyday for the rest of her life!!! It definitely is providing immune system support. Something our aged animals need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

By the way, I called in my first and second orders and talked with Paul. A very kind man!!! Also, my Veterinarian is very impressed and asked for the literature on this product.

Connie Bailey
Olympia, WA.


From: Teri Harris
Date: 07/15/05 15:29:41
Subject: RE: Vitacel

Dear Rinske and Paul,

I am Elated! Ecstatic! and need to give you the following update of the impact your act of kindness has brought to my family.

Exactly a week after my dog Jessie passed away, June 12th, we found a 3 inch mass hidden underneath our 13 year old dog Sam’s tail. We took him to the vet the next day, Monday morning - diagnosis – cancerous tumor.

The vet thought it was either perianal adenoma or adenocarinoma. She would be unable to confirm unless a biopsy was performed. After initial tests to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread throughout his body and his lungs/heart/organs were strong enough to endure the anesthetic, we scheduled surgery for the earliest available time, 2 weeks later, Monday June 27th.

Greg & I decided against the biopsy being performed. We had no need to know if it was malignant Cancer. If it was, we did not want to come home to our dog, watching/wondering “when” death would arrive. It was hard enough watching our Jessie girl. We just didn’t have the emotional strength to go through it again – especially so soon. We decided to make our Sam “comfortable” and enjoy the rest of his time with us – however long that would be.

Remembering a testimonial about a 17 year old dog that had a tumor in its neck “disappear”, we decided “what could it hurt to try these vitamins to fight the cancer”. Upon arriving home, sitting on our kitchen counter was the bottle of Vitacel 7 Gold (liquid) you graciously sent us from your personal supply. We started giving Vitacel 7 to Sam twice a day - in the morning and when we got home from work. By the end of the week, I thought I was noticing a change in the tumor. Skeptical, my husband thought it was my wishful thinking. However skeptical, my husband faithfully kept giving Sam the “medicine” until his surgery on June 27th.

Sam’s surgery went really well. As a matter of fact, when the surgery was complete, the vet called me to tell me how well it went. There ended up being a total of 4 tumors (the other 3 couldn’t be seen due the large one). All of them where completely encapsulated (which is very good). Then she commented it was “the strangest thing”, the large Cancer tumor was dying in the middle!!!!! Sam did so well we were able to bring him home that day (vet had originally expected a couple of days stay). A week later, we took Sam back to the vet for a follow up visit. She was more than pleased at how well he was healing! It’s almost been three weeks and Sam has healed beautifully (almost can’t tell he had surgery!) Greg keeps commenting on how much younger Sam is looking - clearer eyes, shiny coat and a bounce in his step!

Now, you’d think my story/testimonial is over - it’s not.

On May 5th, my sister, Tamara Diguer, went for a physical and her doctor was concerned about abnormality with her left breast. She was sent immediately for an ultrasound. She was told results would take 3 weeks. Her doctor called her 2 days later, on a Saturday, May 7th . The test showed a cyst and an unknown 2 cm mass. Her doctor was referring her to a surgeon. The appointment was set for June 16th.

Having received my order of the 3 months supply (3 bottles of Vitacel 7 Gold) on June 13th, I gave her a bottle. She too was skeptical it would do anything but decided to try it. She took 2 doses a day, twice a day.

Her appointment ended up being rescheduled to June 23rd. I went with her. The surgeon reviewed the ultrasound results with her and said he would like to do a mammogram prior to him removing them. The Cancer mammogram was done on July 12th and the follow up appointment was yesterday July 14th. Now here’s the kicker! The 2cm unknown mass and the cyst were gone!!! No surgery required!! We were basically told to have a nice day. He recommended another mammogram in six months (just to make sure everything is still okay). We are confident it will be!!

We are so elated! The only thing she did differently was taking Vitacel 7 cancer fighting vitamins! Tamara is sold on your product. She will be contacting you very soon with her order. She may call you to see if she should stay with the Vitacel 7 or would have other product recommendations.

Again, I send you a heartfelt Thank you!

Kindest regards,
Teri Harris

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