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From: Galfano, Sue
Date: 03/08/06 10:59:25
Subject: Crown's Disease Letter

My name is Sue and I have Cronhs disease. I'm sure if you have Crohn's you already know how it affects your life. Making sure you know where the restrooms are before going out. Not being able to make it through a meal without having to rush to the restroom. Low blood counts. Feeling run down and tired all the time. Blood and mucus. Not to mention the painful bowel movements. I have had Remicade treatments. Remicade lessened the symptoms, but never completely got rid of them. My son Don searched the internet for any information that he thought would be helpful. We tried a few other things before he found Vitacel. I couldn't decide which Vitacel to take, so I decided to go with the Vitacel 9. My last bad episode with Crohn's was Thanksgiving weekend 2005. I haven't stopped taking my medicine yet. I'm going to try to cut back in a few months. I don't have any symptoms of Cronhs disease information. No blood, no mucus, no painful bowel movements. I am so thankful to God and my son Don who found this web site for me. Crohn's was ruining my life. I have my life back thanks to Vitacel.

Sue Galfano

December, 1987

To Whomever This Might Help LIVING WITH CROHNS:

My son, Daniel, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 10, wich there is no known remedy or natural cure. He is now 14 years old. In August 1987, he had a very serious flare-up of the symptoms of the Cronhs disease information. He spent seven and a half weeks in the hospital on complete bowel rest. His doctor put him on heavy doses of anti-inflammatory medication for treatment of the Crohns Disease.

When he left the hospital, the doctors were not sure how well Daniel would do. They said that, if things did not improve, he would have to go into intestinal surgery. Even after all of these medicine treatments, he still could not eat without a lot of sharp abdominal pain.

Then, I got in contact with Millie Allen of Chicago who made me aware of a natural alternative as a potential remedy, Vitacel GH3, for my sons chronic Cronhs disease information. He started using Vitacel GH3 in October of 1987. After a three-week program of two tablets a day, my wife and I started noticing some major improvements in our son’s symptoms of Crohns disease. Every day he seemed to be getting better and feeling stronger. All of Daniel’s pain symptoms is gone now. He has normal bowel functions. He has also gained a lot of his weight back. Now he takes VitaMins and C-Doplilus and, of course, Vitacel (2 per day) for proper diet nutrition.

I am convinced that because of Vitacel GH3 we have turned this very serious Cronhs disease information illness around, he has been naturally cured of the Chrons disease through the use of Dr. Koch's alternative Vitacel supplement medicine. Daniel is back in school now and is doing very well.

I am happy to say that my son has had one of the best Thanksgiving dinners he has had in a long time. He ate two big helpings of turkey and all the trimmings and five pieces of pie with absolutely no pain afterwards. “Praise the Lord!”

If anyone wishes to verify this testimony, please feel free to call me.

Sincerely yours,

Youngstown, NY P.S. My whole family is now on Vitacel products to maintain good health and vitality.

3-19-88 Update:
My son Daniel has been on Vitacel 3 diet supplement for five months. Now he has so much energy He has gained about 15 lbs. and two inches in height since leaving the hospital. The doctors who have been treating him are very impressed with his Chrohn's Disease recovery and have taken him off all medications now.

Seven years later Daniel is doing very well he hasn’t had any recurrence of the Chrons disease.

He has been taking the Dr. Koch advanced and improved diet supplement GH7 for the last few years.

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This experience is about my son, Tray. He was getting ready to graduate from high school in May, 1988 with honors. I was so proud. He had worked hard not only at school, but sometimes 40 hours a week at a job. The stress was unbelievable. We had no idea what was happening inside his body. He mentioned to me that he had noticed some blood when he went to the bathroom. We dis­cussed it and believed it to be from constipation.

Tray went to visit his father and when he returned in July, 1988, the doctor started running tests because he was bleeding again. A diagnosis was made and in November, 1988 an all clear and healed was given by the doctor.

Tray was a freshman in college, so as it goes, more excitement and stress. Christmas came around and Tray was thin, pale and just not himself, but he never complained. He told me in the spring, he was having some diarrhea but not to worry. He said it was a virus. He finished his finals and by the time he got home, May 16, 1989, he was coughing up a storm, dry skin and what the doctors called plagues on his elbows. I took him straight to his old stand by pediatrician. Tray had this cough since the fall on and off. The doctors at college and here at home had given him several rounds of antibiotics. The pediatrician prescribed more antibiotic medication for his treatment. Tray weighed in at 156 pounds, which was a weight loss.

May 19, 1989, Tray was having severe symptoms of bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. The colon specialist saw him and ordered an Upper Cl. By that evening, he was in more pain, fever, grossly bloody diarrhea and dizzy and he passed out from dehydration. May 26, 1989, Tray was finally admitted into the hospital. He had rectal bleeding, rectal ulcers, abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss, fever, sore throat, mouth ulcers, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, nausea, cough and congestion. May 30, 1989, Tray was released from the hospital and diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Ulcerative Colitis and borderline Bronchial Asthma. He was sent home with Azulfidine (sulfa drug), steroid enemas, antibiotics and steroid nasal spray medication.

Thursday July 13, 1989, Tray was having rapid heart beat, a 102 degree fever, cramping, ab­dominal pain, diarrhea - 10 times a day, chest pains, back pain, weakness, cough, anemia, vomiting, nausea, poor appetite, 20 pound weight loss from May 16, 1989 and psoriasis like plagues on both elbows. I took him to the Gastroenterologist, who recommended he drink over a gallon of laxative (Gloamx) and sit on the commode for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so he could have a Sigmoidoscopy the following Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I took Tray straight hack to his pediatrician and he couldn’t believe this story either. He referred Tray to the Arkansas Children’s Hos­pital for immediate admission. Tray was in the hospital until July 17, 1989. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an illness with no known cure. Tray was prescribed Chrohns medication, Prednisone, sulfasalazine, folic acid and iron.

We went back home, Tray didn’t get any better from the Doctors medication prescriptions to treat the Chrohns disease. July 26, 1989, he was admitted back into the hospital where he stayed until August 26, 1989. They tried everything treatment available from I.V. steroids to immuno­suppressants, tube feeding to hyperalimentation with a central venous line surgically implanted in the left subelavian vein to his heart. Tray’s weight dropped to 117 pounds. He wasn’t responding to the medication or treatment. The doctors informed me what the inevitable fate would be. Removal of the large bowel and part of the small intestine. Tray said he would rather be dead; he was only 19. I knew I must find another answer for my son and quick. I started desperately researching nutrition, adding supplements to his diet behind their back. Still with not much response. Miraculously, Tray started improving and went home with daily nurses monitoring. September 9, 1989, we got a call from the hospital instructing me to bring Tray for immediate admission. He had an operating room staff infection in his CV line to his heart. He was transfused with 5 units of blood, I.V. antibiotics and released September 18, 1989.

Feeling better over the fall and returned to college. School started January 10, 1990 and by January 20, 1990 he was having an active ease of Crohn’s disease symptoms. He was determined to stay in school but by February 27, 1990 he had to be driven to the hospital where he stayed until March 22, 1990. He finally got out and was on hyperalimentation until the middle of May.

April 1990, Tray’s father had sent me information about Vitacel 3 (GH3) Vitamin diet supplements and the healing remedy effects of people that had similar conditions and sicknesses. He insisted I give these Vitacel supplements to Tray. I was so exhausted and feared that I was afraid to give Tray anything, partly because of what the doctors had told me. July, 1990, Tray started having another flare of Chrohns disease, by August he was taking Vitacel and Vita-mins supplements.

He is also taking a lot of other diet supplements. Previously, he was taking vitamins but he still ended up in the hospital with every Crohns flare up.

Tray is now 21 1/12 years old and has not been in the hospital for 19 months. In August, 1991, he had a check up and they can’t believe how well he is doing. They are following his case with baited excitement. Oh, by the way, Tray had stopped growing because of malnutrition from the Cronhs disease information symtoms; he is growing again. This was not an overnight process but a gradual one. He is still on medication but they are reducing the dosage and he is doing very well.

Vitacel is working for Tray. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or write. Thank you Dr. Koch, for your Vitacel supplement products.

Hot Springs, AR

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Knowing others might have health problems similar to mine, I hence, decided to write about my health experience with Crohn's Disease.

Since 1980, I have taken a wonderful diet supplement called GH3. I am 72 years old and my husband is 90. No one thinks we look our ages.

Prior to taking this unique product, I had Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and anxiety attacks. after using GH3, all my Crohns disease symptoms were gone.

At last, I was healthy again. I never thought any dietary supplement could do so much in just a few weeks.

Dorothy Rae Fischel Lafayette, IN

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To whomever this might help:

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 22. I am now 32. Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the bowel. There is no known cause or cure. It can be a very serious and debilitating disease. Steroid therapy, sulfa drugs and or antibiotics medications are common drug treatments for Crohn’s Disease.

During the 10 years of being challenged with Cronhs disease information, I have been hospitalized 3 times. My last visit was the most intense. I was hooked up to a feeding tube in the central venous line for a month. I lost 30 lbs. I was very ill. This was 5 years ago. Although I have had several flare ups since, which at the time kept me in bed for 6 months, I have managed to stay out of the hospital, a place that I try to avoid at all costs.

Since the day I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, I always took responsibility. I educated myself on Crohn’s disease/Colitis and steroid medication drugs. Deep in my heart I know steroids and other drugs were not going to help but ultimately make things worse. However, I used the drugs at times in combination with other alternative remedies and therapies. I have seen a host of Gel specialists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, homeopaths. I have had all the available drug treatments and at times, I was the “guinea pig” for new medications and drugs to treat the Crohns disease. I have done extensive homeopathic remedies combined with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I saw a Chiropractor, took vitamins and supplements, had ultrasound treatments for joint pain. I have drunk health drinks including wheat grass, dabbled with ozone therapy and applied herbal ointments. I’ve been to shaman healers, psychic healers, visualizes, individuals and family therapies. I believe doing all these things keep me clear of surgery.

As you can see, I have tried a lot of things to try and treat cure the Crohns disease. I always felt I couldn’t give up. I had hope and faith that one day I’d lead a normal life and accomplish my dreams. I prayed for a miracle and will continue to do so until I’m completely well.

Presently, I am challenged with weakness at times, fevers, and many uncontrollable trips to the bath­room. Since I’ve been taking Vitacel 7 for 2 1/2 months, I feel a difference. Especially during the daytime. My energy has perked up so that I am able to go out and do daily errands. Although I am still bothered by low grade fevers at night, they are few. The Vitacel seems to be working on the Crohn's Disease symptoms. I recently went on a 6 day vacation to California. When my sister invited me 2 months ago, I hesitated and tentatively said that I would go. While taking Vitacel 7 I began to feel better. I was experiencing more energy during the day and even feverless days and nights. I decided to go to the ocean with sis, but guess what? I forgot my Vitacel. My mother sent my Vitacel by Fed-X, but it took a couple of days because of the weekend. Needless to say, I noticed a difference. I had more frequent low grade fevers, my energy changed where I had to take more naps. I’m back on Vitacel religiously and I'm still experiencing low grade fevers at times, but I’m feeling much better during the day. Last night I went dancing and out to dinner. It has been along time since I’ve done two big events like that back to back. Although I’m not completely without health challenges, I definitely feel better since I’ve been on Vitacel 7. I pray that this is the miracle for myself and all those who suffer.

For any of those who would like to call me. please don’t hesitate to call. I’d also like to thank Millie Allan for her prayers and support with my Crohns disease!

Barbara Georgouses
Evanston, IL

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