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The case histories and testimonials on this website are supplied by caring individuals who are interested in sharing their experiences using with the hope that others may benefit from their experience. These case histories and testimonies were contributed freely without remuneration.

I had become ill a year ago and the doctor, through tests, told me that I had type 1 diabetes. Allergies were also tied in with the Diabetic symptoms. The treatment was to take prescriprion medication, 50 mgs. of Benadryl and 60 units of Insulin for management of the symptoms. Not wanting to suffer the adverse side effects of Diabetes medicine any longer, I told my doctor that I wanted to try Vitacel GH7 as a natural way to manage my diabetes. He had never heard of it and I gave him a piece of literature to read about this amazing Vitamin Supplement. After reading it, he agreed to let me use it for my Diabetic symptoms and said there was nothing in it that would be harmful. That day, my sugar count was 301. The doctor said he would monitor my blood sugar, and that he wanted to see me in three weeks to follow on my insulin levels.

The Doctor was pleasantly surprised with the diabetes management and progress with the natural Vitacel supplement! He said that he could take me off Insulin, but that might shock my system, and it was decided I would do that gradually. The insulin was first reduced to 15 units and then 10, then 5, and then I was taken off Insulin completely because of these vitamins for my hypoglycemia, Praise the Lord!!!

I would also like to add that I have not needed to use my allergy medication since I started taking Vitacel supplements.

Chicago, Illinois 60616

(Letter to Phil Dale)
February 28, 1990

Dear Phil,

Thank you so much for sending your interesting letter to us, the testimonial information and the bulletin about Vitacel gh7 supplements.

I do remember when Ginny introduced us at Dr. Kochís lecture last May and the phone conversation in July with you. Well, as for us we are doing fine. My wife Olga, going on 69 (and I am going on 70) is doing very satisfying. As you may know, she has a diabetes and has had to take the insulin medication injection twice a day (28 units in the morning and 16 at evening) for the symptoms and management of the Diabetic condition. A few months ago, she reduced it to a half without a doctorís advice, but we hope the Vitacel GH7 supplements and the proper diet will eliminate the insulin injection for her Diabetes blood sugar disorder to zero.

I would like to also mention that about two years ago, Olga became very weak and developed a mental disorder. I had to bring her to the psychiatric clinic. After five days visiting her she became considerably worse so I took her out of the clinic. Two weeks later we arrived at Portland in hope that she would recover I could not accept that fact that she would be a mental patient the rest of her life. We met Ginny at her office and later I told her about the problem that Olga had. Ginny told us about the Vitacel, and invited us to Dr. Koch's lecture. Olga did not feel well and I was hesitant to go.

As I said above. Olga is well and she is interested and enjoys life as she did before. We both continue the Vitacel GH7 and the supplement vitamins. Thanks to GOD, the eternal guided us to Ginny. Dr Asian and Dr. Koch for helping so many who have been the victim of past ignorance.

Very truly yours,

Richard & Olga Lieber

I have had diabetes for 15 years taking insulin twice a day, 40 units in the morning and 45 units in the evening for Diabetes management of the symptoms. At that time my sugar count was 380 to 400. My energy level was low and I felt that I couldnít continue to work. I am a truck driver covering many miles of roads each trip. Getting to my destination on time was becoming difficult as I would have to stop driving periodically to rest. I couldnít wait for the vitamins for my hypoglycemia to arrive home so that I could rest property When I did get to bed it was difficult to fall asleep. I would toss and turn much of the time and would wake up feeling just as tired. I heard about Vitacel GH7 and decided to order some hoping for renewed energy and perhaps some. It didnít take me long to feel more energetic and to wake up feeling rested. I am most happy to say that I am no longer taking insulin medication treatments for the diabetes. My sugar count is now 149 and I feel great. I attribute the remarkable change.

Ulysess Washington
Tinley Park, IL

My name is Keith Davis. Iím 27 years old, into body building, and I work out 3 to 4 times a week. Iím generally healthy except for the fact that Iím a diabetic. I have been taking 20cc of insulin injections every day for one and a half years for the type 1 Diabetic symptoms. It was suggested to me that Vitacel GH7 might help. After noting that there was nothing harmful in the ingredients, I ordered the product and started taking two tablets a day and also two ounces of Aloe Vera juice from Diamite.

After two weeks my blood sugar was down to 140 from 210, and there was an increase in energy, especially my libido. I went to my doctor the following week for a routine check-up for my blood sugar. Boy was I surprised when he took me off insulin Diabetes medication treatment. He cautioned me to continue to monitor my sugar level daily and to keep some insulin on hand just in case the diabetes come back.

It has been over a month since Iíve seen the doctor and my sugar level is still down because of these vitamins for my hypoglycemia and of course Iím still taking Vitacel GH7 and feeling great. Itís a lot better andmuch cheaper than insulin injections for the diabetes, that I hated so much.

Keith Davis
New York, NY

I thank the Lord for directing me to Arlene Branch at the Oregon State Fair in 1988. It was from her I obtained information about Vitacel GH7 . I will try to tell you in the following paragraphs what Vitacel supplements have done for my wife and me.

We started taking GH7 in the middle of Nov. 1988. At the time I was having real problems with arthritis symptoms. The joint at the base of my left thumb throbbed and ached constantly and when I first arose in the A.M. I could not bend the thumb without the middle joint snapping with terrific pain. Because of this condition I could not really grip anything with my left hand. Also I would usually go to sleep on my right side and sometimes during the night I would wake up with my right shoulder and hip hurting. I would turn over on my left side and wake up later with the same problem on the left side. In the first week after starting on GH7, the pain in my left thumb was reduced by more than 50%. By Febryary of this year I was, and still am, totally free of arthritis pain and discomfort. I have full use of my left hand and can grip without any pain. I have also had a noticeable increase in energy and a real in≠crease in a feeling of well being.

The most dramatic story, however, is what happened with my wife. She has bone cancer and is taking Chemotherapy. At the time we began taking GH7 she also had diabetes and had taken as much as 70 units and more of insulin medication a day for her treatment. Because of the ĎChemoí she had a strong body odor that got into her clothes, the bed linen and even the chair she sat in. Within a month after starting with Vitacel GH7 the odor was completely gone and there has been no trace of it since. By the first of this year my wifeís blood sugar began to come down steadily and I had to keep cutting back on her insulin for the Diabetic treatment. By the first part of April she was only taking 5 units of insulin a day. After three weeks at this level, the doctor said to stop the insulin medication and see what happens with the symptoms. She is not only off insulin medication treatment, but she is taking no oral medication nor is she following a diabetic diet. In other words she is no longer Diabetic.

My wifeís bone cancer had been worsening steadily until a bone scan last July showed it had spread all through her system. She had a bone scan taken in April and it shows a definite improvement over the one last July.

We will continue to take Vitacel GH7 as long as we live and expect the best is yet to come.

Stanley W. Sipley
Salem, OR

I was allergic to all medications that were prescribed for my colitis with the exception of one, Prednisone. Unfortunately, that medication had a negative effect on my Diabetes symptoms and I was unable to control the sugar levels. Plus, the Prednisone wasnít helping the Colitis.

I heard about Vitacel GH7 and how some people with similar health problems had been helped by taking this dietary supplement. Within 5 months the colitis, which I had for 2 years, stopped. The diabetes was under control and it was no longer necessary to take medication, I will be continuing on my very affordable regiment of four Vitacel GH7 tablets a day on an emepty stomach.

Laurence Elliot
Niagara falls, NY


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The case histories and testimonials on this website are supplied by caring individuals who are interested in sharing their experiences using with the hope that others may benefit from their experience. These case histories and testimonies were contributed freely without remuneration.

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