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From: Savanna Kwieran
Date: 11/3/2010 4:23:02 PM
Subject: Our Testimony


Your product has been such a miracle to our family… I can’t tell you how grateful I am that it has given us as much time as possible with our beloved friend Poppa. I also want to thank you for being so compassionate and warm on the phone, and for your excellent customer service. I wrote an email about your product to a friend of mine whose pet was suffering like ours, and then thought that maybe I should send it to you as a testimony for your website. Please feel free to use it at your discretion, and know that you have a lifelong customer with us.

Thanks from our heart,

Savanna and Craig

“Last winter, Craig and I were adopted by a stray and shy, very old, very emaciated Lab/Great Dane mix who weighed in at only 81 lb., and fell in love with him instantly. He was filthy dirty, his toenails were completely overgrown, he had lumps all over his body and he was having a lot of trouble walking around. Upon giving him a good scrub-down and taking him to the vet the next day, we got a mix of news from the examination. The vet told us his eyes and ears were healthy, albeit just exhibiting normal signs of aging. His lungs and heart sounded great, and there were no parasites in his body. However, we also discovered that he was at least 10 years old, his teeth were in very bad shape, he has deteriorative hip dysplasia and arthritis, and that she detected cancer in his abdomen just by feeling around on his stomach. She said there was no way to know if it was attached to vital organs or free floating without X-Rays. After discussing a multitude of different surgical options, Craig and I chose not to pursue any of the surgical treatments available. We had only had him for a few days and he was still severely under-weight. What if they opened him up and there was cancer everywhere? What then? We didn’t want to come home every day, just wondering when we would lose him, so we opted not to know the extent of the cancer. He didn’t seem to be suffering in any way from the tumors, and at his age we didn’t want to subject him to surgery. We decided that whether we had him for six months or six years, we wanted to give him a warm, safe, loving home for however long he wanted to stay with us.

We got him back to a healthy weight of about 100 lbs. and then put on just a little too much! He has always had trouble with his hips and trouble walking, but the excess weight was making him even more pained. Over the late summer, he started to struggle more and more with the hip dysplasia -- his legs just started giving out every once in a while, and he was falling down when trying to climb the stairs. You could even see the muscles in his hips just deteriorating before your eyes, and he started whimpering upon rising or standing, and then just became very lethargic and lifeless.

One morning, he just wouldn’t or couldn’t stand up at all. We could not even get him to stand when giving him support in holding him up. It broke my heart and I almost wouldn’t leave for work that day because I was so scared something would happen to him. I called the vet and they suggested buffered aspirin at 5 mg/lb. of weight and heat therapy as an immediate solution until we could do something about it.

Over the course of the day, I was researching hip dysplasia and home remedies and just looking for anything because I was desperate about it – I just kept praying, saying, “Lord, I’m just not ready to lose him yet – just at least give me enough time with him to make peace with everything.” Then, in the afternoon, I ran across this Cell Health Makeover website by accident and I now truly believe God led me straight here. I just felt led that it was the right decision for our family, because I didn’t just want to drug up my dog with prescriptions and I loved that it is a natural and safe remedy. Instead of ordering it online, I called (in a panicked frenzy) because I wanted to spend any amount of money necessary to get it over-nighted to me. When I called, the owner of the company Paul actually answered the phone. He was so compassionate while sharing his testimony about what it did for his dog and convinced me I was doing the right thing, and was just a blessing to my terrorized heart. He told me that I should see results with the hip dysplasia in about a week, but that the cell regeneration needs a few months to take effect.

On Day 4 of giving it to Poppa, we started noticed what seemed like incredulous results. He was walking around with ease and seemed brighter overall. I thought for a second it might be psychosomatic, that I was just seeing things because I wanted so badly to believe it was working. However, it seemed to be really making a difference and there were tangible results in his mobility and attitude. The next day I noticed that his rough, wiry coat had suddenly turned soft and plush like a rabbit and the excessive dander he had was completely gone.

Three weeks later, I have a brand new dog with a brand new leash on life. He used to sleep all day, and only move when we coerced him to come eat or go outside. Now, he is active and wanting to play, and he is interacting with his human and pet family all the time. He is running and galloping around, clearing the stairs with ease, and even getting excited to go on walks. His eyes are bright and clear and alert. He is more affectionate and playful, even licking us like crazy which he had never once done before. He used to suffer from a persistent gag reflex and hiccups, and all of those digestive issues seemed to have disappeared. Even though his appetite seems more healthy than ever before, he looks thinner and trimmed down and his body weight is magically under-control. He’s breathing easier, and he doesn’t snore or wheeze through the night like anymore. What’s really amazing to us is that the cancerous tumors that are visible on his underbelly already seem to be receding, even though Paul said it should take a few months for the reversal to take place. Even the fatty lipoma tumors under his skin are shrinking before our eyes. Most of all, he is just a really happy dog again, and I know that I have much more time with my old man than I could’ve ever hoped for.

You can read testimonials on a website and doubt the truthfulness of them sometimes, but somehow I knew that all of the people sharing their stories on your site were coming from the truth of their hearts. Now, this testimony is coming from a simple family with an obsessive passion about their animals, who found a miracle for their best friend Poppa. I really believe in the product – I believe in the results and the safety of it for my dog. My veterinarian completely approved of the product when I called for her endorsement, and my vet is an industry leader in cutting-edge treatments for animals and stays very current on the latest technologies in pet health.

From the bottom of my heart, our family is so grateful that you have shared this product with the world, and with us so we can enjoy our friend as long as possible. We are telling everyone we know about Vita-Pet and will continue to sing your praises throughout our lifetime.

Thanks again and God bless,
Savanna and Craig Kwieran
Dallas, TX

Dog Hip Displasia


Hello there

I've been ordering your products for some time now , both the GH7 and the Mega Pet vitamins FOR MY DOG. Both products have produced remarkable results - my 55kg Boerboel , Josie , was diagnosed with DOG weak hip dysplasia problem at the tender age of 9 months . To quote my vet " She has no hips at all - the worst case I have ever seen !" and suggested hip surgery for our dog. I was devastated by the news of this serious weak hip problems. I immediately went searching for solutions on the web , and I found your site online. What a lifeline ! Thank you. She's now 22 months old , and has been on VitalPet Mega Pet Vitamins for a year. My vet is astounded at her beautiful condition of the dogs hips- she races around as though she were perfectly normal , and has no pain at all ! A full page photo of her , representing her breed , recently appeared in a national SA magazine. I was SO proud !!

My Dad , 73 years old , has a very bad back - the cartilage between his vertebrae is virtually non existent . He has been on the GH7 for 6 months , and I've just renewed the order. It has helped tremendously , much to my Mom's delight - she says he's stopped complaining !

Thanks for a wonderful product ! I've recommended it to a LOT of people , so if your orders from South Africa have increased , it's probably because I can't stop singing your praises.


Sue Holmden
Port Elizabeth , South Africa.

Date: 10/18/05 11:01:27
To: Paul Johnson - Product Questions
Subject: RE: Testimonials

Hi Paul,

Finally I have time to send you my Vital Pet Vitamins testimonial in regards to my dogs weak hip health problem with Hip Dysplasia and arthritis. I have a 10 year old German Shepherd dog with serious weak hip joint problems. He has always been in good health except he is getting older and was having alot of problems to get up after he was lying down for a while. He was limping, you can hear his joints crack.I used to go on long walks with him and he was aways way ahead of me but at this time he could barely catch up to me walking slowly. I took him to the vet and they gave me muscle relaxants which left him lifeless and dreary. They told me it was his front legs that were giving him trouble. They wanted me to spend $ 500.00 on an X-Ray just to rule one thing out. At this point I realized that he would never become better and that I would just have to accept the fact that he was getting old and has weak hips. The only thing I wanted was to make sure that he wasn't in any pain. The vitamins and pills the vet suggested to me would cost me at least a couple of thousand a year and he would probably end up having to have dog hip surgery. I decided to do my own research on the internet and see what I could find on nzymes information to do with hip problems and natural alternative medication.

I happened on the page and couldn't believe the Vital Pet Vitamin success stories I was reading. I had nothing to lose and ordered a 3 month supply of the Vital Pet MEGA formula right away. As soon as I received the pills I gave him one in the morning before he ate...I did this everyday and after 5 days he was no longer limping anymore and that sparkle in his eyes returned. His coat was softer and his shedding almost totally stopped. After 2 weeks I had a different dog. We take long walks again together...him being always ahead now and he plays with the ball like he did when he was 5. I wasn't able to throw a ball and have him fetch it in about 3 years, now everyday when I come home from work I play at least an hour with him and the ball and another hour going for a walk. And he still has energy to play more. Vital Pet MEGA Nzymes Vitamin is truly a miracle. I thought my last resort would be to put him down . I dreaded thinking of this but I did not want him to suffer, this would have killed me also having to do that. People who saw my dog before and after just can't believe the difference in just one week.

My boyfriend and I decided that we should take the Vitacel GH7 also. My boyfriend had high blood pressure and gout, arthritis and was not feeling very good, since taking these pills his gout doesn't bother him and his blood pressure is steady. He feels great and continues to see the effects daily. I do not suffer from any medical conditions and do not take any medication what so ever. I am taking GH7 to prevent any medical conditions from happening to me.I feel great, I eat good and sleep very well at night. WE have had no side effects what so ever from these pills. I can understand the physological effect in a human that consumes medication and kows it is medication and therfore feels better all in all (placebo ) but my dog doesn't know the difference between a pill that will help him or a cookie and he has improved 100%. We have recommeneded these nzyme Vital Pet pill to our friends and family in hopes that everyone will benefit from the same rewards that this pill has given us !

Thank You,

Montreal, Quebec


January 1st, 2004

This is Chico’s Vital Pet MEGA vitamin dog health hip problems and healing story…

Chico is an 11 year old German Shepherd pet dog, he showed early signs and symptoms of dog arthritis and Hip Dysplasia about 4 years ago. Approximately 2 years ago he was diagnosed by the Veterinarian as having a very severe case of canine hip dysplasia - Grade 3 and degenerative dog arthritis. He has been a very active and healthy companion since we brought him home ten years ago. Chico loved to play ball and run through cross country trails with his brother Sneakers. A year and a half ago, he really started favoring his rear legs and the hip dysplagia symptoms progressed so badly, that he had to be lifted just to get up the stairs on the porch.

Due to the extreme pain , Chico was no longer able to go for walks with us or catch and chase tennis balls, which is his favorite activity. You could see the musculature around his hind hips deteriorating and shrinking. It was really so sad to see him wither away and only able to lie around, unable to explore the acreage that we live on. Chico’s ears drooped and you could see the pain in his eyes due to the progressive hip dysplasia side effects.

We were told by the Veterinarian that there was no cure for hip displacia and he recommended expensive hip surgery, and that he would need reconstructive surgery. We wanted to avoid the hip dysplasia surgery at all cost and proceeded and tried everything touted as a natural alternative pet medicine for hip dysplasia and canine arthrititis. We started supplementing his food for six months with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Ester C and dog safe supplement nzymes remedies. These hip dysplasia and canine arthritis treatments did provide temporary relief, but he would have severe arthritic setbacks after trying to walk again and sometimes hobble to get the tennis ball. He would take a day or so to recover from short walks. We were at our wits end in what to do next as our beloved dog was dying before our eyes.

We considered having him put down, as the arthritis pain for him became unbearable as he whimpered loudly each time he moved, he was no longer able to move.

Over the years my wife had exposure with Vitacel GH7 dietary nutriments. We had witnessed miraculous health improved results with the Vitacel nutriments for people in the past and read reports of other pet owners that had excellent pet health recoveries with this alternative Vital Pet MEGA vitamin supplements, in a variety of dog and cat diseases and conditions including hip dysplasia and dog arthritis. We also read the Veterinary medicine research affidavits for the effectiveness of Vital Pet MEGA formula for a number of degenerative pet dog and cat diseases.

We started Chico with one Large Breed Vital Pet Mega capsule a day in the morning mixed in with some moist Dog Food wraped in whole wheat bread.

After just a few days of taking the Vital Pet Plus, Chico began to move around again and was able to get up on his own for the first time in weeks. We noticed a renewed vitality in his eyes and his arthritis pain seemed to subside. Chico's Hip Dysplasia progressively improved day by day.

Chico has taken a Vital Pet capsule daily ever since, it is miraculous what has happened to our once dying and arthritic German Sheperd who had been so debilitated and crippling symptoms. He now runs and chases his tennis balls without the pain of arthritis. He looks at least 5 years younger and lost all the grey that was creeping in around the head and his fur became brilliantly shiny. He is truly a new dog. His eyes are sharp again and focused. Chico’s ears are again upright and alert. We have our wonderful dog back. We continue to give him one Vital Pet Plus capsule everyday to maintain his fitness and renewed strength and energy. The amazing thing about this remarkable recovery from hip dysplasia was that there can be no placebo effect in animals because Chico’s recovery was directly attributed to his daily intake of Vital Pet MEGA formula health vitamin supplements. Dr Koch's Vital Pet formula was the natural cure for Chico's hip displasia and dog arthritis, there is absolutely no question!

P. D. Johnson
Vancouver B.C. Canada
Jan. 01, 2004

PS: Our German Shepheard Chico continues to improve progressively, and is showing no signs or symptoms of hip dysplasia or dog arthritis. Vital Pet Mega supplements saved and dramaticaly improved Chico's quality of life!

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