Promoting Hair Re-Growth

"I knew that many patients who had baldness, thinning hair and Alopecea, under Dr. Ana Aslan's supervision and GH3 treatments, had new hair growth as well as recoloration of gray hair--—by well-documented evidence--—but this was the first time I had seen personally new hair growth. No doubt it was due to how long it takes for this to occur at least a year or two—or never, for most people thus far. It depends on the individual and the circumstances, I have found. It has been hypothesized that hair grows back as a result of the GH3 stimulatory action on the endocrine glands, chiefly the pituitary and adrenals."

Herbert Baily
Best selling author of GH3 Will It Keep You Young Longer?


Seven months ago I started taking GH7 after I saw the benefits that a relative of mine received. He encouraged me to try it as I had asthma and even with medication I had difficulty breath­ing. I found the GH7 product beneficial for my asthma.

I am 30 years old and I had baldness and hair loss on the top of my head. What hair was left wasn’t of good quality and was thinning. I decided to wear a long pony tail and shaved off what little I had left on the top. I also started to apply the Vitalize skin cream to the bald and bare spots. Recently people wanted to know what I was doing or taking, as my hair was growing back thick in the area that was thinning and sparse. When I noticed this new Hair growth, I continued applying the Vitalize Skin Cream and also I now take six GH7 tablets a day, I especially enjoy taking them before going to bed. It makes sleeping and breathing so much easier. I can honestly say tha this regiment of Vitacel GH7 Vitamins products and Vitalize skin cream were responsible for promoting my hair growth.

Lenny Romano
Garden City Park, NY

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It is my greatest desire to share with others in need who may have similar or different problems and for natural products for hair loss and for promoting hair growth. Vitacel GH-7 vitamins were introduced to me by a co-worker. Not having any health problems himself, but knowing the value of being a step ahead of disease, he shared the message of this grand vitamins with me. I was a prime candidate for a stroke or a heart attack. My blood pressure was 165 over 105. I felt like a walking stick of dynamite. I was desperate and hearing the track record of this product, decided to give it a fair try. I was pleasantly surprised and astounded with the rapid results. In just 3 weeks, my blood pressure dropped to 125 over 80!!! Pleasant side effects became apparent. My age spots were fading. My Hairloss has grown back in the crown of my balding head and also have hair growth in the baldness of my receding hairline. No need to tell you that I am pleased with the results with GH-7.

I am 58 years old and will continue to use this amazing product for my hair loss to promote my hair growth. I will also tell everyone about the health benefits of the GH7 vitamins and encourage them to use it also.

Oak Park, Illinois

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On July 10, 1978, 6 1/2 long years ago, I became ill. It seemed to happen overnight. When I left my office on that day, I didn’t realize that 1 would never return or that I was just starting two of the most frightening experiences of my life.

My face was swollen, my extended fingers were so swollen that they touched the sides of each other - they looked like sausages. I ached all over Within days, my feet and ankles swelled to the point that I could hardly walk, my eye-sight diminished almost immediately, no appetite, hair falling out, rapid heartbeats (I thought I was having a heart attack). Any exertion caused utter exhaustion - my days began to follow the same schedule - take a shower, take a nap; fix breakfast, take a nap; answer the phone, take a nap; visit with a friend, take a nap (sometimes while they were still visiting!).

My doctor felt that I may have a collagen disease, but tests were inconclusive. My husband took me to Mayo Clinic twice, again, tests were inconclusive. No one seemed to have any answers - at least none that they were sharing with me. I started reading medical books and case histories, but had to stop as I was showing symptoms of everything in the book.

I changed doctors on the local level, and finally (almost 18 months later) we had several diag­noses. “Lupus” - “Raynaud’s Syndrome” - “Carpel Tunnelism”? - . nothing I had ever heard of-couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. I didn’t feel any better, but at least I knew why Auto-immune disease, my body was its own enemy. The swelling was from inflammation throughout my body -don’t forget, it had an 18 month head start and to counteract the swelling, my doctor administered Cortisone. It didn’t help much and the side effects were horrendous. First side effect, which I had been warned would happen, was a rapid weight gain. Fifty two pounds in six months!! How’s that for rapid? I was still exhausted and could barely walk.

Three years later, on March 28, 1982, my 18 year old daughter, Meg, was involved in an auto­mobile accident. A backseat passenger, she had a head injury and lay in a coma for two months. At that point, my stress level went through the roof. It took me at least that long to scrape myself off the ceiling. We never left her We were told that she would die. Then, when she didn’t die, we were told that she would be a vegetable. It was then that I discovered the doctors didn’t know any more about brain damage than I did. In fact, I had the advantage, I loved her! We talked to her - we helped to pattern her - we stimulated her. Our efforts paid off-she started the long slow process of coming out of the coma. We had to teach her how to eat, talk, brush her teeth, walk - it was like having a 125 lb. newborn. I don’t need to tell you - THIS WAS THE BAD NEWS!

During all this time, I was barely making it. I seemed to be on a merry-go-round that wouldn’t slow down, and I couldn’t get off’. I was trying to learn as much about Lupus and head injuries as I could. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to live with a killer, you should get to know him pretty well, it was about this time that I learned about GH3 hair growth vitamins. I admit I was grasping at straws, but nothing seemed to be helping me. I went to a meeting/seminar, not expecting much. I listened and watched as a lot of people got up and gave testimonials of how GH3 had helped them. I heard about high blood pressure, depression, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, colon problems . . HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ONE HEALTH SUPPLEMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING FOR SO MANY VARIED ILLNESSES. And yet, the people seemed to be sincere. I was assured that it wouldn’t hurt me and that it might help. I’m a skeptic, but felt that if GH3 did just one quarter for me what it seemed to do for the people at the seminar, it was worth a try I borrowed some tablets, placed an order and slowly began my health turn around.

I was so busy with Meg that in the beginning I didn’t realize any difference. But, by the end of three months, I noticed I wasn’t so tired. I wasn’t taking naps each day. Sometimes I would go for two weeks without having to take a nap. It was so gradual, I didn’t even know when it happened. I was sleeping soundly during the night after many years of restlessness. Some of my sense of humor was back, I wasn’t so depressed. Within a year my eye-sight was better. I never used glasses prior to the Lupus flare, but couldn’t read anything without them after my illness. My hair growth is thicker and fuller and I lost some the gray has reversed and re-coloured(a bonus!). No more elevated temperatures, no more leg cramps, no more pain in the muscles and joints. I function very well in all areas.

I very slowly weaned myself off Cortisone (an action I don’t advocate for anyone). I was off cortisone for almost a year before I discussed it with my doctor. He didn’t argue with success. The real kicker came when I realized that it had been almost a year since I had seen the doctor. I made an appointment and he went over me thoroughly - several days later he called with my test results. All tests were normal. I was elated. He was amazed!

Meg also takes GH3 and it has helped her depression. She made three attempts to destroy her life prior to GH3 and has made none since. She was told that she would never walk without an aid (cane or crutches). She walks by herself. They said that what she didn’t have back within a year, she would never get back. She is still progressing. She handles her own checkbook, does her own shop­ping, is starting to drive - and is alive and intelligent.

I realize that we all take our daily life for granted. We always know when we were happy, and we always know when we did feel good. It’s quite a shock when “feeling good and being happy” disappear!

I still go to meetings and I still hear people tell how much GH3 had helped their arthritis, etc. GH3 works at the cellular level and seems to get the job done. THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE WE GET, AND THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE GET TO LIVE IT IN. DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR, GIVE IT - Vitacel GH-3!


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I have been using Vitacel GH3 consistently since June of 1982. My complaints at that time were bursitis, joint pains, headaches and a few other problems including hair loss. The effects of using GH3 have not been as dramatic as with other individuals. The most noticeable within a month or so was that my frequent headaches were gone. I had used “bottles” of Aspirin. but realized one day that I had not taken any Aspirin for several weeks. Now, almost two years later, I think I have used less that 3 dozen.

My hair, which was almost white, has more than white in it now AND IS CHANGING BACK TO MY ORIGINAL BROWN COLOUR, and my thinning hair is thicker and fuller. My nails were soft and broke easily, but now they are hard. My callouses are gone from my heels and I am thankful. They used to be very thick and would crack both vertically and horizontally and required much treatment with creams and use of a pumice block. I’ve not used anything on them for over a year (No corns or bunions either).

My skin, overall, has not been this nice since I was a teenager. All in all, Vitacel GH3 has made so many positive changes physically that I do not want to be without it. It also has given me a more positive mental attitude and that is a big plus!

ESTER L. OSBORNE, R.N. (Retired Nursing Supervisor)
Seattle, Washington

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Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my introduction to Vitacel GH7 VITAMINS was the luckiest day of my life. Little did I know or anticipate the results that were in store for me. Six months ago I ordered GH7 vitamins after reading and hearing about others experiencing an improved quality of health after using this special vitamin. No one had anything negative to say after using it and I hoped to find benefits also.

I waited for the good results, but to my amazement, instead of feeling better, I initial felt worse and almost discontinued using GH7. I knew that sometimes you feel worse before getting better and I hoped that was what was happening to me. This feeling lasted for almost two months and then gradually I started to see an improvement. My knees that had pained me for years and made going up and down the stairs almost unbearable were not giving me any discomfort. The Arthritic pain was gone, indigestion was a problem and kept me awake most of the night. Sleep would have been impossible without Tums. One day my wife brought to my attention that the drawer still contained plenty of Tums and that I wasn’t using them anymore. I hadn’t noticed! The real shocker came when people noticed hair growing back in the thinning bald spot that I had had for years. I couldn’t see it, but after more people noticed I looked and yes, they were right, the hair was re-growing in. Today it is completely filled in and all this in just 6 months. Obviously this Vitacel vitamin was good for promoting hair growth for me!

Duluth, GA

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I was diagnosed as having sarcoidosis in 1986. I refused to take prednisone for six years until 1992 when I had pneumonia twice. I was hospitalized for one week, off of work and on disability for three months.

An old acquaintance introduced me to GH-7. God is good, and life does work in mysterious ways. I said that this year I was going to find something to get rid of the cough, allergies and mucous. I knew of GH-3 years ago so I was glad to try it in the advanced product, Dr Koch's GH-7.

I also use Vitalize Skin Cream for my face and hair care. My hair is much softer and I don’t have to wear rollers to bed each night. My hairdresser applies it to my hair before styling it each week. She said that it makes my hair more manageable and thicker. My son finds that since he started using Vitalize cream on his hair it has become curlier. I continue to take GH-7, Vitamins, and c-dophilus, all of which are excellent Dr. Koch formula products.

Mrs. Pat Churchill

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I was introduced to Dr.Koch's Vitacel GH3 in May of 1982, when I bought some for my wife, who was suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis in hopes that it would help, as nothing the doctors were doing was alleviating and remedy her pain. After watching her health improve during that first month, I began reading everything I could get my hands on that was printed about GH3. I began an in-depth study of the product and discovered a 35 year history to support it. It was then that I decided to take it as a preventative, not even giving any consideration to the personal health problems I had.

The first thing I noticed was an increase in energy and a lessening of stress in my profession as an owner/operator of an independent insurance adjusting firm. I also slept better, and I required less sleep.

About six weeks after starting on the tablet, I discovered that the weeping and flaking psoriasis I’d been afflicted with for many years was gone. My hair texture was growing in thicker and a sheen had developed to it.

After about six months on the product, I ran into a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in over two years and who asked me what I was using for my skin because there was a shine or patina to it and I looked so much younger. I was unaware of that improvement because it had been so subtle.

I’ve always had calluses on both of my great toes and have shaved or peeled them periodically all of my life. I finally noticed that I no longer had those calluses after about eight weeks on the product.

My wife and I have been taking GH7 for several years now, and it totally has changed our lives for the better. We are looking forward to even more improvement health-wise for us in the years to come, particularly since we have begun a faithful regimen of Dr. Koch's Vitacel products and, of course, the Cal-Mag, Vita-Mins and C-Dophilus. Words cannot express our appreciation for these products.

Bellevue, WA

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