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October 6, 1983

My First introduction to Vitacel GH3, was in March 1983. A good friend of mine, who knew my past history of heart disease and congestive heart failure, came to my house one evening with a bottle of pills and a convincing story. I had been having symptoms of a steady pain in my left shoulder which prevented me from lifting my left hand above my shoulder, such as in combing my hair or scratching my head. I could accomplish these tasks, but with difficulty associated with pain. In addition, I had been advised by my heart doctor that my heart problem and disease would probably become worse since arteriosclerosis was a major factor. In reading the claims for Vitacel GH3 supplements, it appeared that both of my problems. The heart disease and arteriosclerosis, could be helped by taking the Vitacel product, at least on a three-month trial basis.

The first month while taking the Vitacel supplement pills, it was obvious that the signs of my heart condition and pain in my left shoulder was being affected, but for the worse! The pain became almost unbearable, and I almost decided to stop taking the Vitacel health supplements. Since I was close to the first five day rest period, I kept taking the pills until that period. The constant pain started to subside during the rest period and gave me confidence to start the second month. Again, the process was repeated, but not as much pain as the first month. It took about three months of taking the pill until the pain symptoms went away completely and has never returned!

In addition, since my heart attack surgery by-pass operation in December 1979, I have been religiously taking my pulse every day to be conscious of the strain on my heart muscle while exercising (a three-mile walk under 45 minutes each day). After three (3) months on GH3, a noticeable positive effect was evident on my pulse rate. My normal resting pulse rate had been approximately 78 counts/minute. After being on Vitacel GH3, for three months, my heart resting rate was coming down. I have now been on the Vitacel product for seven months and my heart resting pulse rate has stabilized at 60 counts/minute! For my heart disease, this is very good news! My body is getting the proper oxygen to the blood stream while my heart is working at a much lower rate in accomplishing it. The claims that Vitacel actually reverses arteriosclerosis and heart disease has made a believer of me, since the effect on my pulse rate illustrates this fact vividly.

In conclusion, besides the benefits mentioned above to my heart condition, I have also noticed benefits of the anti­depressant qualities of Vitacel GH3. I have been under mental strain at my office position, that in my mind would have not been bearable if I were not taking the pill. It is one quality of the pill that I would recommend to anyone who has mental depression or anxieties that prey on their mind. Taking this pill has helped my capability to sleep well, without anxieties, which in turn helps my ability to face the hectic routines of normal twentieth century living.

After a month’s trial I became a firm believer in the efficacy of this antiaging Vitacel health product in dealing with my heart disease. I have noticed that the benefits of this pill are progressively increased over time, if a person takes the pill on a stomach that has been very empty. By this I mean, take the pill at about six o’clock in the morning, and approximately 4 or 5 p.m. in the evening, at least one hour before you eat your evening meal. In normal activities this should ensure an empty stomach while taking the pill. This has to be done religiously by the person taking the pill for maximum benefits. With an epidemic of heart failure in America, I am hoping my personal story can make a difference in providing alternatives to the medical establishment.

Idaho Falls, Idaho


November 14, 1982

On October 15, 1978, I had a heart attack on October 16, I had a second heart attack. I have a 25% blockage in my heart blood vessels. I only have three cylinders, so if you’ve ever seen anybody operate on three cylinders, that’s me. From the time I got out of the hospital, which was about a month later, until I started taking a natural remedy supplement called Vitacel GH3, I had heart and chest pain symptoms daily. I would have them so bad sometimes that my arms would get numb all the way down into my hand. I was in San Diego last winter and a lady down there had been to Romania for the Gerovital H3 injectable GH3 shot treatments. I thought she was in her late 40’s or early 50’s and found out she was 65. She said I should get on these Vitacel GH3 health supplements. Being a doubting Thomas like I am, I didn’t do it right away. We came to Spokane in April and my wife and I finally decided to try the Dr. Koch patented tableted GH3 antiaging formula.

I swear from the first pill that I took, I knew that I was taking it. I had a flushed feeling. I do still occasionally get a very small chest pain symptoms, but it’s nothing like I used to get. I’m not having any numbness in my arms at all since I’ve been taking it and I’ve been taking it since the latter part of May.

I also have another disease known as Narcolepsy. That means I can go to sleep anytime, any­where, standing up, sitting down or lying down. I had it when I was in the Air force, and I told the doctors about it from 1968 until I retired; and the Flight Surgeon would just slap me on the back and say, “Get out of here, Fox. There’s nothing wrong with you.” When I got out of the service, my wife was reading a magazine and there was an article in it on Narcolepsy; and she said, “I think this is what you’ve got.” So I took it out to the base to the doctor and said, “Hey, this is what I’ve got.” He read it and said, “Mm-hm. You might have it. Tell me about it.” So I gave him all the symptoms. They sent me to the neurosurgeon and put me through tests that probably cost the government $5,000 or $6,000. The neurosurgeon said, “Yes, you’re a textbook ease. You’ve got it.” So they put me on 40 milligrams a day of Ritalin, which is speed, legalized speed. At the time, my wife told me, “If you’re going to take that stuff, I’m going to leave.” So we gradually reduced that and we got it down to about 20 milligrams a day Now, I filled my last prescription on April 24th, which is a month’s supply, that’s all they will give you. I’ve still got enough for about 15 days. So that’s how much I’ve taken since then.

So those are the two things it’s worked for with me, the heart disease and Narcolepsy. I have a 78 year old mother-in-law that we put on the Vitacel vitamin therapy at the same time. I brought her to Spokane in August, 1980, and she’d been here nearly two years and had no knowledge of taking the Vitacel pills. She was totally and completely senile. She didn’t know what day it was or what time it was. The only thing she could remember was her birthday. She’s now very alert mentally. She can tell you what day it is, where she is, what month it is and so forth. She knows exactly what’s going on. She knows what’s going on to the point now that she’s like a little child in that she vies for attention like a child does; and she plans different things so that they’ll come out and she’ll get her way.

My wife went on it at the same time. She was involved in a very bad automobile accident in 1978 and had her right leg pushed up in her hip area. She was taking therapy from a physical therapist, and had been for a longtime, for what they call muscular knots. She had injections to relax the muscles in that area. Since she’s been GH-3, she hasn’t been back to the doctor at all; and she hasn’t had any problems with muscular knotting whatsoever. In conjunction with taking the GH-3, we belong to a family fitness center and she’s been taking physical exercises. They have you take aquatic exercises when you have this kind of muscular problem, and she’s doing exercises now that she was not able to do before.


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