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HGH - Growth Hormones

What is Growth Hormone

Growth hormones are what give us our youthful appearance and vitality. They are critical in the development of cell reproduction and health. HGH is produced in the pituitary gland, there are a number of health factors that influence the natural production of HGH in our bodies, including age, stress levels, exercise and sleep patterns.

Growth Hormone Deficiencies

Growth hormone production naturally decreases over time. Healthy adults produce approximately 60% of young adolescence. The production will vary in adults do to the difference lifestyle factors mentioned.

How to Naturally Increase Growth Hormone Production

It has been shown scientifically, the best way to increase and stimulate the production of human growth hormones is 8-10 hours of good quality sleep, and getting regular strenuous anaerobic exercise. Odly enough if you are getting regular strenuous exercise, you may also be getting better qualty sleep.

In our hectic fast paced lifestyle, a large percentage of the population may be sleep deprived and are not getting enough exercise. Those that are exercising, may not be doing the right types of strenuous anaerobic training that is required to stimulate the natural production of HGH.

Thus it is critical to understand the latest discoveries in the area of exercise science. Recent studies have found evidence of a clear link between strenuous exercise and hormone production in the body. The good news is you dont have to exercise day after day for for hours on end. The increased hormones released during anaerobic interval sprint type programs, can be achieve in 2-3 work outs per week, the strenuous exercise duration can be in as little as 2 to 30 minutes.

Aerobic versus Strenuous Anaerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises such as walking, running and aerobic fitness type workouts, have not been linked to increased growth hormones in our bodies and seem to have little impact in HGH production. On the other hand, strenuous anaerobic exercises such as, strength weight training, sprints and any exercise that requires a maximum short burst of energy 30 seconds, followed by 90 second rest periods, have shown to produce an increase of growth hormones in the pituatary gland. The key here is to perform short burst of 30 second intervals at maximum effort followed by a minute to 90 seconds of warm down. A typical workout could include anywhere from 4-8 repititions depending on your base fitness level.

Endurance exercises like running and triathlon training actually break down muscle mass and deplete the body of growth hormone. Strenuous interval exercises, like weight training, sprints on the track, in the pool or on exercise machines are the key to helping your body produce the necessary growth hormones to feel young and invigorated.

Many endurance athletes spend hours and hours training while not getting the benefits of natural HGH stimulation. They also compromise there immune systems, ending up injured and sick a higher percentage of the time.

The good news is you can exercise less and get more growth hormone production health benefits, by performing strenuous shorter training workouts and routines. For example I hit the pool for a half mile warm up (10-15 minutes) followed by 8 X 50 metter maximum effort sprints, with 90 second rest intervals in between. I am done on less than 30 minutes and I know for a fact I am getting naturally released growth hormones in the process. Research has found that 2 to 3 workouts of strenous anaerobic quality should be enough to help our bodies maintain our youthful vitality.

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HGH - Growth hormone supplements

As you may or may not know, HGH injections and growth hormone drugs are banned for athletes and are illegal to sell to the public. There are however a new brand of growth hormone stimulators and HGH releasers that may help the body produce its own HGH. These products are designed to kick start the pituitary gland to help the body produce its own HGH, in a natural way.

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