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All Natural Ingredients

Konjac root 300 mg
Chromium Polynicotinate 75 mcg
Hoodia Gordonii 250 mg.
Cocoa extract 162 mg.
Vanadium 15 mcg
Citrus Aurantium 5 mg

From: Cherryl Kreamer
Date: 24/10/2006 1:41:13 PM
Subject: Hoodia Slow Carb testimonial


I would like to tell you about the Hoodia slow carb with Konjac root fiber and Polynicotinate. Seems like I can go all day with just a snack. I do take both before Dinner as well. I have taken the Slow Carb just alone and wow it's very good .So they are winners to me. These products are wonderful! And your Vitalize anti-ageing cream's to die for. I love it all !!!!!!!

Thank you. I am so glad to have to have come across your website.

Cherryl Kreamer

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Hoodia Slow-Carb Ingredients Overview

Ingredients details

Benefits of Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium polynicotinate has been shown to greatly enhance and benefit insulin sensitivity. There are many diabetics who suffer from insulin resistance side effects, even though their body is producing insulin, their bodies cells are not recognizing the insulin, and they're not accepting blood sugar from the bloodstream, meaning that the blood sugar levels stay elevated too high, and that's can be extremely hazardous for diabetics.

Chromium Polyniconate, which is a trace element mineral, may help increase insulin sensitivity, which essentially moves blood sugar from your bloodstream and into the body's cells where the insulin belongs, thereby lowering the diabetics high blood sugar levels. There are many diabetics that may be deficient in chromium trace minerals, and the amount of chromium polyniconate in the Trim fast slow carb formula is adequate in filling the deficiency created by the insulin insensitivity of diabetics.

Chromium polynicotinate, or niacin-bound chromium is a patented substance. Chromium polynicotinate seems to have some definite advantages over chromium picolinate, including even better bioavailability.

One study indicated that large amounts of chromium picolinate cause chromosome damage, whereas chromium polynicotinate did not. At first, this study was widely criticized because the chromium picolinate levels were far higher than one would get with normal supplementation. Subsequently, however, many other scientific studies have called into question the safety of chromium picolinate and its potential side effects, this is why we only use the Chromium from Polynicotinate and not Chromium picolinate.


Vanadium is a trace element mineral ingredient that helps increase the transportation of blood sugar from your bloodstream to your body's cells. Vanadium has been shown to mimic insulin, thereby helping to accomplish the proper function of insulin without requiring extra effort on the part of your pancreas. Vanadium may help suppress blood sugar spikes and help reduce the formation of excess body fat following meals, in particular meals containing refined carbohydrates and sugars.

Konjac Mannan Root - Fiber for Weight Loss

Glucomannan a revolutionary fiber, derived from the konjac mannan root plant. It's actually ground-up, dried konjac root. What is most remarkable about glucomannan konjac root fiber is that it has the highest viscosity of any known natural fiber, and when you consume glucomannan konjac root fiber, it absorbs hundreds of times its own weight in water, forming a gelatinous mass in your stomach and digestive tract.

In terms of weight loss glucomannan takes up physical space in your stomach which makes you feel full and turns off the physiological hunger signals in your brain. This feeling of being full in a physical way causes suppression of appetite. When the Glucomannan konjac fiber is ingested before a meal it follows that there will be caloric restriction. Another benefit of glucomannan is that it has no calories. It's just a fiber. In the right amounts, Glucomannan fiber just takes up space in the stomach causing one to feel full in turn contributing to reduced caloric intake.

Gluco-mannan is a highly viscous Konjac root fiber, it mixes with the other foods you've eaten and effectively lowers their glycemic index. The Glycemic Index is a measure of how quickly foods impact your blood sugar levels. So a food with a high Glycemic Index, such as white bread or sugar, would raise your blood sugar very quickly. Foods with a low Glycemic Index -- things like oat bran or quinoa -- have a weaker effect on your blood sugar. In order to lose weight and be healthy, you want to eat foods that have a low glycemic index, because eating foods with a high glycemic index causes the production of excess insulin which results in fat creation and storage in your body. It also means you'll get hungry later as your blood sugar crashes following the spike. But when you consume low glycemic index foods, you create more stable blood sugar levels. You don't get the hunger spikes, nor the mood swings associated with wild swings in blood sugar levels.

By combining this glucomannan konjac root fiber with whatever foods you've already eaten, you are essentially lowering the glycemic index of those foods, glucomannan fiber slows the absorption of carbohydrates from those foods. It's sort of like taking a tablespoon of sugar and mixing it with oat bran and then eating it. The oat bran interferes with the absorption of the sugars, making it harder for your body to get to those sugars. Thus Glucomannan konjac root fiber reduces the glycemic index of the high-carbohydrate foods, as a positive side effect giving you more stable blood sugar levels, it may not only improve your mood and help protect your pancreas, but may also inhibit the storage of body fat that would normally occur after consuming those high carb foods.

Pure Hoodia Gordonii for Weight Loss

Hoodia gordonii is perhaps the most effective and safest natural appetite suppressant ever found.

wild hoodia godonii plant hoodia-gordonii cactus plant
----Wild Hoodia Gordonii -------- Greenhouse Cultivated

Our Hoodia powder raw materials supplier is "1 of 5", in the world (..and the only one in North America) granted a license for import and distribution of authentically grown South African “Aerial stem, only,” powdered Hoodia Gordonii. Not the discarded pulpy leaf/flowers extracts or 20:1 and 10:1 extract ratios that some products offer. With the scarcity of the Hoodia plant, this would make it financially too expensive to produce. Even if possible, just isolating the active compound P57 from the plant through concentrates, extracts and 20:1 / 10:1 ratios, or into a “drug” as “Pfizer” attempted, all other important supporting medicinal ingredients, like the ALOE in the Hoodia, which in part what helps suppress the appetite, are left out of the equation.

Not mentioned anywhere online, Hoodia is a genus of succulent plants in the family Apocynaceae that is widely used traditionally by the San people of southern Africa not only as an appetite suppressant, but also as a thirst quencher and as a cure for severe abdominal cramps, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, indigestion, hypertension and diabetes. Studies have shown that without the supporting ingredients in the unprocessed Hoodia, much of the potency of the suppressant and medicinal benefits are lost.

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Cocoa extract –Antioxidant and Mood Elevating Properties

Cocoa extract makes you feel better by elevating the serotonin levels in your brain. Chocolate originates as a medicinal herb from the rain forest. Cocoa extracts has anti-cancer properties and may help improve immune system function, which as a side effect offer some protective effect against cancer, although it is probably a small positive side effect.

Cocoa extract simply enhances and elevates which is critical when involved in any weight loss program. Restricting your carbohydrates can sometimes make you feel down and depressed. So getting some chocolate or cocoa extract into your brain, is a good way to elevate your mood and help maintain the motivation you need to stick with your weight loss program.Citris Aurantium Citrus Aurantium is a fruit commonly known as bitter orange which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat chest congestion and indigestion, stimulate gastrointestinal function and improve circulation and liver function. In traditional western medicine, Citrus Aurantium has is most commonly used to treat digestive and circulatory problems.

Citrus Aurantium is widely used for stimulating the breakdown of fat, by causing the release of noradrenaline (a stress hormone) at beta-3 receptor sites creating chemical reactions that increase fat breakdown. Beta-3 receptors in the body increase the rate at which fat is released from the body stores (lipolysis) and increase resting metabolic rate (thermogenesis). Physical activity will increase this thermogenic effect and further enhance the thermogenic effect of Citrus Aurantium towards healthyand permanent weight loss

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Hoodia Slow Carb - Glucomannan for Weight Loss - Weight Loss Research - Chromium Polynicotinate - Diet Pill Side Effects
Chocolate beats cholesterol - TRIM-FAST Testimonials - The Truth Exposed

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