From “Gerovital – How It Works” by David Rathborne – Investigative journalist / Published 1982 by White Rose Marketing - Kansas, USA

Professor Aslan has stated that Gerovital H3 works at "the cellular level" in the body. Let us elaborate on that. We are aware the body is made up of cells, cells of different types (skin, muscular, brain, nerve, bone etc., etc.) Even in the womb the cells are multiplying and the unborn grows larger. After birth the proliferation of new cells continues while some cells commence to die, an exchange and regeneration takes place. As long as more cells are being formed than are dying we continue to grow. Basically this remains the case until the early twenties at which time the formation of new cells and the dying of old ones is in a state of balance.

By the thirties the average person is losing more cells than they are gaining and a decline in overall health and efficiency commences which accelerates in pace as aging approaches. Much of course can be done to minimize this deterioration (careful dieting, physical exercise, clean living) but this is usually too much bother for Mr. Average to attend to. On the other hand there are many remarkable instances of men and women of 60 years of age of having preserved themselves to have an appearance and physical and mental abilities of a 30 year old.

When the cellular exchange shows a daily loss the entire body/brain function begins to deteriorate. This is all but unnoticeable to commence with but if for any reason an individual has a weakness in his body - e.g. liver in poor condition through over indulgence in alcohol, lungs in poor condition through smoking - these will be the areas in which the degeneration is likely to show up first. Their lack of basic good health will ensure inability to serve the body efficiently and then of course problems become apparent. Should vital organs fail altogether the condition could well be terminal, depending on which one fails and the means of (effectively) treating it. This then is the level at which Gerovital H3 does its remarkable anti-aging work. It has the ability to feed the cells, to rejuvenate and even replenish and this in turn causes the ravages, the decline through the advancing years, to be slowed down and even in many cases actually reversed. In a word, the majority of those treated with GH3 look and feel younger.

Obviously they aren't younger. A quick glance at their birth certificates will confirm this. And neither will they live forever! But, the general effect of GH3 is to keep the person in a much more healthful bodily and mental state than would otherwise be the case and to allow the user to actually enjoy their Indian Summer rather than become a physical and/or mental derelict in their latter years leading a life without dignity, a burden to those around them and an embarrassment to themselves. It follows of course that if GH3 has this remarkable anti-aging effect on the cells in normal healthy people it works in an identical manner on those with health problems. By feeding the cells it attacks any condition which could be described as unnatural to normal bodily function.

This in effect means any condition from head to toe, be it physical or mental. And because it works through the circulatory system, through the blood which is the great transport system (for good or evil) on which we totally depend, it can and often does produce the most unique results in a manner no other substance known to mankind can duplicate The "active ingredient" in GH3 is, as we know, procaine.

And procaine consists of two substances found naturally in the body - namely PABA and DEAE which belong to the B vitamin complex. The secret of GH3 is that, when combined these two substances are infinitely more beneficial than their separate parts and this in fact gave rise to the description "H3" which was coined to describe the powerful factor contained within the procaine molecule. Professor Aslan and her colleagues were unable to determine exactly why GH3 did its wondrous work, they decided therefore that as the chemical term for PABA was H1 and Folic acid (also produced in the body) was known as H2 they would label their nutrient H3, a decision which was to give rise to confusion in the days ahead.

Using Gerovital H3, also known as KH3 and GH7, which works but which no one fully understands why it works is no new thing to the healing arts, Aspirin being a case in point. GH3 was therefore procaine (the "active ingredient") buffered and stabilized by the addition of Benzoic acid and potassium metabisulphite as an antioxidant. Whereas straight procaine has a pH factor of 7 GH3 has one of 3.3 which make it an acidulous balance ensuring the prolonged stabilization which is so crucial to its efficacy and also eliminating the anaesthetic qualities (which are not wanted anyway). GH3 breaks down in the intestine into its constituent parts (PABA and DEAE) and these ingredients play vitally important roles prior to final metabolization.

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PABA stimulates "good" intestinal flora to produce vitamins K and B and also Folic acid, whilst DEAE helps generate choline and acetylcholine both of which are essential for the effective functioning of the spleen, liver, brain and nerve synapses. In particular DEAE is the agent which normalizes the level of monoamine oxidase (MAO in the brain thereby relieving depression. (Note: MAO is a bodily produced substance which controls the level of neuro-hormones)

Around middle age the level of MAO starts to increase in many people and has been found to be a major cause of depression. The unique quality of DEAE is that it is a reversible inhibitor of MAO. All other substances currently in use are irreversible in their action. In other words they lower the level of MAO - by destroying the mechanism that produces it in the first place. The side effects for a body without MAO are extremely severe - including death from brain hemorrhage.

GH3 has no side effects, it is totally safe. As DEAE lifts depression, it has also been observed to produce mental stimulation, a feeling of "well being" and, unlike amphetamines (which have no place in the body anyway), has no adverse side effects and no "rebound" period of depression.

By working at the cellular level GH3 has been seen to have the ability to influence both body and brain in a wide variety of ways. The body in fact possesses what is described as a "Homeostatic Balance", that is to say a sort of "internal clock" which might also be described as a three dimensional thermostat by which every function is regulated to a correct balance, thereby working to eliminate any "unnatural" condition of whatever type both mental and physical.

GH3 possesses the means (and remember the actual specific reason is unknown) to work towards this balancing process often with complete success. To a great extent this is achieved by its capacity to not only increase the supply throughout the entire circulatory system at the same time, to increase the oxygen content of the red corpuscles (by up to 30%). Essentially this strengthens the immune systems thereby increasing the resistance to infection of any type.

Research has shown amongst others, all of the following conditions have at some time been observed to respond beneficially as a result of using true formula GH3. Arthritis, migraine, abnormal blood pressure (up or down), peptic ulcers, acne, Parkinson's disease, Hodgkin’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Sickle cell anemia, hypoglycemia, hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, herpes, senility, rheumatism, poor hearing, poor eyesight, failing memory, muscle fatigue, bad circulation, heart disease, angina pectoris, osteoporosis, impotence, frigidity, liver spots, varicose veins, greying hair, balding, wrinkles, asthenia, oedema, emphysema, neuralgia, excessive cholesterol, aging.

It is important to emphasize that GH3 itself, is NOT a specific cure for the preceeding conditions and diseases nor should it necessarily be used instead if medication is already in use. GH3 can take several months to activate balancing aspects and each body is different.

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