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I felt that I must write to tell you how pleased and excited I am with Vitacel GH7. I have been taking two tablets twice a day for two months and have already experienced many positive results. After about one week I noticed that my eyes were much clearer and brighter and my skin looked better. At first I just noticed the changes on my face but now my whole body is much smoother and softer. Since I now also use the wonderful Vitalize Skin Care Cream, and the results are much more noticeable now.

I also sleep much better. I suffered with chronic Insomnia and sleeplessness symptoms were a problem for almost two years, the effects of the sleep deprivation and caused me much anxiety and stress. Every day now I feel very mentally alert and have lots of energy - both physical and mental. For sometime I have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been feeling very moody and feeling down. I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it. Since I have started taking GH7, I have felt great every single day! I feel serene and confident and able to handle anything. It’s wonderful to have a good attitude every day. If this product did nothing else, I would continue to use it because of this great benefit to me, it was the cure for my chronic Insomnia, with no medicine or drug side effects..

I had a wart on the tip of my finger for a year that resisted every possible treatment. After about one month I noticed that it had vanished! My whole family including my husband, three sons, my mother and sister are now using Vitacel GH7. I am so excited to see what positive health benefits they will experience. My mother already notices an improvement with her mild Insomnia symptoms and depression and that she is sleeping better and her restless leg syndrome has vanished. It’s great to be able to share something so great with the ones you love and care about. We run the whole spectrum from young adults, middle aged and senior citizen.

I’m sure that all of our futures will be healthier and happier with Vitacel antiaging health supplements. I love it! Thank you.

Patricia Hain
Virginia Beach

P.S. My memory is much better.

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I was diagnosed with both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and was well on the way to becoming bedridden. I had been medicating with arthritic prescriptions such as Naprosyn, Clinoril and Mecloman, to name a few, along with large doses of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Most of my joints were involved with intermittent inflammation and swelling, in any one or all areas and at any given time. The inflamma­tion was often so severe that the area would turn color as though it had been bruised, I suffered from severe insomnia spent sleepless nights due to the pain. Climbing stairs was a monumental task and without the availability of a handrail, sometimes impossible. Changes in barometric pressure would send me to bed with a heating pad and increased medication. Sleeping the night through was unheard of as I would often be awakened with immobilizing chronic pain that literally took my breath away and caused sleep deprivation. My husband would have to move my hips and body to a different position so that I could try to go back to sleep. It was difficult to get into or out of bed without help.

In early 1982, a friend brought the good news of Vitacel 3 GH3 supplements and its availability to us. I received relief from the inflammation of the arthritis within four days and inside of three weeks almost all of the pain had subsided. I stopped taking my prescriptions the day I started the Vitacel GH-3. This isn’t a recommenda­tion, it’s only because I had to know if it was the GH-3 that was helping me, if indeed I received help. Today, almost seven years later, I only have occasional arthritic discomfort. That is when I’ve either been working or playing too hard and not eating the right foods for proper nutrition.

I’ve been taking Vitacel 7 GH7, an improved GH-3, for the past four years with even greater benefits. A feeling of well-being is present, even during times of stress. My sleeplessness and insomnia causesed by the pain has been solved, my sleep is of better quality. My skin tone is more colorful and moist, the dryness is gone and there is a resiliency that wasn’t there before.

The toll on my productivity due to the many medications, is all behind me. For the first time in my life I am taking no prescriptions and that’s a miracle! I get weepy when I think with gratitude of all that Vitacel 7 GH7 has done for me. My husband says he has his “bride” back. I know that I will be taking Vitacel 7 for the rest of my longer, healthier and happier life!!

Bellevue, Washington 98007

In May of 1988, I was introduced to Vitacel 7. After taking the product for approximately one month, I noticed I had been having a better nights sleep and I had a feeling of well-being which was a relief from the insomnia. I also felt less tired. I then stopped taking Vitacel 7 GH7, (Human nature, I guess.) One morning in November 1988, I became aware of an uncomfortable throbbing sensation in my left cheek. In looking in the mirror, I determined it had to be a sebaceous cyst and there wasn’t much I could do but wait it out.

This experience has made me a true believer in the Vitacel products and I intend to make them a part of my life on a regular basis.

Shoreview, MN

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March 4, 1988

To Anyone Hoping to Improve His or Her Health:

After thirty years as a hairdresser, I suffered severe pains in my lower back when I was working on my customers. Fifteen years ago, it became so severe I was forced to leave my profession. It was necessary to seek other means - real estate, marketing or anything - for income as sole support for a maturing family Pain was a constant companion. Standing or walking on a hard surface, for instance shopping, had to be done in short spurts. Sound steep escaped me. Waking in the morning exhausted was a common experience as insomnia, sleeplessness and chronic sleep deprivation was taking its toll.

Two months ago, a friend suggested that I try GH7 Vitacel 7. He explained some of the benefits he had experienced. He hoped it would help. However, he was conservative and made no prediction as to what it might do for me.

Within a week I was aware of improved insomnia relief from the Vitacel supplements. It made me feel better. After a month or so, I was also aware that the pain in my back had almost disappeared. As a great-grandmother, I expect to be careful and not overdo. But the improvement I have experienced already is thrilling and beyond anything [had anticipated.

Portland, Oregon

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October 6, 1983

My First introduction to Vitacel 3 GH3was in March 1983. A good friend of mine, who knew my past history of heart problems, came to my house one evening with a bottle of pills and a convincing story. I had been having a steady pain in my left shoulder which prevented me from lifting my left hand above my shoulder, such as in combing my hair or scratching my head. I could accomplish these tasks, but with difficulty associated with pain. In addition, I had been advised by my heart doctor that my heart problems would probably become worse since arteriosclerosis was a major factor. In reading the claims for GH-3, it appeared that both of my problems could be helped by taking the product, at least on a three-month trial basis.

The first month while taking the pills, it was obvious that the pain in my left shoulder was being affected, but for the worse! the pain became almost unbearable, and I almost decided to stop taking the pills. Since I was close to the first five day rest period, I kept taking the pills until that period. The constant pain started to subside during the rest period and gave me confidence to start the second month. Again, the process was repeated, hut not as much pain as the first month. It took about three months of taking the pill until the pain went away completely and has never returned!

In addition, since my by-pass operation on my heart in December 1979, I have been religiously taking my pulse every day to be conscious of the strain on my heart muscle while exercising (a three-mile walk under 45 minutes each day). After three (3) months on GH-3, a noticeable effect was evident on my pulse rate. My normal resting pulse rate had been approximately 78 counts/minute. After being on GH-3, for three months, my resting rate was coming down. I have now been on the product for seven months and my resting pulse rate has stabilized at 60 counts/minute! For a heart condition, this has to be very good news! My body is getting the proper oxygen to the blood stream while my heart is working at a much lower rate in accomplishing it. The claims that GH-3 actually reverses arterioscle­rosis has made a believer of me, since the effect on my pulse rate illustrates this fact vividly.

In conclusion, besides the benefits mentioned above, I have also noticed benefits of the anti­depressant qualities of GH-3. I have been under mental strain at my office position, that in my mind would have not been bearable if I were not taking the pill. It is one quality of the pill that I would recommend to anyone who has mental depression or anxieties that prey on their mind. Taking this pill has helped my capability to go to sleep much better, without anxieties, which in turn helps my ability to face the hectic routines of normal twentieth century living.

After a month’s trial I became a firm believer in the efficacy of this product. I have noticed that the benefits of this pill are increased if a person takes the pill on a stomach that has been very empty By this I mean, take the pill at about six o’clock in the morning, and approximately 4 or 5 p.m. in the evening, at least one hour before you eat your evening meal. In normal activities this should ensure an empty stomach while taking the pill. This has to be done religiously by the person taking the pill for maximum benefits.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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On July 10, 1978, 6 1/2 long years ago, I became ill. It seemed to happen overnight. When I left my office on that day, I didn’t realize that 1 would never return or that I was just starting two of the most frightening experiences of my life

My face was swollen, my extended fingers were so swollen that they touched the sides of each other - they looked like sausages. I ached all over Within days, my feet and ankles swelled to the point that I could hardly walk, my eye-sight diminished almost immediately, no appetite, hair falling out, rapid heartbeats (I thought I was having a heart attack). Any exertion caused utter exhaustion - my days began to follow the same schedule - take a shower, take a nap; fix breakfast, take a nap; answer the phone, take a nap; visit with a friend, take a nap (sometimes while they were still visiting!).

My doctor felt that I may have a collagen disease, but tests were inconclusive. My husband took me to Mayo Clinic twice, again, tests were inconclusive. No one seemed to have any answers - at least none that they were sharing with me. I started reading medical books and case histories, but had to stop as I was showing symptoms of everything in the book.

I changed doctors on the local level, and finally (almost 18 months later) we had several diag­noses. “Lupus” - “Raynaud’s Syndrome” - “Camel Tunnelism”. - . nothing I had ever heard of-couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. I didn’t feel any better, but at least I knew why Auto-immune disease, my body was its own enemy. The swelling was from inflammation throughout my body -don’t forget, it had an 18 month head start and to counteract the swelling, my doctor administered Cortisone. It didn’t help much and the side effects were horrendous. First side effect, which I had been warned would happen, was a rapid weight gain. Fifty two pounds in six months!! How’s that for rapid? I was still exhausted and could barely walk.

My life had been totally turned around. I went from an energetic, “on the go” individual mother of five, grandmother of one, to a near invalid. I had to retire from a job that I loved -Executive Secre­tary of the Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel. - AND THAT MUST HAVE BEEN THE GOOD NEWS!

Three years later, on March 28, 1982, my 18 year old daughter, Meg, was involved in an auto­mobile accident. A backseat passenger, she had a head injury and lay in a coma for two months. At that point, my stress level went through the roof. It took me at least that long to scrape myself off the ceiling. We never left her We were told that she would die. Then, when she didn’t die, we were told that she would be a vegetable. It was then that I discovered the doctors didn’t know any more about brain damage than I did. In fact, I had the advantage, I loved her! We talked to her - we helped to pattern her - we stimulated her. Our efforts paid off-she started the long slow process of coming out of the coma. We had to teach her how to eat, talk, brush her teeth, walk - it was like having a 125 lb. newborn. I don’t need to tell you – THIS WAS THE BAD NEWS!

During all this time, I was barely making it. [seemed to be on a merry-go-round that wouldn’t slow down, and I couldn’t get off’. I was trying to learn as much about Lupus and head injuries as I could. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to live with a killer, you should get to know him pretty well, it was about this time that I learned about GH-3. I admit I was grasping at straws, but nothing seemed to be helping me. I went to a meeting/seminar, not expecting much.

I listened and watched as a lot of people got up and gave testimonials of how Vitacel 3 GH3 had helped them. I heard about high blood pressure, depres­sion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, colon problems . . HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ONE SUPPLEMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING FOR SO MANY VARIED ILLNESSES. And yet, the people seemed to be sincere. I was assured that it wouldn’t hurt me and that it might help. I’m a skeptic, but felt that if GH-3 did just one quarter for me what it seemed to do for the people at the seminar, it was worth a try I borrowed some tablets, placed an order and slowly began my health turn around.

I was so busy with Meg that in the beginning I didn’t realize any difference. But, by the end of three months, I noticed I wasn’t so tired. I wasn’t taking naps each day. Sometimes I would go for two weeks without having to take a nap. It was so gradual, I didn’t even know when it happened. I would sleep much better during the night after many years of restlessness. Some of my sense of humor was back, I wasn’t so depressed. Within a year my eye-sight was better. I never used glasses prior to the Lupus flare, but couldn’t read anything without them after my illness. My hair is thicker and fuller and I lost sonic the gray (a bonus!). No more elevated temperatures, no more leg cramps, no more pain in the muscles and joints. I function very well in all areas.

I very slowly weaned myself off Cortisone (an action I don’t advocate for anyone). I was off cortisone for almost a year before I discussed it with my doctor. He didn’t argue with success. The real kicker came when I realized that it had been almost a year since I had seen the doctor. I made an appointment and he went over me thoroughly - several days later he called with my test results. All tests were normal. I was elated. He was amazed!

Meg also takes Vitacel GH-3 and it has helped her depression. She made three attempts to destroy her life prior to GH-3 and has made none since. She was told that she would never walk without an aid (cane or crutches). She walks by herself They said that what she didn’t have back within a year, she would never get back. She is still progressing. She handles her own checkbook, does her own shop­ping, is starting to drive - and is alive and intelligent.

I realize that we all take our daily life for granted. We always know when we were happy, and we always know when we did feel good. It’s quite a shock when “feeling good and being happy” disappear!

I still go to meetings and I still hear people tell how much Vitacel GH-3 had helped their arthritis, etc. Vitacel GH-3 works at the cellular level and seems to get the job done. THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE WE GET - AND THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE GET TO LIVE IT IN. DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR, GIVE IT Vitacel GH-3.

112 Daksi Way
Loudon, TN 37774

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September 8, 1983

I’ve been taking Vitacel 3 GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I’m over-due in sharing my story. I was introduced to GH-3 by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting “Tom.” However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything I felt could truly be of help or relief As a result, I tried GH-3, following is my story:

During September, 1976, I had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and] have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually.

HYPERTENSION - Treatment for this problem has been to take Oretic or Hydrochlorothiaz­ide, once daily After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking KIoi-vess “liquid potassium one tablet daily” Follow-up visits to the doctor revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart pill, was added to slow the heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking CH-3 I quit taking the heart pill but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH-3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above an accept­able level for my age group. Since using GH-3, my blood pressure is now under control. I’m con­vinced that in time Twill be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with GH-3, with is not a drug.

ALLERGIES - Like most people suffering with allergy problems, I’ve been through every known test and treatment, Treatment included various drugs, shots for 4 1/2 years, nose sprays, you name it. All medications worked until I’d build a tolerance to them and then I’d be switched to yet another drug. Due to sneezing, running/weeping eyes and “polyps” in my nose, most of the time I feel miserable and tired due to anxiety and loss of sleep. I had been taking two to four CTM tablets daily which caused extreme tension and added stress. The day I started taking GH-3, I quit taking all allergy pills to see if the GH-3 would help. Relying on GH-3 alone, my allergies have remained under control and I sleep comfortably 6 to 8 hour every night.

SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, 1 would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-Off Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, [was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH-3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief. Again restful, effective sleep.

STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my health problems compounded this situation. Since using 614-3, I’ve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way.

ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. [had been defecating four and five times daily It was suggested that I try ZELL H-3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Zell H-3, my absorption was back to normal.

BURSITIS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using GH-3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis in my back, shoulder and arms. The pain in my back was so severe at times would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me I’d live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using GH-3, June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis. Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently GH-3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING!

In summary, thanks to GH-3 and Vitacel GH-3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of Vitacel as a sleep aid, effectively sleep better. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Asian and her discovery Vitacel 3 GH3.


5905 68th Ave East
Puyallup, Washington 98371

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