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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Ms is a disease affecting the nervous system, that typicaly manifests itself in people between the ages of 15 and 40. The disease was first discovered by french Dr. Jean Martim Charoot in 1868. Thus far no cure has been found.

What are the signs and symptoms of Multiple Scerosis?

Signs and symptoms of MS vary greatly from person to person, and include extreme fatigue, balance and coordination problems, visual disturbances, muscular weakness, numbness and tingling sensations.

According to the Multiple sclerosis Society of Canada, Canadians have among the highest rates of MS in the world, and women are twice as likely to develop the disease than men.

Multiple Sclerosis Signs AND Symptom


My early onset signs of Multiple Sclerosis symptom occurred in 1980. I was assisting with a music program for the Boy Scout chapter of which my son belonged. I bent my head down to adjust the record player, and a sharp tingle was felt from my waist to my toes. This was alarming and certainly not normal. I made an appointment with a doctor and Multiple Scerosis tests were ordered. The worst one being a milligram. If you ever had one you know how bad they can be. The neurologist informed me that he couldnít provide treatment for the MS until my condition got worse. I went through six doctors before I found one that finally diagnosed Multiple sclerosis disease. He tested my reflexes with an instrument and reviewed my milligram and spinal tap reports. He then again confirmed the diagnosis as Multiple Scerosis. What a relief I felt to at least know I had MS. The drug Prednisone medication treatment was prescribed. I was told to eat lots of bananas for the potassium as nutrition to potentially ease my early onset signs and symptoms of Multiple Scerosis. Although they are nutritious and tasty, I soon tired of them.

One of the MS medications I was on which caused me adverse drug side effects, was Prednisone, the main side effect being bloating. I bloated so much that my clothes didnít fit. I started wearing maternity clothes. It was at this time that I discontinued taking the prednisone treatment. It has been two years since I have seen my neurologist. A visit was $45.00. For what, to chat? They say there is no cure for Multiple sclerosis. A friend, who was aware of my discomforts and symptoms associated with my MS disease, asked if I had heard of a natural alternative nutrition supplement called Vitacel GH7. She saw positive letters and stories written by others, who had experienced Multiple Scerosis, and had done research on alternative natural medicines for MS treatment. Although it didnít cure their disease, the Vitacel supplements helped them find relief for many MS symptoms.

I have been using Vitacel nutrition supplements for two months and have been experiencing some very good health benefits with my MS. My eyes no longer tire. Having 4 children requires much reading in order to help them with their homework. Before using Vitacel, I could only help them for 20 minutes without tiring. Now I can read for an unlimited time. My walk has improved. A relative who hadnít seen me since I started taking Vitacel 7, commented on how well I was walking. I have a great abundance of energy that was put to good use when we recently moved. I breeze through chores that would tire anyone. Hot weather would take its toll on me. Like most that have Multiple sclerosis, I would escape the heat by staying indoors. I spent many hours weeding in my garden when it was recently up in the high nineties. My disposition has improved because I am free of stress and depression.

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April 10, 1984

As I bear this testimony, it is my prayer that it will reach and touch the heads and minds of those people whom God will direct to the benefits of Dr. Koch's Vitacel GH3 as a help in controlling their afflictions. In March, 1967,I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis - MS.

My Multiple sclerosis signs and symptoms were; stumbling (attaxic gait), dragging my feet, (more on the left side than the right), double vision, speech difficulties (phrases came out turned around), dropping objects involun≠tarily, complete mental and physical exhaustion, depression, lack of bowel and bladder control and spasms.

I literally had to hang onto walls, furniture and/or people to get around in my home. I was unable to do my own housework, which made me even more depressed. I had always been extremely active and took joy in caring for my family and home.

In 1965, I was hospitalized 8 times in a four-month period for the Multiple sclerosis and was also diagnosed as having ITP (Idio-pathic Tromboscenic Purpura Peticia) a rare blood disorder. The symptoms of this ITP problem were; complete exhaustion, hemorrhaging of the tiny capillaries and blood vessels under the skin and inter≠nally. As an example, if a child would sit on my lap, there would be an imprint of his body where the pressure from his weight would cause me to hemorrhage. It was very frightening, but with care and medication, plus much rest, the problem was brought under control. I very seldom have any peticia at all now. Until I started on GH3, I would average 3 to 4 slight attacks per year, but I havenít had any since 1982, when I was first introduced to Gerovital.

Other of my health problems, since my teens, were anemia, hypoglycemia, and thyroid deficiency for which I had been on medication since age 19. About 3 years ago, I developed high blood pressure and was put on medication for it also. As I alluded to previously, in 1981, in the month of July, I went to Las Vegas to a health clinic and was introduced to GH3, or should I say KH-3, which is a procaine-hydrochloride product produced in Nevada after the pattern of Dr. Ana Aslan's Gerovital H3 GH3 formula. The clinic I attended was adding GH3 to my intravenous drip and jokingly proclaimed they were giving me a ďyouth serum.Ē I always want to know what is going into my body and asked to see my doctor He told me about the controversy and history of GH3 and that there was a possibility that it might help my body to regenerate new cell growth. There were no promises, but I thought the concept made sense, so I asked him if I might have a prescription for when I went home so that I could really test it. He agreed and gave me a prescription to be filled at the clinic in Nevada. I used the KH3 for about six months, in tablet form, but didnít see much improvement. I contacted the clinic and they said I could try the injections, if I could give myself intra muscular shots. I could and did! After a couple of weeks, I was out of bed a lot more and was able to walk more steadily I noticed a definite marked improvement. There was, however, one problem. The prescribed dosage was 5 ccís every other day for two weeks and off one week. Each time I went off, I would begin to exacerbate within a day or two and would be back down again. Not always right in bed, but too weak to do anything productive. I did not give up, but continued on with the injections until June 1983, hoping to give this new substance a fair trial (approximately 18 months).. At that time, I met and talked with Dr. Robert Koch, a biochemist who was doing extensive research into the effectiveness of GH3. In questioning him, I found there was no danger in my staying on the injections or GH3 therapy permanently. The wheels began to turn and I began to pray and soon came up with the idea that a combination of both injections and GH3 tablets taken on alternate days might help. After continuing on the GH3 injections through June and July, I then added the Vitacel GH3 tablets on alternate days through November 1983. By then, I was doing so well, improving slowly, but consistently, that I began to wean myself off of the GH3 injections. I began to maintain on two Vitacel GH-3 tablets twice a day beginning about the middle of December and continued that program until April 1, 1984. Then I alternated 4 GH3 tablets one day and 2 tablets the next. I do not take the prescribed rest period. I am convinced the GH3 is a substance that my body needs to help me to stay well and overcome my MS!!

As many Mutiple sclerosis patients will attest, severe stress, heat and viruses will trigger an exacerbating, or worsening of the Multiple sclerosis disease and this last 9 months have been the first time in 18 years that has NOT been the case with me and my Multiple sclerosis symptoms. Vitacel GH3 is a great MS treatment!

I learned through studying, how important good nutrition is for MS, in conjunction with GH3. In order for any of us to benefit from GH3, we must supply our bodies with the proper nutritition with which the DEAF and PABA can do the job they are meant to do. I believe the nutrition combination works more effectively than when I donít eat properly. The most important factor is exercise. This is the most difficult for Multiple sclerosis victims, but even if it means rolling your eyes, moving your toes and fingers and whatever else you can move, do it!

I had my yearly physical the first of April and for the first time since I was a teenager, all of my blood profile report was normal! I am now 49, I am no longer anemic, no more thyroid problem, my blood pressure is a high normal (I quit taking the medication for high blood pressure and thyroid last September, 1983). I now have reflexes in my legs and feet, although there is only a slight reflex in my left ankle, at least it is coming. The right side isnít completely normal, perhaps it never will be, but I believe I will continue to get stronger as I continue the taking the GH3 tablets and nutrition program I have set out for myself. I was one of the small percentage of Multiple sclerosis patients, who never had a complete remission. It is so great to be able to teach dancing again, ride a bike, ride horse-back and swim. Most of all . . . I do my own housework and cooking. I hop in and out of a tub without help, turn over in bed by myself, and only since I have been using GH3.

Doctors often told me I should be using a wheel chair or at least a walker. Even as late as one year ago last March but I was afraid if I did, Iíd never get out of it. I began to try to read my body and experimented (under a doctorís care) with vitamins, diets, massage, and under the doctorís prescription, prednizone and ACTH (both of which exacerbated me considerably). Last, but not least, now after 17 years since I had been diagnosed with MS, I AM IN REMISSION! And I love it!

I wish I could come right out and tell you that the Multiple sclerosis remission is due to Vitacel GH3 vitamin therapy, even though I believe GH3 was the cure and remedy for ME, I canít stress how important it is for you to read your bodies sinds and signals. Use good nutrition and exercise, and as my doctor said at my last physical, ďIt canít hurt you and as it seems to be helping you, keep it up.Ē Meaning of course, the Vitacel GH3 vitamin therapy. It is such an awesome responsibility for anyone to say. Try Vitacel supplement vitamins as an alternative for your Multiple Sclerosis treatment. It may be just the answer for you !ď But I say it gladly and joyfully! lt just could be, you know!

Here's to your good health and wishing the very best for you!

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The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional. Nor is any of the information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

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