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Dec18th, 2013

Toto is our 19 year old Maltipoo, she has been on Vital Pet vitamins most of her life. The vet is amazed how strong her heart still is. She still comes with us on challenging hikes in the mountains and has the energy of a 5 year old.

Kayla is our 10 year old border collie. She has been given a daily dose of Vitalpet Plus her whole life. Never have we needed to take her to the vet for any health reason. She has unlimited enegy and loves life!

Bentley is our adopted 10 year old American Bulldog and Rottie mix. When we adopted him he had a pronounced limp in his rear legs. We immediately started on mega pet and over 4 months the limp has disappeared and he has complete mobility.

These Vital pet health products work best over time. We have seen progressive improvement everytime we have given them over the years.

Paul Vancouver BC Canada

Sept 18th,2013

After trying procera and other things on my 13 year old Rottweiler with no success. We have come to use the VitalPet megapet with great mobility increase and results.

Thank you! N Christian

June 4th 2013

Hello...we are testing your product on a few geriatric dog we've rescued, and so far the results have been very good. They vary in size (small Poodle to Great Dane - and some in-between). I was wondering if you can, or do, make available a bulk powder (200g-300g) for easier dosing and cost savings.

Chris Conrad
Palm Bay, Florida

Sent Thursday, March 28th 2013 10.13 AM

13 year old Poodle with brain lesion...

Hello, after reading your customer reviews I went ahead and placed an order for the Vitalpet vitamins. Our Poodle has been diagnosed with a brain lesion which had affected most of its mobility. Our dog could hardly get up to do its business. After only 30 days we have seen a great improvement, he is able to get up and move around. We just placed another order and feel that this Vital pet vitamin will help progressively improve our dogs health over time.

We had him on prednisone but felt uncomfortable with potention side effects.

Thank you,

Jacksonville FL

Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 2:27 PM

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

By the way, I LOVE the pet vitamins. I have an 8 year old dog that has arthritis and could barely get up but after about 3 months of daily vitamins you would never know he had a problem. I had been given pain pills for the dog for his arthritis but never used them because the vitamins work so well. I have a total of three dogs and each one of them get a daily vitamin…just to keep them healthy.

Thanks again,

Charlene French
Weed Ca

On 06/11/2012 9:10 AM, Becky wrote:
We have been using the Megapet for a full year now. Prior to starting our 11 year old German Shepheard on the Mega pet vitamins, our Vet had recommended putting our dog down due to very bad hip problems. Now he is running around like a 5 year old, very happy and symptom free. We experienced a gradual improvement in the dogs mobility over time.

Thank you,
Goddard KS

On 9/30/2012 10:41 AM, Valeria J. wrote:

> Ok thanks. My daughter in law and I purchase this product all the time. It really works!

Thank you. I think it's best that I call next time to make my order. My pet and my older son's pet are so much better when taking it. Some things are hard to believe, but this product really works.

Thank you,
Florida USA

Thank you for your VitalPet Mega product. We have a German Shepherd that had really bad hips and was not able to get and walk. The Megapet has allowed him to recover and he is now going for his regular walks.

G. Burham

Sept. 18th, 2012

We have a 16 year old German Shepherd with typical hip problems that is doing very well on the VitalPet mega vitamins.

Thank you!
Woodside NY

June 1st, 2012

Hi, Paul. It has been 2 months since we started our beloved 12 1/2 year old Shih tzu on the Vitapet tabs. He was diagnosed with a herniated disc. It was heartbreaking to see him almost imobilized and I couldn't see keeping him on an endless stream of pain meds which made him lethargic so I tried your product thinking I had nothing left to lose. What a difference we have seen in his mobility and overall energy levels. He is back to jumping onto the couch and running up the steps - simple functions that I thought we would never see again. I have my snuggle bear back and I can't say enough good things about this product. We are usually the skeptics but in this case we can't deny what we are witnessing - like a reverse of the aging process.

This product is everything it claims to be. Thanks for being here for us.

V ping

Date: October 16, 2011

I have an older dog with mobility problems who has improved considerably over time on the Vital Pet vitamins.

Also...I have a good friend who suffered a stroke and has been taking the Vitacel GH7 PLus. People cannot believe how fast she is recovering. Her blood sugar levels, which were abnormally high, have come down to normal levels.

I am spreading the word to let people know that these VitalPet and Vitacel supplements are for real.

Sincerely, Robert
Adrian GA

From: Savanna Kwieran
Date: 11/3/2010 4:23:02 PM
Subject: Our Testimony


Your Vital Pet supplement product has been such a miracle to our family… I can’t tell you how grateful I am that it has given us as much time as possible with our beloved friend Poppa. I also want to thank you for being so compassionate and warm on the phone, and for your excellent customer service. I wrote an email about your product to a friend of mine whose pet was suffering like ours, and then thought that maybe I should send it to you as a testimony for your website. Please feel free to use it at your discretion, and know that you have a lifelong customer with us.

Thanks from our heart,

Savanna and Craig

From: Judy Sheehan
Date: 2/9/2012 2:09:19 PM
Subject: Mega Pet

Hi there,

We put our 11 year old German Shepherd on this product and after looking like an old lady she is now looking amazing....Thankyou. So glad I found your very informative web site....Judy.... Australia.

From:Debra D Date: 01/31/2012 10:06 AM To: 'CHM Customer Service' We just finished our first 30 day supply of your Mega Pet Vitamins. The cyst on our mix breed dog’s body has virtually disappeared, and our senior dog can again go up and down the stairs. These VitalPet vitamins work! I just place another ordered for 2 more bottles of the MegaPet.

Thank You!
Wood Bridge Virginia

From: Kingfisher Expresss Freight Date: 9/19/2011 4:09:04 PM To: 'CHM Customer Service'

To Whom It May Concern,

This is my second order of VitalPet Mega x 6 + 1 Free Bottle – 210 capsules – EG069170225us I received the first order with no problems.

I need to keep ordering this product, it is fantastic.


Cherylyn Nielsen

Date: October 17, 2011

We have been giving the Mega VitalPet supplements to our 9 year old German shepheard with really bad hips and arthritis. It took approximately 4 months but his mobility is back and we are walking him regularly with no problems. Thank you for your amazing pet products!

Wichita KS

Date: 8/12/2011 3:35:24 PM
Subject: Testimonial

pet dog cat antiaging supplements HI,

Didn't see where to write a testimonial on your website, so I am regular emailing. This is Christy...

I have an eleven year old rough collie champion girl, Dazzle, her picture was on two calendars years ago. Normally she is the life of the party, very sweet and very playful, just plain fun to be around. For the last few months of last year she was very lethargic and cranky, just not the same dog. She also start getting a grayish tint to her coat that had turned almost black and getting those little 'old dog' cysts all over her body. l took her into my vet and she was diagnosed with cystic ovaries that almost burst. If they had, she would have died. I took her in for an emergency spay at 50 lbs and brought her home the next day at 45 lbs. At that point I started giving her Vitacel 8 and 9, alternating one each day. I, my vet, and everyone else was amazed at where she has come from that point. She lost almost all of her hair (I could see her skin) from trauma she had gone through. Then she started growing her hair in like a puppy coat, it was lighter and much thicker. She started getting much more energy and now wants to play at least once a day, like a puppy, running full speed at times. The 'old dog' cysts seemed to have gone away, and according to the vet she has almost no arthritis! Her eyesight also looks very good for an older dog, no cataracts. It is like these vitamins have taken years off her life! She looks and acts more like five years old rather than eleven. Dog show people are telling me to put her in the ring again, that she could compete. I am recommending these Vitamins to everyone I come in contact with. I would urge everyone to have their dogs on them!

Date: 6/16/2011 3:28:06 PM

To: CHM Customer Service

Subject:13 year old American Bulldog:

Thanks, your product is incredible, my 13 y.o. Performance american Bulldog, is now about 5y.o......he was already doing great, but this took him over the top!!!! ....Thanks!!!!


From: snow.wolf
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2011 2:57 PM
Subject: A New Leash on Life!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! My nine year old little West Highland Terrier, Festie, has been given a new "leash on life." He was diagnosed approx. 6 mos ago with arthritis in both of his hind legs. I knew something was wrong when he no longer was playing and jumping up and down on his hind legs. Even walking on the back of them while barking at other dogs and horses on TV. You see, he watches TV with me. He is the funniest thing to watch. I watch more of his reactions to what he sees on TV than I do the TV.

Well, I can't tell you how awful it is (you have to be a dog owner to experience it) to see your dog suddenly turn lethargic, and not even wanting to play or watch TV. Not being able to jump up when you call him/her. Or even go up and down the stairs without great difficulty. When I finally took him to the Vet and discovered the arthritic situation, I was determined then, not to use prescription medication on him; but to find something that would keep him out of pain and restore his quality of life.

Through a silly little use of some search words in Ixquick, the Vital Pet name came up with your site. I knew after reading nearly all the info on the site, along with most of the articles, that your products were the way to go, not just for him, but one day possibly for me too. HOWEVER, skepticism did stand in the way from getting anything for me also.

I got the supplements, but I really can't tell you when he started getting better because it did appear to happen so fast. I know it had to be within a 3-6 month period with him taking one pill a day. All of a sudden one day (and I am sure this surprised him too) he went flying down the stairs in his old form, which is where all fours are hardly touching the stairs. He was surprised there was no pain and so was I. Even though SHOCKED is a better word as I stood there with my mouth wide open. No more pain. So, no pain pills. Just the one Vita Pet pill a day.

So, I am informing everyone I come across of your supplements including the animal hospital that he goes to and any of its customers that will listen to me. The joy I am getting out of my little man getting his life back is more words than I can share with you in this email.

So with that said, I will stop here by saying that this SKEPTIC will now try some for herself to see if the Vitacel supplements for humans will help the quality of my life. Mainly just for enough energy to continue to play for him. Because now he wants to play for a longer period of time than before. No rest breaks for this one. The barking starts early (like it used to) and can even be heard around midnight because we live in the type of country where wild animals roam, but not under his radar.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and God Bless!!

Percetta Speight-Marrs
Mt. Shasta, CA

“Last winter, Craig and I were adopted by a stray and shy, very old, very emaciated Lab/Great Dane mix who weighed in at only 81 lb., and fell in love with him instantly. He was filthy dirty, his toenails were completely overgrown, he had lumps all over his body and he was having a lot of trouble walking around. Upon giving him a good scrub-down and taking him to the vet the next day, we got a mix of news from the examination. The vet told us his eyes and ears were healthy, albeit just normal aging from age. His lungs and heart sounded great, and there were no parasites in his body. However, we also discovered that he was at least 10 years old, his teeth were in very bad shape, he has deteriorative hip dysplasia and arthritis, and that she detected cancer in his abdomen just by feeling around on his stomach. She said there was no way to know if it was attached to vital organs or free floating without X-Rays. After discussing a multitude of different surgical options, Craig and I chose not to pursue any of the surgical treatments available. We had only had him for a few days and he was still severely under-weight. What if they opened him up and there was cancer everywhere? What then? We didn’t want to come home every day, just wondering when we would lose him, so we opted not to know the extent of the cancer. He didn’t seem to be suffering in any way from the tumors, and at his age we didn’t want to subject him to surgery. We decided that whether we had him for six months or six years, we wanted to give him a warm, safe, loving home for however long he wanted to stay with us.

We got him back to a healthy weight of about 100 lbs. and then put on just a little too much! He has always had trouble with his hips and trouble walking, but the excess weight was making him even more pained. Over the late summer, he started to struggle more and more with the hip dysplasia -- his legs just started giving out every once in a while, and he was falling down when trying to climb the stairs. You could even see the muscles in his hips just deteriorating before your eyes, and he started whimpering upon rising or standing, and then just became very lethargic and lifeless.

One morning, he just wouldn’t or couldn’t stand up at all. We could not even get him to stand when giving him support in holding him up. It broke my heart and I almost wouldn’t leave for work that day because I was so scared something would happen to him. I called the vet and they suggested buffered aspirin at 5 mg/lb. of weight and heat therapy as an immediate solution until we could do something about it.

Over the course of the day, I was researching for anything because I was desperate about it – I just kept praying, saying, “Lord, I’m just not ready to lose him yet – just at least give me enough time with him to make peace with everything.” Then, in the afternoon, I ran across this Vital Pet vitamins and Cell Health Makeover website by accident and I now truly believe God led me straight here. I just felt led that it was the right decision for our family, because I didn’t just want to drug up my dog with prescriptions and I loved that it is a natural and safe remedy. Instead of ordering it online, I called (in a panicked frenzy) because I wanted to spend any amount of money necessary to get it over-nighted to me. When I called, the owner of the company Paul actually answered the phone. He was so compassionate while sharing his testimony about what it did for his dog and convinced me I was doing the right thing, and was just a blessing to my terrorized heart. He told me that I should see results with the hip dysplasia in about a week, but that the cell regeneration needs a few months to take effect.

On Day 4 of giving it to Poppa, we started noticed what seemed like incredulous results. He was walking around with ease and seemed brighter overall. I thought for a second it might be psychosomatic, that I was just seeing things because I wanted so badly to believe it was working. However, it seemed to be really making a difference and there were tangible results in his mobility and attitude. The next day I noticed that his rough, wiry coat had suddenly turned soft and plush like a rabbit and the excessive dander he had was completely gone.

Three weeks later, I have a brand new dog with a brand new leash on life. He used to sleep all day, and only move when we coerced him to come eat or go outside. Now, he is active and wanting to play, and he is interacting with his human and pet family all the time. He is running and galloping around, clearing the stairs with ease, and even getting excited to go on walks. His eyes are bright and clear and alert. He is more affectionate and playful, even licking us like crazy which he had never once done before. He used to suffer from a persistent gag reflex and hiccups, and all of those digestive issues seemed to have disappeared. Even though his appetite seems more healthy than ever before, he looks thinner and trimmed down and his body weight is magically under-control. He’s breathing easier, and he doesn’t snore or wheeze through the night like anymore. What’s really amazing to us is that the cancerous tumors that are visible on his underbelly already seem to be receding, even though Paul said it should take a few months for the reversal to take place. Even the fatty lipoma tumors under his skin are shrinking before our eyes. Most of all, he is just a really happy dog again, and I know that I have much more time with my old man than I could’ve ever hoped for.

You can read testimonials on a website and doubt the truthfulness of them sometimes, but somehow I knew that all of the people sharing their stories on your site were coming from the truth of their hearts. Now, this testimony is coming from a simple family with an obsessive passion about their animals, who found a miracle for their best friend Poppa. I really believe in the product – I believe in the results and the safety of it for my dog. My veterinarian completely approved of the product when I called for her endorsement, and my vet is an industry leader in cutting-edge treatments for animals and stays very current on the latest technologies in pet health.

From the bottom of my heart, our family is so grateful that you have shared this product with the world, and with us so we can enjoy our friend as long as possible. We are telling everyone we know about Vita-Pet and will continue to sing your praises throughout our lifetime.

Thanks again and God bless,
Savanna and Craig Kwieran
Dallas, TX

102 Decker Court, Suite 200
Las Colinas, Texas 75062

Awesome! By the way, my dog's tumor is SHRINKING! I was recommended this Vital Pet product from Sherry whom I work with. She swore by it and she was right! We're splitting this order and really excited for our older dogs' quality of life to be restored!


Rob and Teressa O. June 3 2010

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much. Like I said, I have used yourVital Pet product for years. First, for my german shepherd, and now for all three of my dogs. One had a weird benign tumor behind her eye and is only 2 years old. We just took her off the prednisone and I'm hoping by using the petplus that it won't come back. I will get your return bottles in the mail tomorrow.


Thank you......for your very prompt service. My Vital Pet arrived today! So very quickly and I certainly appreciate the speed with which you sent out the products for my dog. We both thank you and wish you the very best in these uncertain times and look forward to a continued relationship with you.

You are a blessing.

Babette Cade and
Navy the cattle dog


MY SHIHTZU'S TUMOR IS GONE!!! COMPLETELY. After 10 days on VITAL PET. I could see the tumor under her eye changing. It was turning dark. After 20 was dead and dropped off. Unbelievable!! No surgery.

She has several more tumors that all look a bit different but they are not getting any larger.

Situation: My Shihtzu is 12 1/2 years old. March of 2009 she had to have 6 teeth extracted. She had infection spreading thru her body. Prior to surgery, I noticed the tumors. The Vet put her on antibiotics for 5 days prior to surgery. When I took her in on the 6th day, for surgery, we checked the tumors and one large one on her hip had almost disappeared. After surgery she was on antibiotics for 5 more days.

The 2 tumors on her hip reduced in size but still remain visible. The 1 tumor next to her eye lid was causing a problem when she scratched. Broke it open and it was bleeding. The Vet wanted to perform surgery before it got any larger to avoid deformation. I decided, to put off surgery as a last resort, and after some research, to try VITAL PET.

It was Clear: 1) all the tumors are benign 2) her immune system was compromised by infection and in combination with her age the tumors developed.

It was also Clear: That the antibiotics were clearing up some of the tumors therefore substantiating the immune system therory.

I'm one not to look a gift horse in the mouth! Whatever the priority blend is in, VITAL PET, it worked.

I will continue to give VITAL PET to my sweet Airee everyday for the rest of her life!!! It definitely is providing immune system support. Something our aged animals need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

By the way, I called in my first and second orders and talked with Paul. A very kind man!!! Also, my Veterinarian is very impressed and asked for the literature on this product.

Connie Bailey
Olympia, WA.

November 13, 2009 - Cat Fur Hair loss problem...

I just wish to add my testimonial on my Bengal cat. She started losing her fur a couple of years ago and the Dr.s including "specialists" could NOT figure out what was the cause of her problem. We tried special food, diets, allergy testing, and they placed her on harsh drugs including steroids and did nothing for her! I finally gave up and researched the internet and came across and ordered the Vital Pet and started her on it, and within 2 weeks there was fur growth!!! It took about 3 months for her to completely get all her fur back and now she looks like a cat again. Her coat is really healthy and shiny, and so far no other problems. THANK YOU for a remarkable product. I will continue to order from you for years to come, and I just ordered Vitacel products for myself.


Livermore, CA

What a difference!!!

Our 12 year dog was going downhill fast, we we thought we would try the VitalPet Plus due to all the positive feedback.

WOW! The vet even cannot believe it. He recently did some blood work and was commenting on how he has the liver of a 2 year old and is remarkably energetic.

Thank you so much for this miracle product!

D Jakobowski - Westfiel Mass.

Black Lab Dog

February 10th, 2009

We have an 11 year old Black Lab who has been struggling with arthritis in his knees. He has been taking the Vital Pet PLUS supplements now for 3 months and we cannot beleive the improvement in his mobility. We just place another order for 4 bottles.

Thank you!
New Mexico

From: Amy Smith
Date: 1/24/2009 6:08:35 PM
Subject: Wonderful product

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am to have found your product for my dog Teddy. My dog Teddy (peek-a-poo) just turned 13 yrs. last Dec. 2008. He has suffered with colitis and disk issues. I have spent thousands of money on herbs acupuncture, emergency visits, blood work, warm water therapy to help him. About three years ago Teddy had a close to death experience due to his colitis, but I was not ready to say good-bye that easy. Last year I learned how to change Teddy's diet, found out that dogs that have colitis need a grain free diet and do well on meats that are wild game animal.

Teddy has been on vital pet for about a month and he has improved so much, goes up and down the stairs easily, loves long walks, wants to play and chew his bones so much more than he used to. I bought your product to fix Teddy's large lumps he has on different parts of his body. I didn't want to take Teddy to the vet to fix his lumps at his older age. I have found a miracle pill to help Teddy to live a long enjoyable life which I would have never ever imaged. Thanks for giving me hope back. I am so excited to let others know what miracle pill is making Teddy do so much better.

I have already introduced your product to my mom and she has bought for both her and her dog. I will be next to order your product for myself.

Thanks again Amy

From: Hernandez, Emma I.
Date: 12/31/2008 1:12:22 PM
To: CHM Customer Service
Subject: RE: Shipped... #4} 1 x GH3, 4 x VitalPet (Brooklyn, NY}

Dear CHM,

I recently ordered the VitalPet vitamin Capsules and I was so amazed on how fast it worked on my Labrador dog named Beauty. She had a problem walking and kept hoping on her left leg. I knew she had a problem with her right hip and ordered your capsules to give it a try and it worked. She is her happy self again and running all around the house and now she looks forward to her daily walks. Whereas before all she did was sit around her bed and just laid all day long. We felt so bad for her being that she is part of our family we tried to ease her pain by giving her massages on her right hip and she loved it for a while. But now she is doing great and we don’t have to keep massaging her. Thanks so much for carrying such a wonderful and helpful product for any dog out there in need of easing any pain they encounter. I will be ordering a few more bottles for her to continue to keep her happy and active.

Thanks again for caring for the pets.

Emma Butler

Sept 6th, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:

Our Gold Retriever dog lived to be 16 years and 6 months; that's the equivalent about 115 years.

During his last four years we maintained his health by feeding him Vital Pet Plus immune boosting pills daily; in his last two years we fed him two pills per day.

When he finally began to loose strength we took him to the veterinarian and was told, two weeks before passing away, that his organs were in great shape.

I am convinced that Vital Pet Plus support regime was an essential reason behind his extraordinary health and length of life.

When we decide to have another pet I will put him on Vital Pet Plus after he's 4-5 years old, or earlier.

It works!



Kurt Kristensen - M. Ed.
22520 SW Fairoaks Ct.
Sherwood, OR 97140-9720

Aug 26th 2008

We have a Cocker Spaniel that had numerous sebaceous cyst on her body. I ordered VitalPet last June and it is now August 26th and they have all healed and disapeared. I was sceptical but this pet health product really worked for us.

Mary E.
Spokane WA

From: Lu Ann
Date: 10/13/2008 5:51:30 PM
Subject: Mac's Is Wonderful

Mac's is a beautiful little Pomeranian Dog with a big personality. He was having at least thirty bad seizures a day. He was on medicine that our Vet had prescribed for him, it was doing nothing for him. Since Mac has been on VitalPet Daily Vitamins his seizures are gone. From the very first day that we gave him VitaPet... It was like a Miracle no more seizures.

Thank You So Much and GOD BLESS YOU,
This is everything you said it was and more.
Bill and LuAnn


Our 90 pound Black Labrador dog, named Hallee was getting old, almost 10. She was slowing down, not much energy at all. Her eyes were getting cloudy… cataracts perhaps, her coat was dull, she was shedding clumps of hair year round, and while massaging her she seemed really itchy. Then on July 30, 2007 - Hallee was really going down hill. She would just lie in the middle of the floor, her breathing was shallow and she had no energy. I had to coax her to go outside with me, which was totally out of her character, as she went everywhere with me. I even had to force her to go out to the bathroom. She was favoring her left front leg. She had been a little lame on it from time to time but never got to the point where she held it up. After taking a closer look I could see she had a little growth half way up, on the back side of her leg, about the size of a "Smartie". It was seeping/bleeding and I just assumed she had bumped it on something. So I made an appointment to take her to her vet.

On July 31, 2007 Dr. Sarah took her vital signs and said they seemed normal. She took a sample of the little growth on Hallee's leg and looked at it under her microscope. She said that the really bad cells she was worried about were not there but there were some abnormal cells that she was concerned about and took another sample and sent it off to the Pathologist at the University in Saskatoon. The tests came back the next day and they reported they couldn't tell for sure if there was anything to be alarmed about and the only way they could tell for sure was to surgically remove the growth and send the tissue to them for further testing.

My friend Tamara had been telling me about Vitacel so I had decided, rather than surgery I would start Hallee on Vitacel 7 Gold. Tamara had had great results with Vitacel and she spoke to her sister Teri who insisted in bringing me a bottle of Vitacel that night (at 11:00 pm), to get Hallee started on it right away. Teri had experienced amazing results with her dog and was adamant that I give it to mine, so I gave Hallee some that night and have continued to give it to her since then.

In the first week Hallee's cyst started to shrink and dry up. She had more energy, and just seemed to be feeling better.

About two weeks after that Hallee’s energy level was continuing to increase, her eyes were brighter and she didn’t seem as itchy. She appeared to be losing weight, so I weighed her and she had lost 2.2 pounds. Hallee’s coat was getting soft and shiny, and she was hardly shedding at all. In just a short time she was acting like a puppy again.

On September 28, 2007, I weighed her again and she was down another 6.8 pounds for a total of 9.04 pounds.

On January 2, 2008, I took her in for a check up again with Dr. Sarah and Hallee had lost another 12.35 pounds for a total of 21.39 pounds since July. She now weighed 68.5 pounds.

Dr. Sarah had not seen Hallee since July and was astounded at how well she was doing. She was truly amazed at the weight she’d lost and said that her energy level was like that of a puppy. She noticed her coat was soft and shiny and commented that her limp was gone, and we could barely find where the cyst on her leg had been. She checked Hallee’s eyes and said the cataracts were declining and also commented that that never happens. She was very interested to know what I had done. So I took her a bottle of Vitacel 7 Gold and a printout off the internet.

Needless to say I had ordered a years supply of the Vitacel 7 Gold and will be ordering again soon as my husband was so impressed with how Hallee is doing that he has started to take Vitacel that will be our next success story...I'm sure.

Thanks to Tamara and Teri for introducing us to Vitacel, to Dr. Sarah overseeing Hallee’s health, and Thanks so much to CHM for a wonderful product that gives us back a healthy dog.

June Roy
Swift Current Sask Canada

From: Marty&Vicki
Date: 23/11/2007 6:10:22 AM
Subject: Rottweiler pet vitamins

Good morning ---hope all is well in your world---I have at my house A FRISKY FEMALE ROTTI!!! My old girl is once again Frisky---It is kind of strange to watch her because she hasn't had this much get up and go in a couple of years---

THANK--YOU---can we buy more Vital Pet Mega vitamins for her-----thank again!

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