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Pagets Disease treatment For Symptoms

Bone disease – after using Vitacel 7 natural vitamin therapy.


Mr. Hakanson introduced Vitacel 7 to Brother Bernard, who has Pagets Disease of the bones - Osteitis Deformans, a rarefying osteitis leading to bowing of the long bones and deformation of the flat bones. Brother Bernard’s height has been reduced by approximately six inches since the onset of this Pagets disease and resulting symptoms.

(follow­ing is a letter from Father Bernard to Carlton)

Dear Canton:

I want to write this to you and you may use it however you wish. Thanks to you, I have been using Vitacel 7 supplements as an alternative natural treatment therapy for six months. As you know, I was not able to walk without crutches due to the Pagets Disease symptoms. Now I can walk without crutches and I feel very good.

There is no known cure for . Pagets DiseaseFor four years I have had to use crutches. Of course I have been having hands layed on with prayer, but I believe that God uses normal man to work his cures. I believe both the Vitacel 7 and the prayers have done this healing for my Pagets Disease.

Thanks again,

Brother Bernard Best, O.S.B.
Holy Cross Abbey
P0. Box 1510
Canon City, CO

PS: Brother Bernard as of March 1993 has gained back 4 inches of height!

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