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“I have used Vital Pet vitamins supplements products in my veterinary practice and I have seen excellent positive health results and benefits in pets with a variety of diseases with this alternative pet Vitamin medicine. VitalPet Vitamins are especially supportive of geriatric pets…and a noticeable increase in their activity level. Vital Pet nutritional vitamin is very effective in controlling degenerative spinal disc disease and Arthritis in dogs and very supportive of dogs and cats with immune suppression related diseases. I routinely use Vital Pet vitamin health supplements when treating functional hepatitis in pets. As you know, pets do not respond to the placebo effect; nor do they respond to positive mental attitude.

Shrinking Tumor Dog

Awesome! By the way, my dog's tumor is SHRINKING! I was recommended this product from Sherry whom I work with. She swore by it and she was right! We're splitting this order and really excited for our older dogs' quality of life to be restored!


Rob and Teressa O. June 3 2010

November 13, 2009

I just wish to add my testimonial on my Bengal cat. She started losing her fur a couple of years ago and the Dr.s including "specialists" could NOT figure out what was the cause of her problem. We tried special food, diets, allergy testing, and they placed her on harsh drugs including steroids and did nothing for her! I finally gave up and researched the internet and came across and ordered the Vital Pet and started her on it, and within 2 weeks there was fur growth!!! It took about 3 months for her to completely get all her fur back and now she looks like a cat again. Her coat is really healthy and shiny, and so far no other problems. THANK YOU for a remarkable product. I will continue to order from you for years to come, and I just ordered Vitacel products for myself.


Livermore, CA

Black Lab Dog Arthritis

February 10th, 2009

We have an 11 year old Black Lab who has been struggling with arthritis in his knees. He has been taking the Vital Pet PLUS supplements now for 3 months and we cannot beleive the improvement in his mobility. We just place another order for 4 bottles.

Thank you!
New Mexico

From: Amy Smith
Date: 1/24/2009 6:08:35 PM
Subject: Wonderful product

Peek-A-Poo Spinal Disk and Colitis Issues

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how grateful I am to have found your product for my dog Teddy. My dog Teddy (peek-a-poo) just turned 13 yrs. last Dec. 2008. He has suffered with colitis and disk issues. I have spent thousands of money on herbs acupuncture, emergency visits, blood work, warm water therapy to help him. About three years ago Teddy had a close to death experience due to his colitis, but I was not ready to say good-bye that easy. Last year I learned how to change Teddy's diet, found out that dogs that have colitis need a grain free diet and do well on meats that are wild game animal.

Teddy has been on vital pet for about a month and he has improved so much, goes up and down the stairs easily, loves long walks, wants to play and chew his bones so much more than he used to. I bought your product to fix Teddy's large lumps he has on different parts of his body. I didn't want to take Teddy to the vet to fix his lumps at his older age. I have found a miracle pill to help Teddy to live a long enjoyable life which I would have never ever imaged. Thanks for giving me hope back. I am so excited to let others know what miracle pill is making Teddy do so much better.

I have already introduced your product to my mom and she has bought for both her and her dog. I will be next to order your product for myself.

Thanks again Amy

From: Hernandez, Emma I.
Date: 12/31/2008 1:12:22 PM
To: CHM Customer Service
Subject: RE: Shipped... #4} 1 x GH3, 4 x VitalPet (Brooklyn, NY}

Lab Hip Problem

Dear CHM,

I recently ordered the Vitacel GH3 – 60 Capsules and I was so amazed on how fast it worked on my Labrador dog named Beauty. She had a problem walking and kept hoping on her left leg. I knew she had a problem with her right hip and ordered your capsules to give it a try and it worked. She is her happy self again and running all around the house and now she looks forward to her daily walks. Whereas before all she did was sit around her bed and just laid all day long. We felt so bad for her being that she is part of our family we tried to ease her pain by giving her massages on her right hip and she loved it for a while. But now she is doing great and we don’t have to keep massaging her. Thanks so much for carrying such a wonderful and helpful product for any dog out there in need of easing any pain they encounter. I will be ordering a few more bottles for her to continue to keep her happy and active.

Thanks again for caring for the pets.

Emma Butler

Mastiff Compressed Herniated Disk Issue


I just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I have a 7yr old Mastiff and he has had Compressed Herniated Disc Dog health issue in his back for a couple of years. Before I started him on Vital Pet Mega formula, he had a hard time getting up, standing and he would be stiff. But since I have had him on Mega Pet he gets up easier, stands longer and is less stiff. One time I ran out before my order came and I notice a big difference on how hard it was for him to get around. Once he was back on Mega Pet he improved. I will always keep him on it and I highly recommend it, in fact I tell everyone I know including my Vet on how wonderful your product is.

Cindy (CF)

Herniated Disk - Maltese

Hello Paul,

I have a 10yr old male Maltese name Mickey which was diagnosis with some sort of hernia disc problem. I had tried two session of Acupuncture and found it very costly. I decided to find an alternative method and came across the Vital Pet health site. At first I was skeptical when I made my first order but I really had nothing to lose but $80 or so. Three months after, Mickey is much more active that I've seen him. Even my sister notice it. I just made another order of Vital Pet MEGA . Thank you Paul. Thank you,

Frisky Rottweiler 9 year Success Stories

From: Marty&Vicki
Date: 23/11/2007 6:10:22 AM
Subject: Rottweiler pet vitamins

Good morning ---hope all is well in your world---I have at my house A FRISKY FEMALE ROTTI!!! My old girl is once again Frisky---It is kind of strange to watch her because she hasn't had this much get up and go in a couple of is amazing!

THANK--YOU--- we will buy more Vital Pet Mega vitamins for her ...the VitalPet really does wonders!-----thanks again for giving my old girl her life back----

I look forward to hearing from you---Vicki



Our 90 pound Black Labrador dog, named Hallee was getting old, almost 10. She was slowing down, not much energy at all. Her eyes were getting cloudy…cataracts perhaps, her coat was dull, she was shedding clumps of hair year round, and while massaging her she seemed really itchy. Then on July 30, 2007 - Hallee was really going down hill. She would just lie in the middle of the floor, her breathing was shallow and she had no energy. I had to coax her to go outside with me, which was totally out of her character, as she went everywhere with me. I even had to force her to go out to the bathroom. She was favoring her left front leg. She had been a little lame on it from time to time but never got to the point where she held it up. After taking a closer look I could see she had a little growth half way up, on the back side of her leg, about the size of a "Smartie". It was seeping/bleeding and I just assumed she had bumped it on something. So I made an appointment to take her to her vet.

On July 31, 2007 Dr. Sarah took her vital signs and said they seemed normal. She took a sample of the little growth on Hallee's leg and looked at it under her microscope. She said that the really bad cells she was worried about were not there but there were some abnormal cells that she was concerned about and took another sample and sent it off to the Pathologist at the University in Saskatoon. The tests came back the next day and they reported they couldn't tell for sure if there was anything to be alarmed about and the only way they could tell for sure was to surgically remove the growth and send the tissue to them for further testing.

My friend Tamara had been telling me about Vitacel so I had decided, rather than surgery I would start Hallee on Vitacel 7 Gold. Tamara had had great results with Vitacel and she spoke to her sister Teri who insisted in bringing me a bottle of Vitacel that night (at 11:00 pm), to get Hallee started on it right away. Teri had experienced amazing results with her dog and was adamant that I give it to mine, so I gave Hallee some that night and have continued to give it to her since then.

In the first week Hallee's cyst started to shrink and dry up. She had more energy, and just seemed to be feeling better.

About two weeks after that Hallee’s energy level was continuing to increase, her eyes were brighter and she didn’t seem as itchy. She appeared to be losing weight, so I weighed her and she had lost 2.2 pounds. Hallee’s coat was getting soft and shiny, and she was hardly shedding at all. In just a short time she was acting like a puppy again.

On September 28, 2007, I weighed her again and she was down another 6.8 pounds for a total of 9.04 pounds.

On January 2, 2008, I took her in for a check up again with Dr. Sarah and Hallee had lost another 12.35 pounds for a total of 21.39 pounds since July. She now weighed 68.5 pounds.

Dr. Sarah had not seen Hallee since July and was astounded at how well she was doing. She was truly amazed at the weight she’d lost and said that her energy level was like that of a puppy. She noticed her coat was soft and shiny and commented that her limp was gone, and we could barely find where the cyst on her leg had been. She checked Hallee’s eyes and said the cataracts were declining and also commented that that never happens. She was very interested to know what I had done. So I took her a bottle of Vitacel 7 Gold and a printout off the internet.

Needless to say I had ordered a years supply of the Vital Pet Liquid Gold vitamins and will be ordering again soon as my husband was so impressed with how Hallee is doing that he has started to take Vitacel that will be our next success story...I'm sure.

Thanks to Tamara and Teri for introducing us to Vitacel, to Dr. Sarah overseeing Hallee’s health, and Thanks so much to CHM for a wonderful product that gives us back a healthy dog.

June Roy
Swift Current Sask Canada


From: Teri Harris
Date: 07/15/05 15:29:41
Subject: RE:Vital Pet Health care

Dear CHM

I am Elated! Ecstatic! and need to give you the following update of the impact your act of kindness has brought to my family.

Exactly a week after my dog Jessie passed away, June 12th, we found a 3 inch mass hidden underneath our 13 year old dog Sam’s tail. We took him to the vet the next day, Monday morning - pet diagnosis – cancerous tumor.

The vet diagnosis was either perianal adenoma or adenocarinoma. She would be unable to confirm unless a biopsy was performed. After initial tests to ensure the cancer hadn’t spread throughout his body and his lungs/heart/organs were strong enough to endure the anesthetic, we scheduled surgery for the earliest available time, 2 weeks later, Monday June 27th.

Greg & I decided against the biopsy being performed. We had no need to know if it was malignant. If it was, we did not want to come home to our dog, watching/wondering “when” death would arrive. It was hard enough watching our Jessie girl. We just didn’t have the emotional strength to go through it again – especially so soon. We decided to make our Sam “comfortable” and enjoy the rest of his time with us – however long that would be.

Remembering a Vital Pet health products solution testimonY about a 17 year old dog that had a tumor in its neck whilped helped dog tumor “disappear”, we decided “what could it hurt” and it might help and be the solution. Upon arriving home, sitting on our kitchen counter was the bottle of Vitacel Liquid gold pet vitamins you graciously sent us from your personal supply. We started giving Vital Pet health products to Sam twice a day - in the morning and when we got home from work. By the end of the week, I thought I was noticing a change in the tumor. Skeptical, my husband thought it was my wishful thinking. However skeptical, my husband faithfully kept giving Sam the “medicine” until his surgery on June 27th.

Sam’s surgery went really well. As a matter of fact, when the surgery was complete, the vet called me to tell me how well the pet health care went. There ended up being a total of 4 tumors (the other 3 couldn’t be seen due the large one). All of them where completely encapsulated (which is very good). Then she commented it was “the strangest thing”, the large tumor was dying in the middle!!!!! Sam did so well we were able to bring him home that day (vet had originally expected a couple of days stay). A week later, we took Sam back to the vet for a follow up visit. She was more than pleased at how well he was healing! It’s almost been three weeks and Sam has healed beautifully (almost can’t tell he had surgery!) Greg keeps commenting on how much younger Sam is looking - clearer eyes, shiny coat and a bounce in his step because of the Vital Pet health products solution!

Again, I send you a heartfelt Thank you!

Kindest regards,
Teri Harris

-------Original Message-------

Date: 3/9/2007 11:00:26 PM

Subject: Feline Hyperthyroidism

Hi Paul,

The last time I spoke to you to place an order for the liquid Vital Pet health Products, I told you about my experience with my cat and promised to email you about my experience with your amazing pet health care product solution.

My 14 y.o. cat, Harley, had all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism - extreme weight loss, increased appetite, irritability, greasy unkempt coat. He was skeletal, looking terrible and pretty miserable. I didn't want to put him on medication that would be toxic and have unpleasant side effects, creating more problems for him, so I was considering euthanasia.

I had been taking Vitacel with some pretty good results and after reading more info on your website, I decided to try him on the Vital pet health solution to see if it might help with his diagnosis. After a month, there were some very dramatic changes. He gained all the weight back that he'd lost, and was much happier and calmer. His coat improved as well. The changes continued after that. In fact, he now looks better than ever. He'd always been overweight, but now he's a trim normal weight. He's shedding less than he ever did and his coat is clean and soft. He'd always had dandruff, and that's gone as well. I also noticed that his ears are completely clean - a complete change from the waxy ears he's always had, but something I hadn't thought was a problem.

My, now 14 1/2 year old, cat now looks years younger, is much happier, and looks like he'll probably be around for another 10 years. All I can say, is thank you so much for your incredible VitalPet health product. The changes I've seen in Harley are a miracle, and I can't stress enough how extreme the transformation that I've seen in him has been while on the Vitalpet. He went from near death, to looking like a 5 yr old cat! I'm going to keep him on this pet health product for the rest of his life, and I've even started by 2 dogs on it.


Ilene Hirsch
Pittsburg, CA

Sebaceous Cyst

From: Nicole Padovani
Date: 04/26/06 14:10:48
Subject: Katie's sebaceous cyst

Wednesday April26, 2006

Hi Paul, I just wanted you to know my amazing news. My Shih Tzu Katie has a sebaceous cyst on her head, right under her topknot. It showed up the size of a jellybean 6 months ago. Last week it was the size of a nickle, and I went online researching a cure. I was reluctant to go the "Surgical removal" route, only because I didn't want to put my dog through it.Not to mention the shaving of her head, pain, and the cost! But, knowing that sometimes the littlest things could turn into BIG problems later, I was determined to find another way. SO, I found your website, and read the testimonials, and decided it was worth a shot. I ordered the Vital Pet health products, and the Vitalize cream. I gave her the tablets, for two days (so far) and used the cream 3 times a day for two days, and to my suprise, the cyst has already softened!!!!!! :) I WOULD NEVER BELIEVE IT, BUT IT HAPPENED TO ME!!!! I am very confident that it will dissappear completely, and for sure I will let you know!

Thank You Again, Nikki

PS- Feel free to use my email on your website if anyone has their doubts!!!!!!!I have only used your product for a few days, but this speaks for itself!!

German Shepherd Severe Arthritis Healing
Boyfriends Gout and High Blood Pressure Normalised

Date: 10/18/05 11:01:27
To: Paul Johnson - Product Questions
Subject: RE: Testimonials

Hi Paul,

Finally I have time to send you my testimonial in regards to my dog. I have a 10 year old German Shepherd. He has always been in good health except he is getting older and was having alot of problems to get up after he was lying down for a while. He was limping, you can hear his joints crack.I used to go on long walks with him and he was aways way ahead of me but at this time he could barely catch up to me walking slowly. I took him to the vet and they gave me muscle relaxants which left him lifeless and dreary. They told me it was his front legs that were giving him trouble. They wanted me to spend $ 500.00 on an X-Ray just to rule one thing out. At this point I realized that he would never become better and that I would just have to accept the fact that he was getting old. The only thing I wanted was to make sure that he wasn't in any pain. The vitamins and pills the vet suggested to me would cost me at least a couple of thousand a year. I decided to do my own research on the internet and see what I could find.

I happened on the Cell Health Makeover page and couldn't believe the stories I was reading. I had nothing to lose and ordered a 3 month supply right away. As soon as I received the pills I gave him one in the morning before he ate...I did this everyday and after 5 days he was no longer limping anymore and that sparkle in his eyes returned. His coat was softer and his shedding almost totally stopped. After 2 weeks Vital Pet health supplement use I had a different dog. We take long walks again together...him being always ahead now and he plays with the ball like he did when he was 5. I wasn't able to throw a ball and have him fetch it in about 3 years, now everyday when I come home from work I play at least an hour with him and the ball and another hour going for a walk. And he still has energy to play more. It is truly a miracle. I thought my last resort would be to put him down . I dreaded thinking of this but I did not want him to suffer, this would have killed me also having to do that. People who saw my dog before and after just can't believe the difference in just one week.

My boyfriend and I decided that we should take this also. My boyfriend had high blood pressure and gout, arthritis and was not feeling very good, since taking these pills his gout doesn't bother him and his blood pressure is steady. He feels great and continues to see the effects daily. I do not suffer from any medical conditions and do not take any medication what so ever. I am taking GH7 to prevent any medical conditions from happening to me.I feel great, I eat good and sleep very well at night. WE have had no side effects what so ever from these pills. I can understand the physological effect in a human that consumes medication and kows it is medication and therfore feels better all in all (placebo ) but my dog doesn't know the difference between a pill that will help him or a cookie and he has improved 100%. We have recommeneded these pill to our friends and family in hopes that everyone will benefit from the same rewards that this pill has given us !

Thank You,

Montreal, Quebec

HEALING STORY for dogs Tumor - Skin - Shiny Coat

From: Hoffman, Virginia
Date: 07/05/05 17:45:17
Subject: RE: Vital Pet

I started a dog on this Vital Pet health product supplement at the end of May of this year. She is a 4 yr. old that had not cycled (come in heat) for over a year after having puppies. She had hair loss problems and, in March of this year, a tumor began rapidly growing on one of her lower eyelids. By the end of May this tumor, which was pink in color, was covering a large portion of the lower eyelid and starting to bulge up over her eye.

I found the Vital Pet information on the Internet along with a number of posts by people who had dogs with various growths or problems who had benefited from taking this supplement. The vet did not want to operate unless tests showed the tumor malignant because of the size. A needle biopsy indicated the tumor was not malignant and no treatment was prescribed. But the tumor continued to grow. About a week after the vet visit, I received a supply of Vital Pet and started this girl on it. Several days later I noticed the first signs of the tumor starting to loose some of its puffiness and begin to shrink. Today, there is barely any sign left of the growth and as it went away, the naturally dark pigment of her skin has returned.

I don't know if this was the natural coarse for a growth of this kind or the Vitalpet did indeed have a great impact but her skin and coat are improved and this past weekend, 15 months after the onset of her last heat, she has finally come back in heat and as she is a valuable brood bitch, I am very happy.

Virginia Hoffman
11400 Hillside Dr
Anchorage, AK 99507

Happy Chance Acres Boston Terriers

Malimute - RAMSEY'S HEALING STORY for dogs Neck Growth and Arthritis

I should have written this three years ago while Ramsey was alive. This is his testimony. Ramsey was our beloved dog. He was a wonderful old Malamute and weighted 85 pounds. He lived to be 17 and was in good shape until the end. Three years ago, I noticed a swelling in his throat, his whole neck was swollen. I rushed him to the veterinarian and upon examination he told me Ramsey had a large growth that was blocking the air passage and surgery was necessary to remove it. I did not consent to the operation as I felt Ramsey was too old and I did not want to subject him to any unneces­sary discomfort. Plus, he might not survive the operation. Ramsey and I went home and I decided to do the best I could to make him comfortable.

My mother and I had been using Vitacel for some time. Other than arthritis in my hands, we were both healthy. However, we wanted the added protection that this vitaminic compound could give us. A lady I knew had a dog that had developed a tumor and the doctors told her it required surgery. She gave the dog Vital Pet health products every day and in a week it was gone. So, I gave Ramsey VitalPet. The swelling went down and the vet was surprised. After examining him, he told me he never saw or heard of anything like that before.

Ramsey was in a great deal of pain from arthritis also at the time. He had trouble getting up, and when he did, he cried. He was starting to slow down. After giving Ramsey VitalPet, the arthritis was arrested immediately. He seemed to continue a much fuller life, taking long walks through the park up until a week before he died. He still had his hearing and he could spot a rabbit a block away The veterinarian said he acted like a dog half his age. He took his pill disguised in a piece of liver sausage every day In March, he stopped eating. His system just started to shut down in a normal way I knew his time was limited now. The last day of his life he stared at the light and died peacefully at 4:00 a.m. A wonderful end at home for a noble animal. No tubes, operations or doctors, thanks to Vital Pet health products.

Seventeen years for such a big dog is remarkable, almost unheard of. I really don’t believe the quality of his life would have been what it was without Vital Pet supplements. Oh, by the way he was missing only two teeth in his whole mouth, the back ones.

3454 W. 64th Place
Chicago, IL 60629


January 1st, 2004

This is Chico’s Vital Pet healing story…

Chico is an 11 year old German Shepherd pet dog, he showed early signs and symptoms of Hip Dysplasia about 4 years ago. Approximately 2 years ago he was diagnosed b the Veterinarian as having a very severe case of canine hip dysplasia - Grade 3 and degenerative dog arthritis. He has been a very active and healthy companion since we brought him home ten years ago. Chico loved to play ball and run through cross country trails with his brother Sneakers. A year and a half ago, he really started favoring his rear legs and the hip dysplagia symptoms progressed so badly, that he had to be lifted just to get up the stairs on the porch.

Due to the extreme pain , Chico was no longer able to go for walks with us or catch and chase tennis balls, which is his favorite activity. You could see the musculature around his hind hips deteriorating and shrinking. It was really so sad to see him wither away and only able to lie around, unable to explore the acreage that we live on. Chico’s ears drooped and you could see the pain in his eyes due to the progressive hip dysplasia side effects.

We were told by the Veterinarian that there was no cure, and that he would need reconstructive surgery. We wanted to avoid the hip dysplasia surgery at all cost and proceeded and tried everything touted as a natural alternative pet medicine for hip dysplasia and canine arthrititis. We started supplementing his food for six months with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Ester C and dog safe supplement remedies. These hip dysplasia and canine arthritis treatments did provide temporary relief, but he would have severe arthritic setbacks after trying to walk again and sometimes hobble to get the tennis ball. He would take a day or so to recover from short walks. We were at our wits end in what to do next as our beloved dog was dying before our eyes.

We considered having him put down, as the arthritis pain for him became unbearable as he whimpered loudly each time he moved, he was no longer able to move.

Over the years my wife had exposure with Vitacel GH7 dietary nutriments. We had witnessed miraculous health improved results with the Vitacel nutriments for people in the past and read reports of other pet owners that had excellent pet health recoveries with this alternative Vital Pet medicine, in a variety of dog and cat diseases and conditions including hip dysplasia and canine arthritis. We also read the Veterinary medicine research affidavits for the effectiveness of Vital Pet for a number of degenerative pet dog and cat diseases.

We started Chico with one Large Breed Vital Pet MEGA, one capsule a day in the morning mixed in with some moist Dog Food wraped in whole wheat bread.

After just a few days of taking the Vital Pet Plus, Chico began to move around again and was able to get up on his own. We noticed a renewed vitality in his eyes and his arthritis pain seemed to subside. Chico's hip dysplasia progressively improved day by day.

Chico has taken a Vital Pet capsule daily ever since, it is miraculous what has happened to our once dying and arthritic German Sheperd who had been so debilitated by his hip dysplagia symptoms. He now runs and chases his tennis balls without the arthritis or painful dysplasia and long recoveries. He looks at least 5 years younger and lost all the grey that was creeping in around the head and his fur became brilliantly shiny. He is truly a new dog. His eyes are sharp again and focused. Chico’s ears are again upright and alert. We have our wonderful dog back. We continue to give him one Vital Pet health products capsule everyday to maintain his fitness and renewed strength and energy. The amazing thing about this remarkable recovery from hip dysplasia was that there can be no placebo effect in animals because Chico’s recovery was directly attributed to his daily intake of Vital Pet health vitamin supplements. Dr Koch's Vital Pet formula was the natural cure for Chico's hip displasia and dog arthritis, there is absolutely no question!

By the way, my wife also had ordered a supply of GH7 to take herself as she was struggling with excruciating arthritis pain from a herniated disc in her back, which was impeding her life and her career as a writer and Artist. After just three weeks of taking the GH7 dietary supplements the back pain disappeared and has not returned since. This GH7 changed her life and mobility 100%. She is now able to sit and create her art and writings for long periods without the stiffness which previously developed. It is our experience that GH7 supplements and Vital pet dietary supplements work miracles! The saving of our dog Chico’s life, and the renewed vigor in my wife’s herniatic disc and arthritis in her back are a healing testament, there can be absolutely no question about it!

P. D. Johnson
Vancouver B.C. Canada
Jan. 01, 2004

PS: Our German Shepheard Chico continues to improve progressively, and is showing no signs or symptoms of hip dysplasia or dog arthritis. Vital Pet Mega formula supplements saved and improved Chico's quality of life!

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Poon, my 5 year old Chinese Shar Pei (the wrinkled puppy) has suffered from skin lesions, eruptions and allergies all of his life. His medical bills in one year were $2,000. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune system problem. He had weekly shots, daily pills and ointment plus weekly baths. Last month, after reading about another pet using Vital Pet, I started Poon on Vitalpet, morning and night. Within a week, his scratching was subsiding. Within two weeks, his skin lesions were drying up and by the end of the month, his coat was filling in. He is on his rest week now and starting to itch again, so I am counting the days until he is back again on our “miracle pill”.



Since taking Vital Pet health products, people that haven’t seen me for some time comment on how much younger I look. That is good to hear hut it is better to enjoy good health and when you are feeling better, you look better.

An unexpected thing happened. My dog is a Mim-Pin and he developed a tumor on his eyelid. I had him examined by the Vet and used his medication for one week and nothing happened. The Vet scheduled an operation but before that occurred, I read about a Doberman with a tumor on her lip. The owner used Vital Pet herself and decided to give it to her dog. The results were excellent. In a few days the tumor shrank in size and some days later it was gone. I tried the same with my dog and in one and half weeks the tumor was gone. I took my dog back to the Vet and he sure was surprised to see that the tumor was gone. Now we are both looking and feeling good and will continue to do so as we are going to take Vital Pet from now on.

Elmer R. Coombs


Bear, my beloved dog companion, is twelve years old. About five years ago I started to notice changes in his walk and abilities to jump. He went with me everywhere a dog is permitted to go. As his disability progressed, I found it necessary to lift Bear up and take him down when getting in and out of my can I watched and waited hoping that he would get better As time went on, Bear’s condition became worse and I decided to take him to the veterinarian. He diagnisis for Bear was acute arthritis of the left hip. A shot of cortisone was injected and I sadly felt that this was going to be a way of life for my dog. Knowing of the side effects of this drug, I decided to look for something with less or no side effects.

My mother had been taking Vitacel 7 for the last eight years, prior to that GH3. Since I saw tremendous improvement in my mother’s health, I decided to give Bear some Vital Pet products. Within two weeks I noticed gradual changes. Within one month he had regained his ability to walk and stand unassisted. At last Bear was his old self again, only too happy to jump in the ear when told to do so. By the way, Bear is not only feeling better but looking better also. He has a healthy, glossy coat of fir and one would never guess that he is going on thirteen years old. Bear is a small dog and now that he has regained his health, I switched him to Vital Pet health products, which is half the dose of Dr koch's Vitacel 7.


Poncho was my dear late brother’s dog. Poncho and Thom were inseparable. Poncho was devoted to my brother Thom, and in return, received the best of care and love. However, Thom had another love, flying planes. About a week before his final ride he asked my mother if she would take care of Poncho if something happened to him. Thom never made it hack. Poncho must have sensed Thom wasn’t ever going to return and it made him sad. He still misses Thom but Bear, my dog, is his best companion. When they are together Poncho appears to be grieving less. Like humans, he has learned to cope.

By the way, Poncho is eleven years old and has had epileptic seizures since he was a year old. Since my mother and I are the care givers we decided to give Poncho Vital Pet health products. He hasn’t had a seizure since starting on this nutriment. Do you love your dog or cat? Don’t wait for health problems. Start your pet on Vital Pet vitamins to keep them feeling and looking well.

Beth Heck


We have a cute little Peekapoo dog that is a member of our family Her name is Pooh Bear and she is seven years old. Pooh got cataracts on her eyes at the age of two and has been blind ever since, however, she gets around the house remarkably well.

Late July she got very sick and we carried her to the vet. He kept her for a couple of days, x-rayed her, fed her intravenously and then we brought her home and she did well until the middle of September. Then she got very sick again and we took her back to the vet. He did more blood tests on her and various other things and again we brought her home. Then about four days later, she was very sick and running a temperature of 106 degrees. We took her back and the diagnosis was that he needed to do exploratory surgery. He had already used words like colitis, thickening of intestinal walls, en­larged heart and liver etc. We were leaving on a business trip to Ohio and Michigan and we decided not to have the surgery but that we would just take her with us and make her a bed in the back seat and make her as comfortable as possible and if she died, well we did the best we could. All these trips to the vet had already cost $366.

Before we left on Tuesday we decided to give Pooh Vital Pet. We started giving her one in the morning and one at night. Two days later, her temperature broke and now she is jumping around here and playing like a puppy. Also, with her cataracts, her eyes were gathering matter in the corners every day and one eye was especially red around the outside. Now that is all gone.

It is our conviction that Dr. Koch's Vital Pet formula was the total answer. She will get Vital Pet vitamins the rest of her life.

Julia Walker
P0. Box 1163
Dickinson, Tx 77539


It’s not possible to reach all of you quickly with the story of the miracle God has brought to me. Most of you know I was very ill. Only faith and the loving care of my family and our church friends kept me together Many grateful heartfelt thanks to al of you. The sharing of God’s love means a lot to the suffering; more than is possible for the one hurting to know.

I was tested and found to have toxicity and mineral imbalances due to toxic levels of copper, cadmium, and mercury in my tissues; hormonal imbalance, protein deficiency (due to improper ab­sorption by my cells), many food intolerances, allergies (hay fever), candida yeast infection, and depres­sion. My symptoms from all of these ills were: severe tiredness, periodic dizziness, ringing in my ears, frequent headaches, forgetfulness, burning sensations running along certain nerve pathways, some in­voluntary twitching of muscles, joint aches, stiffness of fingers, stomach and colon gas, weight loss, and insomnia. Is that enough? I dreaded the Fall weed pollen and field harvest wishing for the first freeze to kill off the pollen and mold spores. Yet I dreaded the cold weather because I could not keep warm. All of this showed in my countenance, and no amount of makeup could hide it. What happened to get me on the road to recovery is some story!

A friend knew, who was praying for me, that I had finally given up hope. She and another friend prayed with me that I would again receive a renewed hope. I did immediately sense that renewed hope even though I still was weak and still hurt. Restored hope is a must! Very shortly after this, my husband Dan was in the right place at the right time where he was working in Chicago. A client came in with a pet which had been very ill. This older dog had experienced a full recovery and was now in superb health. The client was an older lady, and she too had a lot of vitality. Dan questioned her as to what she had done for her dog. She had given the dog her own vitaminic nutrient compound known as Vital Pet health products. The client had herself been taking this compound for some time, and her own story concern­ing illness and recovery was itself impressive. Some Vitacel 7 was obtained, and I started taking it as directed. Over several months time my symptoms have improved, some are completely gone, and others are getting better each month. My vitality is back, and I am thrilled!

Our own dog, who is thirteen years of age, was sleeping most of the time, she had difficulty going up and down our stairs, and she was losing weight. Dan started her on Vital Pet health vitamin products. After a few weeks her energy level was up, and she began to go up and down the stairs with more ease. She has now regained much of the weight she had lost, and she does not sleep unusually long now either.

After seeing our dog’s response, Dan began to try Vital Pet health products vitamin supplements on various patient’s in his veterinary practice to see if it would help. Some of the conditions which have shown a positive response include arthritis, degenerative disc disease, Wobblers Syndrome, chronic skin infections, chronic hepatitis, feline leukemia, and bone infection.

Vitalpet is not a snake oil. It is not even a cure for what ails you. What it does do is improve the permeability of cell membranes so that they can again receive nutrients within the cells. If a cell can receive the nutrients that it needs to function, it seems to be able to correct whatever is wrong. Results are not instantaneous; healing takes time. Neither is Vital Pet health products a replacement for good nutrition. However, it will certainly facilitate the absorption and utilization of those nutrients.

I want to encourage all my friends and all people who have any loss of vitality be it big or small to team more about Vitacel 7 and Vital Pet formulas. God has used it in my life to restore me to good health and vitality.


Susan King
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My name is Mattie. Jam a 13 year old Rottweiler I have been bothered with hip displagia since I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old.

My left hip is very arthritic and my foot has started turning in. In cold weather I can hardly move and it was impossible for me to get up stairs. My owner had taken me to a veterinarian who recommended that I be put to sleep. That news really upset my master and she refused to do what the veterinarian suggested.

In March of this year a friend told my owner about Vital Pet health products. I have been taking 2 tablets twice daily After the first week and a half of taking the pills my owner noticed my energy level has increased and I was moving better.

I have now been on Vital Pet health products for about 2 months and my owner loves the results that I am getting. I bounce around the yard like a year old pup and I can even climb stairs without assistance.

My two roommates are both Great Danes. The oldest is Shadow who is about 2 1/2 years old and her daughter is Sassy who is 16 weeks old. After our owner saw the good results that I have experienced she put both of the Danes on Vital Pet vitamin supplements.

Shadow has experienced recurrent uterine infections that developed with her first heat cycle. She was unable to gain weight and looked malnourished. Since shadow has been on the Vital Pet health products she has gained roughly 15 pounds and her coat has a beautiful shine to it. She was rechecked for her uterine infection and it is gone.

Sassy was put on Vital Pet health products as a precaution measure and when she visited the vet last week he told our owner that she has the tightest hip he’s ever seen.

Everyone in my backyard looks and feels 100% better. All we want to do is play and our owner has a hard time keeping up our pace as we go on our daily walks through the neighborhood. Thanks Vital pet.

Mattie, Shadow and Sassy

Vital Pet

After reading about what others were saying regarding Vital Pet and their dogs and cats, I decided to give my sick dog VitalPet in hopes that it would help and be the solution to keep Brandy alive and free from pain.

I found and excellent all natural dog food and coupled with Vital Pet health products. I truly believe it saved her life.

Jim McKenna


When we talk about Maggie our nine year old beloved six-toed Cat, we add with sadness her struggle with being feline leukemia positive. This was apparent approximately two years ago. After taking ill we received her re-vaccination for feline leukemia. The actual diagnosis came in March one year ago, when she showed blood in her stool and very small bleeding. This in turn showed severe bladder infection with blood and crystals in the urine. We had Maggie with an on and off bladder infection since that time. Maggie has been on Vital Pet health products tablets for all this time, only to be stopped while on antibiotics.

Animals can have stress symptoms. Not only in acute illness, but in their daily life. Stress is very hard on a healthy cat, so twice as concerning with a feline leukemia condition. I firmly believe through my crisis with Maggie we were able to hold on since she had a good support system by getting the Vital Pet tablets. Without Vital Pet I am sure I would have lost her by now. Vital Pet health products didn’t cure her feline leukemia but we held on to Maggie and when she goes out to the patio and rolls herself on the concrete and sniffs the flowers we had a good day with her Or, when she wakes me up in the morning after six and rubs her head against my hand, the sun shines brighter in my heart. I truly believe in the benefits of the Vital Pet health products

Anne Henninger
3846 N. Oakley
Chicago, IL 60618


In September, I noticed my 7-6-83 DOB red Doberman favoring his left hind leg, and also showed great weakness in his hind quarters, which due to loss of strength caused him to collapse on the floor. I did not have VitalPet so I have him 3 of my Vitacel 7 and in 5 days he began using his left leg. In 4 weeks he exhibited stability and strength in his hind quarters. I do not give drugs, antibiotics or steroids to him at anytime. After I received the Vital Pet health products, I gave him 3 in 24 hours as maintenance and because of his age I will continue to do this. I also feel that I have benefited from using Vitacel 7.

Sally E. Bruegyeman, R.N.
box 236, Highway 45
Mundelein, 11 60060


My name is Tasha. My hearing and vision are perfect, but I’m unable to speak. I bark. I am a Doberman. I am proud of my appearance, and people stare at me in admiration. I have a glossy red coat, bright brown eyes and strong white teeth.

One morning last year, I awoke with what appeared to be a cold sore on my lower lip. I was given special attention, but on the third day it protruded like a cork. The three veterinarians who examined me (all being a difference locations) diagnosed this growth as a histiocytoma, which is a skin tumor. Surgical excision was recommended, and I’m sure you can appreciate how my master and I Felt about that.

When my master asked if there was any medication available for the tumor, the response was, “Tumors cannot be cured with medicine.” She then asked, if we didn’t consent to surgery and just left the tumor alone, would it regress. All three vets said it would not regress and it would get worse. My master didn’t appreciate that and decided to wait before making a decision. I was happy with that as I know surgery meant a cut and then a scar.

Knowing how effective Vitacel had been for her, my master started me on two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening. On the third day, the tumor had shrunk in half By the eighth day, it was gone.

The first veterinarian was called and asked if histiocytomas ever regress and she said, “No.” After which, my master explained what she had given me and then asked for a letter showing the original diagnosis. Several calls were made before it was sent. What she told my master at the time of the examination was a contradiction to what was in her letter. She was not going to give credit to Vital Pet, but my master and I can do that.

I now receive one Vitacel 7 tablet daily wrapped in a piece of cheese. I am, by far, the healthiest dog on the block.

TASHA - Phone:(312) 545-7020


On Thursday October 27, 1994 during my afternoon work period, I chained our three year old Cocker Spaniel to the tree in front of our organic garden, while I picked up black walnuts in front of our house. Queenie slept on the ground during the time I was working.

It was a beautiful day. A blue sky, a few clouds, a chill in the air and the ground was cold. It took me a little over two hours to pick up the black walnuts. Finished, I unchained Queenie and we went into the house. Within an hour my wife mentioned that she thought that there was something wrong with the dog. She refused to play with her ball and would not eat. Through closer observation, we noticed that she had lost the ability to keep her rear legs upright. They went from side to side.

Friday morning, I called the local animal hospital and at 11:15 am. we were at the hospital for her exam. As I held her on the table and the doctor completed the examination, he mentioned that this was not uncommon for this type of dog and talked about an operation. I thought, a three year old dog, operation, no way! She stayed Friday for observation, blood work and x-rays. 1 could pick her up Saturday morning.

When I returned Saturday morning to pick her up, the Vet met me with the x-rays. Walking toward the room where he could read the x-rays we passed his desk on which were two bottles of prescription drugs and Queenie’s work sheet. On the x-rays he pointed to gray areas between two vertebrae and one on the hip and told me this condition could be fatal.

When he finished his talk, my response was, “doctor, I do not want the cortisone or the antibiotics, and there will be no operation!” I have a friend who is a biochemist and he has formulated a “pet vitamin nutriment” that I am going to try on our dog and if it does not help, we will put her to sleep. He said, “be my guest, and was a little red in the face.

Sunday morning, I was able to get Queenie to take a Vital Pet and within six hours she was strong enough in the rear legs that we walked a large area of our seven acre estate. That evening I called Dr Robert Koch and he advised that we give her one half tablet morning and night. Queenie is now taking Vita pet morning and night.

Today Queenie is normal and twice a day, I take her for a walk in our empty horse barn. She runs through the open stalls and the area on the first floor trying to catch a sparrow.

George LeFrois
P0. Box 423
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

This is a copy of a letter sent to Millie Allan from veterinary Dr. Daniel King who analyzed some x-rays that were sent to him of her dog Tasha ( see page 7). Tasha died in 1995 of old age not of any sickness. She was thirteen years old.


Daniel King, D.V. M.
Rt. 45, Tolono, IL 61880

Millie Allan

Dear Millie,

Having reviewed Tasha’s hip and spinal radiographs, the results look excellent. Both of Tasha’s hip joints grade excellent. There are no signs of hip dysplasia, nor any degenerative changes whatso­ever. Her spinal radiographs also look excellent. The intervertebral spaces are uniform; there is no spondylosis (which is often present at this age); and there are no degenerative changes at all.

These radiographs look uncommonly good for a 12 year old dog. I understand Tasha has been taking Vital Pet health products since she was 2 years old.


Daniel King, D. V. M.


On Thursday October 27, 1994 during my afternoon work period, I chained our three year old Cocker Spaniel to the tree in front of our organic garden, while I picked up black walnuts in front of our house. Queenie slept on the ground during the time I was working.

It was a beautiful day. A blue sky, a few clouds, a chill in the air and the ground was cold. It took me a little over two hours to pick up the black walnuts. Finished, I unchained Queenie and we went into the house. Within an hour my wife mentioned that she thought that there was something wrong with the dog. She refused to play with her ball and would not eat. Through closer observation, we noticed that she had lost the ability to keep her rear legs upright. They went from side to side.

Friday morning, I called the local animal hospital and at 11:15 am. we were at the hospital for her exam. As I held her on the table and the doctor completed the examination, he mentioned that this was not uncommon for this type of dog and talked about an operation. I thought, a three year old dog, operation, no way! She stayed Friday for observation, blood work and x-rays. 1 could pick her up Saturday morning.

When I returned Saturday morning to pick her up, the Vet met me with the x-rays. Walking toward the room where he could read the x-rays we passed his desk on which were two bottles of prescription drugs and Queenie’s work sheet. On the x-rays he pointed to gray areas between two vertebrae and one on the hip and told me this condition could be fatal.

When he finished his talk, my response was, “doctor, I do not want the cortisone or the antibiotics, and there will be no operation!” I have a friend who is a biochemist and he has formulated a “vitamin nutriment” that Tam going to try on our dog and if it does not work, we will put her to sleep. He said, “be my guest, and was a little red in the face.

Sunday morning, I was able to get Queenie to take a Vital Pet and within six hours she was strong enough in the rear legs that we walked a large area of our seven acre estate.

That evening I called Dr Robert Koch and he advised that we give her one half tablet morning and night. Queenie is now taking Vital Pet health product morning and night.

Today Queenie is normal and twice a day, I take her for a walk in our empty horse barn. She runs through the open stalls and the area on the first floor trying to catch a sparrow.

George LeFrois
P0. Box 423
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472

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