FOR PETS
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The Vitacel Formula is, bar none, immensely powerful in making over cell life extension and in strengthening the immune system.

Pet Size

Horses and Larger animals
100 lbs and over
30-100 lbs
0-30 lbs

1 to 2 capsules daily (Vital Pet Mega - 200 mg)
1 capsule or 1 to 2 tabs daily (Vital Pet Plus - 100 mg)
capsule or 1 tablet daily (Vital Pet Plus - 100 mg)
capsule or 1 tablet daily (Vital Pet - 50 mg)

NOTE: Pets and animals need only 1 dosage a day due to an enzyme which allows them to absorb the nutrients more slowly throughout the day.

Studies have shown it is impossible to overdose on Vital Pet products.


Once a day, on an empty stomach, capsules or tablets can be administered by disguising it in their favorite treat.

For finicky eaters, the powdered Vital Pet Mega capsules (200mg) can be sprinkled into their favorite treat with appropriate dosage according to their weight.

For birds, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, chickens etc., the powdered capsules can also be sprinkled over their seeds and grains