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Stress reduction - Management and Relief

Mental stress Testimonial – after using Vitacel natural supplement therapy.


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I was introduced to Vitacel GH3 in May of 1982, when I bought some for my wife, who was suffering from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, in hopes that it would help as nothing the doctors were doing was relieving her pain and the stress from all her symptoms. After watching her health improve during that first month, I began reading every­thing I could get my hands on that was printed about GH3. I began an in-depth study of the product and discovered a 35 year history. to support it. It was then that I decided to take it as a preventative, not even giving any consideration to the personal mental and physical health problems I had.

The first thing I noticed was an increase in energy and a reduction of stress in my profession as an owner/operator of an independent insurance adjusting firm. I also slept better, and I required less sleep.

About six weeks after starting on the tablet, I discovered that the weeping and flaking psoriasis I’d been afflicted with for many years was gone. My hair texture was thicker and a sheen had devel­oped to it.

After about six months on the product, I ran into a friend, whom I hadn’t seen in over two years and who asked me what I was using for my skin because there was a shine or patina to it and I looked so much younger I was unaware of that improvement because it had been so subtle.

I’ve always had calluses on both of my great toes and have shaved or peeled them periodically all of my life. I finally noticed that I no longer had those calluses after about eight weeks on the product.

Hemorrhoids were an affliction that I had learned to live with since I was a young man. I treated them with Anusol suppositories containing cortisone to help reduce the swelling, bleeding and itching. Since taking GH-3, and now with the advanced GH7. I no longer use the suppositories and I no longer bleed or suffer the discomfort with the hemorrhoids. I have also experienced a marked enhancement of my libido since taking GH7. Another remarkable occurrence is what has happened to my vision. I had worn glasses since I was 20 years old and had to have bifocals for eight of those most recent years. After being on GH-3 for about six months, I went to my eye doctor for my regular two-year refraction. I was told that my vision had not changed and to continue wearing my same prescription. Two years later, I went back to the same eye doctor and was told my vision had improved and my astigmatism was gone!! This was exciting because in my wildest dreams I didn’t think that GH-3 could remove my astigmatism and improve my far-sightedness.

My wife and I have been taking GH7 for several years now, and it totally has changed our lives for the better. We are looking forward to even more improvement health-wise for us in the years to come, particularly since we have begun a faithful regimen of Dr. Koch's Vitacel 7 GH7 supplement products and, of course, the Cal-Mag, Vita-Mins and C-Dophilus. Words cannot express our appreciation for these products.

1035 - 156th Ave. N.E. #3
Bellevue, WA 98007

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I just have to let people know what a difference Vitacel 7 has made in my life. I was first introduced to Vitacel 7 about two months ago by the owner of a health food store. I was looking for some relief from arthritis and stress management, when she told me of gh7. I started taking it that day and have taken it every day since. GH7 has changed my life and saved my sanity. I had sore, hot and swollen hands, along with pain and discomfort in other parts of my body This is now about 75% gone.

For two to three years I had been experiencing terrible mental stress disorders and depression. where I cried every day At times, I did not want to go on. Within a few days after taking GH7 supplements, the depression started to lift and I have continued to improve. I have traded tears for laughter and my mental stress disorder has been reduced and eliminated making it much easier to manage.

Another problem I had given up handling was chronic constipation. For 18 years I have taken enemas in order to eliminate. Much to my surprise and amazement, I not longer have the problem. One last thing. I had a small bump on my eyelid that bothered me and I contemplated having it removed. One day, I noticed it was not there anymore.

God knows what else will happen! Thanks to Vitacel 7 from the bottom of my heart!

PO. Box 7419
Las Vegas, Nevada 89125


My daughter, Margaret, whom I love dearly, was born with Down’s Syndrome. She had a hearing impairment and a nasal drip that ran both down her throat and below her nose. Speaking wasn’t easy and swallowing was difficult for her because her tongue was larger than her mouth.

I drive a cab in the city of Chicago, and if you live here or ever have had the experience of driving in our downtown area, you must know that stress is almost part of the job description. While tied up in traffic one afternoon, my passenger commented on the abundance to stress connected with my job, and the difficulty I was having in managing the mental stress, and she asked if I had heard of Vitacel GH7. Although I practice good nutrition and believe in vitamins, I had never heard of GH7. She gave me some literature and an order form. What I read was good and I ordered. After taking the tablets for a few weeks, my stress was reduced significantly and I found a new energy level which made it easier to manage my life. My vision improved as time went on and I decided to give Margaret some of the GH7. One week later, I noticed some excellent results. She started putting words together to form sentences. There was no longer a need for me to crush and dissolve the tablets. Margaret could now swallow them. I examined her mouth and found that her tongue was getting smaller. I’m happy to report that it is now normal in size. We are so proud to see and hear her play the piano by ear. I feel she has come a long way, thanks to Vitacel 7 supplements.

Rt-2, Box 146
Moundville, Al 35474


On July 10, 1978, 6 1/2 long years ago, I became ill. It seemed to happen overnight. When I left my office on that day, I didn’t realize that I would never return or that I was just starting two of the most frightening experiences of my life.

My face was swollen, my extended fingers were so swollen that they touched the sides of each other - they looked like sausages. I ached all over Within days, my feet and ankles swelled to the point that I could hardly walk, my eye-sight diminished almost immediately, no appetite, hair falling out, rapid heartbeats (I thought I was having a heart attack), and all the mental stress symptoms associated with this disorder. Any exertion caused utter exhaustion - my days began to follow the same schedule - take a shower, take a nap; fix breakfast, take a nap; answer the phone, take a nap; visit with a friend, take a nap (sometimes while they were still visiting!).

My doctor felt that I may have a collagen disease, but tests were inconclusive. My husband took me to Mayo Clinic twice, again, tests were inconclusive. No one seemed to have any answers - at least none that they were sharing with me. I started reading medical books and case histories, but had to stop as I was showing symptoms of everything in the book.

I changed doctors on the local level, and finally (almost 18 months later) we had several diag­noses. “Lupus” - “Raynaud’s Syndrome” - “Camel Tunnelism”. - . nothing I had ever heard of-couldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. I didn’t feel any better, but at least I knew why Auto-immune disease, my body was its own enemy. The swelling was from inflammation throughout my body -don’t forget, it had an 18 month head start and to counteract the swelling, my doctor administered Cortisone. It didn’t help much and the side effects were horrendous, which just added to the stress. First side effect, which I had been warned would happen, was a rapid weight gain. Fifty two pounds in six months!! How’s that for rapid? I was still exhausted and could barely walk.

My life had been totally turned around. I went from an energetic, “on the go” individual mother of five, grandmother of one, to a near invalid. I had to retire from a job that I loved -Executive Secre­tary of the Chicago Marriott O’Hare Hotel. - AND THAT MUST HAVE BEEN THE GOOD NEWS!

Three years later, on March 28, 1982, my 18 year old daughter, Meg, was involved in an auto­mobile accident. A backseat passenger, she had a head injury and lay in a coma for two months. At that point, my stress level went through the roof. It took me at least that long to scrape myself off the ceiling. We never left her We were told that she would die. Then, when she didn’t die, we were told that she would be a vegetable. It was then that I discovered the doctors didn’t know any more about brain damage than I did. In fact, I had the advantage, I loved her! We talked to her - we helped to pattern her - we stimulated her. Our efforts paid off-she started the long slow process of coming out of the coma. We had to teach her how to eat, talk, brush her teeth, walk - it was like having a 125 lb. newborn. I don’t need to tell you – THIS WAS THE BAD NEWS!

During all this time, I was barely making it. I seemed to be on a merry-go-round that wouldn’t slow down, and I couldn’t get off’. I was trying to learn as much about Lupus and head injuries as I could. I’ve always felt that if you’re going to live with a killer, you should get to know him pretty well, it was about this time that I learned about GH3. I admit I was grasping at straws, but nothing seemed to be helping me. I went to a meeting/seminar, not expecting much. [listened and watched as a lot of people got up and gave testimonials of how Vitacel GH3 had helped them. I heard about high blood pressure, depres­sion, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, colon problems and stess reduction stories . . HARD TO BELIEVE THAT ONE SUPPLEMENT WOULD DO SOMETHING FOR SO MANY VARIED ILLNESSES. And yet, the people seemed to be sincere. I was assured that it wouldn’t hurt me and that it might help. I’m a skeptic, but felt that if Vitacel GH3 did just one quarter for me what it seemed to do for the people at the seminar, it was worth a try I borrowed some tablets, placed an order and slowly began my health turn around.

I was so busy with Meg that in the beginning I didn’t realize any difference. But, by the end of three months, I noticed I wasn’t so tired. I wasn’t taking naps each day, and felt a wonderfull reduction in my stress levels and management. Sometimes I would go for two weeks without having to take a nap. It was so gradual, I didn’t even know when it happened. I was sleeping soundly during the night after many years of restlessness. Some of my sense of humor was back, I wasn’t so depressed. Within a year my eye-sight was better. I never used glasses prior to the Lupus flare, but couldn’t read anything without them after my illness. My hair is thicker and fuller and I lost sonic the gray (a bonus!). No more elevated temperatures, no more leg cramps, no more pain in the muscles and joints. I function very well in all areas.

I very slowly weaned myself off Cortisone (an action I don’t advocate for anyone). I was off cortisone for almost a year before I discussed it with my doctor. He didn’t argue with success. The real kicker came when I realized that it had been almost a year since I had seen the doctor. I made an appointment and he went over me thoroughly - several days later he called with my test results. All tests were normal. I was elated. He was amazed!

Meg now takes the advanced GH3 formula from Dr. Koch, Vitacel 7 GH7, and it has helped her depression. She made three attempts to destroy her life prior to Vitacel 7 and has made none since. She was told that she would never walk without an aid (cane or crutches). She walks by herself They said that what she didn’t have back within a year, she would never get back. She is still progressing. She handles her own checkbook, does her own shop­ping, is starting to drive - and is alive and intelligent.

I realize that we all take our daily life for granted. We always know when we were happy, and we always know when we did feel good. It’s quite a shock when “feeling good and being happy” disappear!

I still go to meetings and I still hear people tell how much GH3 had helped their arthritis, etc. Vitacel 7 GH7 works at the cellular level and seems to get the job done. THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE WE GET - AND THIS IS THE ONLY BODY WE GET TO LIVE IT IN. DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR, GIVE IT Vitacel 7 GH7.

112 Daksi Way
Loudon, TN 37774


September 8, 1983

I’ve been taking Vitacel GH3 since April 2, 1983, and feel I’m over-due in sharing my story. I was introduced to Vitacel supplements by my brother-in-law, Mr. Sam Jenkins. At first, I was the typical doubting “Tom.” However, my health had gotten to the point I was willing to try anything I felt could truly be of help or relief for my stress symptoms due to the nervous breakdown. As a result, I tried Vitacel, following is my story:

During September, 1976, I had experienced either a severe nervous breakdown or a mild stroke. I was 37 hears of age at that time. From then until 1983, I have been on medication for high blood pressure, asthma, and allergies; and I have taken five drugs to control these problems. It seems as my doctor had stated all drugs may treat the immediate problem. However, each drug may have a side effect. Permit me to address each of the above problems individually.

HYPERTENSION - Treatment for this problem has been to take Oretic or Hydrochlorothiaz­ide, once daily After a time, it was discovered potassium was leaving my system too fast. So I began taking KIoi-vess “liquid potassium one tablet daily” Follow-up visits to the doctor revealed my blood pressure remained up and down, ranging from a high of 160/102 to a low of 130/88. Both medications were increased to twice daily, still the blood pressure was not controlled. Catapres, a heart pill, was added to slow the heart. This seemed to help for a time. However, the up and down problem reoccurred. After 5 days of taking Vitacel GH3, I quit taking the heart pill but continued with the blood pressure medication, potassium, and GH-3. My next visit to the doctor revealed my blood pressure had dropped to 130/88, then 120/70, 130/82, never above an accept­able level for my age group. Since using GH-3, my blood pressure is now under control. I’m con­vinced that in time Twill be able to discontinue the blood pressure medication and the liquid potassium having replaced them with GH-3, with is not a drug.

ALLERGIES - Like most people suffering with allergy problems, I’ve been through every known test and treatment, Treatment included various drugs, shots for 4 1/2 years, nose sprays, you name it. All medications worked until I’d build a tolerance to them and then I’d be switched to yet another drug. Due to sneezing, running/weeping eyes and “polyps” in my nose, most of the time I feel miserable and tired due to anxiety and loss of sleep. I had been taking two to four CTM tablets daily which caused extreme tension and added stress. The day I started taking Vitacel 3, I quit taking all allergy pills to see if the GH3 would help. Relying on GH3 alone, my allergies have remained under control and I sleep comfortably 6 to 8 hour every night.

SINUSES - I have had sinus problems as long as I can remember and it seems over the years, the problem grew worse. Most nights, especially during the winter months, between allergies and sinuses, I could only sleep sitting up. I would go to bed and within an hour or so, 1 would be plugged-up in my nose and chest which would cause me to wake. I was using Dristan, Sine-off, Cold-Ease, etc. to control the allergies and sinus, still, it would be necessary for me to sit up to sleep. I would sleep an hour or so, be awake two to three hours, sleep an hour, etc. This routine had gone on for so long, [was physically and mentally drained. The sinus headaches were frequent and severe. All of the drugs for this problem kept my blood pressure out of control. From the first day of using GH-3, I have not taken drugs of any kind for sinus. The headaches are gone and my sinus problem is non-existent. What a relief. Again restful, effective sleep.

STRESS/TENSION - I am employed as supervisor in the field of personnel management. I normally work 8 to 10 hours daily and occasionally 8 hours on Saturday Being mental work within itself is stressful, however, my health problems compounded this situation. Since using GH3, I’ve sensed a relaxed, calm feeling. The stress factors are still there but I am now able to deal with the situation in a calm, matter-of-fact way.

ABSORPTION - The necessity of using all the drugs had upset my ability to absorb and utilize the needed nutrients from food and vitamins I was taking in. I had been defecating four and five times daily It was suggested that I try Vitacel GH-3. After five days, the defecating decreased to twice daily and my energy level was much improved. After two weeks using Vitacel GH-3, my absorption was back to normal.

BURSITIS-FUNGUS-MOLES - After using GH3 for five months, I have noticed some secondary benefits. In January and June of each year I suffered from severe Bursitis in my back, shoulder and arms. The pain in my back was so severe at times would walk bent over and with a shuffle. I could raise my arms no higher than straight out. My doctor said Cortisone shots would help but the thought of a shot directly into the bones convinced me I’d live with the pain. Well, praise the Lord, since using GH-3, June has come and gone and no sign of Bursitis. Two years ago, I sought treatment to determine why all the toe nails on my left foot were rotting. I was told this was a fungus and I would need to take an internal medicine for at least one year to kill the fungus. The side effect of this medicine would be upset stomach. Since I was feeling so poorly, it was recommended I not try this. The problem progressed to where the toe nails on the right foot began rotting also. Two weeks ago, I noticed one toe nail on my left foot had grown back to normal, and all the toe nails on the right foot had cleared up to normal. So apparently GH-3 is solving this problem. I have noticed too the brown moles on my body seem to be drying up and are shedding. These benefits are all without drugs which cause side effects. AMAZING!

In summary, thanks to GH3 and specifically Vitacel GH3, I feel like a new me. I now am ridding myself of drugs, stress, allergies and I have my sinus problems under control. I enjoy the benefit of restful, effective sleep. THANK GOD for Dr. Ana Asian and her discovery GH-3.


5905 68th Ave East
Puyallup, Washington 98371

STRESS Symptoms Reduction

I was first introduced to Vitacel GH3 in the fall of 1982. Ron and Margie Abraham of Seattle sent us informa­tion about GH-3 and told of all the wonderful things it had done for Margie. I read the information (I thought with an open mind). “Baloney” I said, and flied the material in “File 13.” I felt that there wasn’t a product in the entire world that could do that much for that many different ailments without it being a drug. In the fall of 1983, we traveled to Seattle to visit Ron and Marcie, and I became a believer! It had been three years since our last visit, and 1 could not believe the change in Marcie! GH-3 had given Marcie a new lease on life, and I felt it was worth a try.

I wanted to see if Vitacel GH3 would do anything for my bursitis. The pain from the bursitis and the stress symptoms were so bad, it was very difficult to lift my arms in the morning to brush my hair. I feel very strongly against drugs, so I resigned myself to the fact that the pain was something that I would just have to live with. Sleeping was difficult because there wasn’t a painless position to be found. I would sometimes awaken with a terrible pain, and my right shoulder would be locked. I couldn’t move. My husband would have to grasp my wrist and jerk my arm to unlock my shoulder. If my shoulder would lock when my husband was working (he works nights), I would have to grit my teeth, slide to the edge of the bed, fall to the floor and fling my shoulder into the unlocked position.

Five days into Vitacel GH3 therapy, I enjoyed the first night of restful sleep in years! The pain was bearable! It was into the second month of taking Vitacel GH3 that the pain of the bursitis disappeared and has not returned. It’s beautiful!

I began GH3 because of my bursitis, but other wonderful things have happened too. When I was about five years old, Iran my arm through a wringer of a washing machine. The arm went through the wringer completely to my shoulder until my mother rescued me. There were no broken bones, but the muscles in my lower arm were severely damaged, leaving me with a lumpy arm. As I got older, the arm would ache when the humidity rose, and it would sometimes go numb, causing me to drop what­ever I was holding. Thank God, it was never a cup of hot coffee! There has been no numbness or ache in the arm in the past year.

For the past 19 years, I have been allergic to the sun. I had to cover all exposed skin before venturing outdoors. The allergy would cause bumps that would itch, break open and leave sears. It was really miserable. I read a GH-3 testimony where relief from allergies was experienced and I decided to test myself I ventured out into the hot Montana summer sun with a lot of skin exposed, worked in the yard all day, and nothing happened! No bumps! Later that evening, some bumps did appear, but they didn’t itch and they left no scars! Maybe in the summer of 1985 the bumps won’t even appear. I can hardly wait! The entire summer of 1984 was a repeat of my first attempt to see if GH-3 helped my allergy. It was great!

I can’t say enough about Vitacel GH3. I’ll never be without it. We figure that the cost of Vitacel GH3 is about the price of a dinner out a month. So we’ve decided that feeling great is worth the price of one less dinner out during the month.

2209 Central Avenue West
Great Fall, Montana 59404


If only I had found out about Vitacel GH-3 ten years ago! This thought is in my mind constantly Ten years ago my problems began. While working at my job, I tripped on some steel plating and hurt my back. After a year of annoying pain, I decided to have something done. After receiving six opinions, all feeling that I should have the problem surgically repaired, the operation done was a success. But a staph infection set in. After four weeks of having bottles and bottles of penicillin pumped into my veins, I was released from the hospital.

About six mouths after returning to work, my back muscles began to ache and sores started forming all over my face, shoulder and back. These sores never seemed to heal. My family’s concern and my pain sent me to a dermatologist. He performed a biopsy This revealed that [had a rare disease know as Lupus. After my wife read the literature the doctor had given me on this disease, she was horrified to discover that it can be fatal and there is no known cure.

The pressures of knowing this and the unbearable pain I was feeling began to be too much. I became suicidal. Once again, with my family’s support and concern, I began to see a psychiatrist. He prescribed a drug called Ativan and bio-feed-back. I became dependent on the drug and the pain still persisted. Six months later I returned to work again, in the same position as before.

A couple of co-workers at work informed me of a new product that had just become available about this time. With nothing to lose, I informed them that I would like to try it. To me, it was a miracle! After using the product for about a week, the sores started to dry up and flake off The pains I had been feeling were barely noticeable after a month. After two months, almost all signs of the Lupus and all of the pain in my back muscles were gone. This caused me to want to share my experi­ence and excitement of the effectiveness of Vitacel GH-3.

If any of you have had an experience such as I, please share this with me. As GH-3 has changed my whole life, I would like everyone to be aware of its amazing success.

18255 SE Addie St.
Milwaukee, OR 97267


It was not long after receiving my order that the subtle improvements in vitality were beginning to be noticed. During this past month, I have noticed a continued increase in physical energy, endurance AND STRESS REDUCTION. In general, my physical, mental health and well being has improved. This is important to me since my lifestyle has a good deal of continuing stress in it which has the tendency to leave me fatigued and run-down at times. One thing that I’ve noticed is the requirement for less food. My guess is that the Vitacel is improving the absorption of nutrients from my food intake and my body simply requires less to sustain itself.

I was initially introduced to Vitacel 7 by my daughter Edith Ann Entingh, and I ordered my first bottle of Vitacel from Mr. Lamont Parkin. I plan to continue using Vitacel products and I am currently taking two Vitacel 7's each day.

1791 Edgefield Ln
Eneinitas, CA 92024


July 31, 1990

Hi there!

My name is Carmelo Baysa. I own a ballroom dance studio in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I’ve been taking Vitacel 7 for about ten months. At that time, my friend Greg told me about Vitacel 7, but I didn’t expect to see results so soon.

You see, I love my job but when you’re in business for yourself, the anxiety can build, and there are times when the stress symptoms can be severe. I’ve had ulcers before and I knew when she called in August of 1989 that I had it again. Well within 3 months, the pain I experienced from the ulcers was gone! Thank goodness. My smile was genuine once again and not an effort to cover up my pain. Also I realized that I was not experienc­ing the intense stress that I used to have when showcase time came around as I was extra busy with ticket sales, choreographing routines for my students, planning the decorations and designing and sew­ing the beautiful gowns and outfits for them, most of which took countless hours of hand sewing for the heads, sequins and fur trims. Needless to say, when you’re not tied up in knots, life can be beautiful, the Vitacel 7 supplements have really helped with my stress management and relief. Also I have so much energy now! And my vision has improved too! My right eye was so sensitive to light that I needed to wear dark glasses all the time or my vision would be blurry. But it’s just fine now. As I started to share this with my students, I had one woman tell me that the flab under her arms disappeared. Another one almost cancelled all her dance lessons because she had undergone surgery for her varicose veins and her legs were so painful, she could hardly walk let alone dance. I told her about Vitacel 7 and she agreed to give it a try. In 2 weeks she was back in my dance studio dancing her heart out. No more pain!

Several weeks ago, I was doing an exhibition with my student Amy and somehow damaged the ligament of my right leg. I was in pain from the hip down and what made it worse, I had to dance in 2 more competitions! The pain was so bad after that that I couldn’t bend down to put on my socks and shoes or even walk on that leg. And then I thought, why not increase my Vitacel 7 from 2 to 6 a day Well, wouldn’t you know it? In about 5 days the pain just about disappeared. My arthritis in my left thigh is gone too. I have presently gone back to 2 Vitacel 7 pills a day.

We just had our second child in December and my wife is taking Vitacel 7 while breast feeding our baby who is so healthy! Currently there are 18 dance students who are seriously taking it. Would I recommend Vitacel 7 to everyone? You bet I would and I do too! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

All the very best.

1418 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


June 9, 1990

To Whom it May Concern:

I was introduced to a new product called Vitacel 7 around August 1st in 1989. After reading the literature on the GH3 product, I found out that it was not new, but certainly new to me. I read the different testimonials, read about some of the famous people that use the product and I read about the product in general. I ordered a two month supply around the middle of February 1990. If Vitacel 7 was really effective, I wanted to see what it would do for my allergies.

I need to interject something at this point. I have been a life-long hay fever victim, and I mean big time hay fever It had gotten so bad in the last few years that our family doctor has prescribed cortisone tablets to take care of the problem. I started taking Vitacel 7 on or around March 1st, and I took the tablets within the guidelines of the instructions on the outside of the bottle.

In two weeks, I noticed something that has never happened before. For as long as I can remember, I have had sore gums, and gums that bleed when I flossed or brushed vigorously. Because of the sore­ness of my guns, I avoided flossing like the plague. Around the middle of March it struck me that my gums were no longer sore and irritated! I was able to floss without any bleeding and without any pain, and I could work the floss aggressively between my teeth for a more thorough job. As impressed as I was, however, the real lest of the effectiveness of the product would be the way it would corn bat rny hay fever.

To make a long story short. The period of March 15th to May 15th (which is the height of the hay fever season) was the most allergy and stress free day of my entire life, the Vitacel supplements provided allergy and stress relief. Except for a three or four hour hay fever attack that occurred on April 26 in St. Louis and a minor attack at my home on Sunday, April 8, the misery of hay fever was virtually non-existent this year I will admit that the attack in St. Louis was a big one, and it happened as soon as we pulled into St. Louis. It went on for three or four hours and then it disappeared as mysteriously as it came.

The runny nose, the itchy, watery eyes, that stuffed-up sinus condition that accompanies an allergy attack. . . . well, I kept waiting for a hay fever attack with those above-mentioned symptoms to explode, hut it never happened, and I know why. I am convinced that my hay fever problems did not just suddenly disappear in 1990. Taking Vitacel 7 has made a big difference in my life, and I appreciate this opportunity to write this testimonial letter to let people know what it did for me. have purposely avoided spreading the word about Vitacel 7 until I was thoroughly convinced that it really works, and I would spread the word once I was sure it had worked for me.

I know Vitacel 7 has given me more energy to do more job-related and home related chores. As a school band director and professional musician, 1 am constantly on the go and I spend many hours (late hours) getting those things done which have to get done so deadlines can be met. Even though Vitacel 7 has not helped my sleep habits, Jam now able to spend the necessary time it takes to complete these deadlines. I feel the extra energy that comes from taking Vitacel 7 has given me the ability to endure more. Stress is a big problem in my job and I firmly believe that taking Vitacel has a lot to do with the alleviation of a great deal of stress.

I encourage you to read as much literature on this product as possible so you will learn more about it. I started off by taking Vitacel 7, and on May 201 switched to Vitacel 7 since it was my understanding that the Vitacel 7 gets into your system a little quicker than the Vitacel 3. I experienced a minor headache for about 2 days when I first started taking the product, and to be honest I was kind of glad. The minor headache was an indication to mc that something was happening as a result of my taking the tablets. I am also extremely impressed that something so helpful is so reasonably priced. Feel free to call or write if you have any questions.


1507 Rich Rd
West Memphis, Arkansas 72301


In 1982 I suffered frost bite in both feet. The lea foot more than the right. The end result was that I was left with varying amounts of pain, which got worse as I got older. After taking Vitacel 7 for one month the pain subsided and four weeks later it was gone and has not returned. Situations that would normaly stress me out cause anxiety and sleepless nights aren’t happening anymore. I feel great.

Mary Alberts
8000 So. Green
Chicago, IL 60620


The following concerns immediate members of my family. My mother, my son and my wife. My name is Charles Still of Stephenville, Texas.

My mother is 84, a widow and lives alone. My son is 13, and until recently was a vigorous and active young man.

First, my mom. Hazel, two months ago began experiencing intense pain between her shoulders in her back. After thorough examinations by two orthopedic specialists, she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. Fitted with a brace, she was sent home with “pain” pills to more or less live with it. Taking up to 15 extra strength Tylenols daily plus the pain pills offered little relief. This continued until June 9th.

My son for the past two months has had difficulty swallowing due to stress/anxiety as diag­nosed by his pediatrician. Upper Gl barium x-rays and complete lab work showed no physical dysfunction. We were sent home with valium and hoped for the best. Perhaps the cause was school and we would see improvement as summer vacation was here. He had lost 30 pounds to his present 120.

June 9th, Vitacel 7 arrived. A friend told us of these vitamins. June 11th, 48 hours after starting my son on Vitacel 7, his symptoms began to vanish. His appetite returned, his fear of choking was gone, his overall demeanor was visibly improved. His sense of humor returned. This day, his weight loss stopped. Since the 9th, he has continued to return to normal. Now, he’s fighting again with his little sister, into everything and is eating with no problem. Only a slight sinus problem remains. After beginning Vitacel 7, within 48 hours, we saw results.

Now, my mom. Starting her Vitacel 7 on a Tuesday, in bed, unable to function, by Thursday she was out of her bed clothes, up and about. She was around town in her car, grocery shopping, going to her bank, taking care of business. Two days. Today is the 21st. It’s been 12 days since Hazel began her 1st Vitacel 7. She now is taking 6 daily. She has had one Tylenol in four days. Yesterday, she was again visiting her friends, out in her car, living a pain free, drug free normal life. Her varicose veins have flattened and are fading in color A “hammer toe” which was curled up is now flat and the callous on top is gone. Age spots on both arms have completely vanished. Her legs have quit cramping at night as they have for years. Her eyes have quit tearing which they have done for 40 years. Several bumps on her forehead which would not go away, plus they itched, are gone and she has had significant stress and anxiety relief.

My wife Kati for the first time in 7 years has no lower back pain at night.

As if this isn’t enough, Tank, our 160 pound Bull Mastiff dog is starting to hear better He’s been getting one Vitacel 7 per day for 3 days now.

Me? At 50 and a heavy smoker you’d think there would be something I could comment on. Please excuse me, I must go now. I am going to chase my child bride, Kati around the house some more. It’s kind of fun. She’s getting easier to catch.

Charlie Still


I felt that I must write to tell you how pleased and excited I am with Vitacel 7. I have been taking two tablets twice a day for two months and have already experienced many positive results. After about one week I noticed that my eyes were much clearer and brighter and my skin looked better. At first I just noticed the changes on my face but now my whole body is much smoother and softer I now use the wonderful Vitalize Skin Care Cream and the improving skin care results are more noticeable now.

I also sleep much better. Insomnia was a problem for almost two years. Every day now I feel very mentally alert and have lots of energy - both physical and mental. For sometime I have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been feeling very moody and feeling down due to the stress symptoms. I just couldn’t seem to snap out of the anxiety. Since I have started taking Vitacel 7, I have felt great every single day, it has been a super stress reliever for me! I feel serene and confident and able to handle anything. It’s wonderful to have a good attitude every day If this product did nothing else~ I would continue to use it because of this great benefit to me.

I had a wart on the tip of my finger for a year that resisted every possible treatment. After about one month I noticed that it had vanished! My whole family including my husband, three sons, my mother and sister are now using Vitacel 7. I am so excited to see what positive health benefits they will experience. My mother already notices that she is sleeping better and her restless leg syndrome has vanished. It’s great to be able to share something so great with the ones you love and care about. We run the whole spectrum from young adults, middle aged and senior citizen.

I’m sure that all of our futures will be healthier and happier with Vitacel 7. I love it! thank you.

Patricia Hain
1151 Pinesong Place
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

P.S. My memory is much better.


My wife and I have been using Vitacel 7 for the past 9 months. Primarily, what we hoped it would do was give us more energy, relieve and reduce stress and mild depression and anxiety symptoms. Indeed, it did exactly that. But, it did 2 other things for me. I lost inches. I am off 4 notches on my belt, and that amazed me. In addition to that, I look younger Both my wife and I are in our 60’s and we do not look our age.

We are very pleased with Vitacel and cannot talk enough about it. It gives us a lot of piece of mind and a sense of well being. Once I didn’t get the product on time, and spent 2 or 3 days without it. I could feel the difference. It really does work. Anyone who uses Vitacel will be able to recognize its value. I can’t stress enough how wonderful it is. My wife and I will never stop taking this product. Vitacel 7 is something for us, and we will continue to take it.

Charles Iana
22 Biscaync St.
Leominster, MA 01453

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