Thyroid Gland Disease and Problems

January23, 1983

For the past 20 years, I have had arthritis in my hands. Fortunately, the arthritis is confined to my hands only During this period, the pain was up and down. I took medication when the pain was somewhat unbearable. I always managed to type since my livelihood was that of an executive secre­tary. Typing kept my fingers nimble. I played the organ and this, too, helped.

In January 1981, the arthritis flared up as it had never done before. As the months went by, the condition became progressively worse. I was taking medication, but no amount changed the status of the condition. I feared the next type of medication would be cortisone which I will not take because of the side effects. My fingers were so painful that I couldn’t type or play the organ for over one year. Just touching the keys on the organ or the typewriter with the pinkie on my left hand was painful to tears. The pain would shoot up all the way to the shoulder By June 1, 1982, the pinkie on my left had was almost stiff.

On June 1, 1982, I started taking Vitacel GH-3. After two weeks, I noticed a tremendous difference in the pinkie, as well as the other fingers on both hands. After two (2) months on GH3, my fingers were very flexible.

I continue to take GH3 and I have no pain in my hands whatsoever and no stiffness upon awakening in the morning. It’s hard, at times, to believe that this is happening to me after some pro­longed pain. I am most grateful to GH3 and want to tell the whole world about it.

For two (2) years, I have been taking a small dosage of thyroid medication for a “borderline” Thyroid. The last Thyroid check was in January, 1982 and I was to continue with the medicine.

I wanted to fully test GH3. On December 1, 1982, I had a routine checkup. When the laboratory report came in, I received a call from my doctor’s nurse to “stop taking the Thyroid medication - the disease and disorder was normal!”

Another aspect of GH3, is that my energy level has never been higher - I’m almost tireless! As you can see, I am using the typewriter again. I am also playing the organ once again. Another plus for Vitacel, after taking the products for seven months, I notice I don’t have callouses! I had been plagued for years with this pain and inconvenience.

1521 Hwy 101W #212
Sequim, Washington 98382

August 2, 1983

I started taking Vitacel supplements since last November, 1982. I had a Thyroid goiter problem and disease for seven years. The enlarged Thyroid goiter GLAND was very noticeable, about the size of an egg. I quit going to doctors because they wanted to operate and surgically remove the enlarged thyroid goiter. After taking Vitacel for a couple of months, I noticed one day that the Thyroid goiter was gone. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t have that huge enlareged Thyroid bump on my neck gland anymore.

I also have had trouble with migraine headaches and hypoglycemia. Both have subsided a lot.

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Everett, Washington 98205

I have been using Vitacel GH-3 consistently since June of 1982. My complaints at that time were bursitis, joint pains, headaches and a Thyroid gland problem. The effects of using GH-3 have not been as dramatic as with other individuals. The most noticeable within a month or so was that my frequent headaches were gone. I had used “bottles” of Aspirin. but realized one day that I had not taken any Aspirin for several weeks. Now, almost two years later, I think I have used less that 3 dozen.

My bouts of bursitis have subsided and joint pains are less, but some of these have been due to structural changes following 2 herniated discs in my back in 1974. I have refused to have back surgery, so I will continue to have some discomfort, but it is tolerable. In general, I do feel better.

My vision has changed and it is not due to age! I have worn glasses for 47 years for astigmatism and my vision in one eye when reading the eye chart for distant vision was 20/40 and 20/70 for the other eye. Recently, when visiting a nurse friend in the eye clinic, I discovered that I could read the eye chart without glasses and my vision was 20/20 in one eye and 20/20 minus I with the other. I do need reading glasses, but perhaps in time, my accommodation for near vision may also improve.

After taking Thyroid preparation for about 15 years, and being told several years ago that I would probably have to take the Thyroid medication rest of my life, I am no longer taking it! Last year after developing a cardiac irregularity (rapid and/or irregular heart rate), the doctor cut my dosage in half My heart rate became regular after a week or two. Then I started back on the former dose of thyroid to prove to myself that it was the thyroid which had made the irregular heart rate, etc. It did recur, so I remained on the half-dose until last fall when I again began to experience cardiac irregularities. I stopped all thy­roid, then had a date with the doctor 8 weeks after stopping the medication. He had blood work done to evaluate thyroid function and other chemistries. He later notified me that it appeared my thyroid was (or is) functioning. Also, all other blood work, cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and others were normal. Some have been elevated in the past. My blood pressure is normal which used to be quite low. Heart sounds excellent.

My hair, which was almost white, has more than white in it now, My nails were soft and broke easily, but now they are hard. My callouses are gone from my heels and lam thankful. They used to be very thick and would crack both vertically and horizontally and required much treatment with creams and use of a pumice block. I’ve not used anything on them for over a year (No corns or bunions either).

My skin, overall, has not been this nice since I was a teenager. All in all, Vitacel GH-3 has made so many positive changes physically that I do not want to be without it. It also has given me a more positive mental attitude and that is a big plus!

ESTER L. OSBORNE, R.N. (Retired Nursing Supervisor)
Seattle, Washington 98178

April 10, 1984

As I bear this testimony, it is my prayer that it will reach and touch the heads and minds of those people whom God will direct to the benefits of Vitacel supplements as a help in controlling their afflictions. In March, 1967,I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis.

My symptoms were; stumbling (attaxic gait), dragging my feet, (more on the left side than the right), double vision, speech difficulties (phrases came out turned around), dropping objects involun­tarily, complete mental and physical exhaustion, depression, lack of bowel and bladder control and spasms.

I literally had to hang onto walls, furniture and/or people to get around in my home. I was unable to do my own housework, which made me even more depressed. I had always been extremely active and took joy in caring for my family and home.

In 1965, I was hospitalized 8 times in a four-month period and was diagnosed as having I.T.P (Idio-pathic Tromboscenic Purpia Peticia) a rare blood disorder. The symptoms of this problem were; complete exhaustion, hemorrhaging of the tiny capillaries and blood vessels under the skin and internally. As an example, if a child would sit on my lap, there would be an imprint of his body where the pressure from his weight would cause me to hemorrhage. It was very frightening, but with care and medication, plus much rest, the problem was brought under control. I very seldom have any peticia at all now. Until I started on GH3, I would average 3 to 4 slight attacks per year, but I haven’t had any since 1982, when I was first introduced to Vitacel GH3.

Other of my health problems, since my teens, were anemia, hypo-glycemia, and Thyroid gland deficiency for which I had been on Thyroid medication since age 19. About 3 years ago, I developed high blood pressure and was put on medication for it also. As I alluded to previously, in 1981, in the month of July, I went to Las Vegas to a health clinic and was introduced to GH3, or should I say KH-3, which is a procaine-hydrochloride product pro­duced in Nevada after the pattern of Doctor Anna Asians Gerovital formula. The clinic I attended was adding GH3 to my intravenous drip and jokingly proclaimed they were giving me a “youth serum.” I always want to know what is going into my body and asked to see my doctor. He told me about the controversy and history of GH3 and that there was a possibility that it might help my body to regener­ate new cell growth. There were no promises, but I thought the concept made sense, so I asked him if I might have a prescription for when I went home so that I could really test it. He agreed and gave me a prescription to be filled at the clinic in Nevada. I used the KH-3 for about six months, in tablet form, but didn’t see much improvement. I contacted the clinic and they said I could try the injections, if I could give myself intra muscular shots. I could and did! After a couple of weeks, I was out of bed a lot more and was able to walk more steadily I noticed a definite marked improvement. There was, however, one problem. The prescribed dosage was 5 cc’s every other day for two weeks and off one week. Each time I went off, I would begin to exacerbate within a day or two and would be back down again. Not always right in bed, but too weak to do anything productive. I did not give up, but continued on with the injections until June 1983, hoping to give this new substance a fair trial (approximately 18 months).. At that time, I met and talked with Dr. Robert Koch, a bio-chemist who was doing extensive research into the effectiveness of GH3. In questioning him, I found there was no danger in my staying on the injections or GH3 therapy permanently. The wheels began to turn and I began to pray and soon came up with the idea that a combination of both injections and tablets taken on alternate days might help. After continuing on the injections through June and July, I then added the tablets on alternate days through November 1983. By then, I was doing so well, improving slowly, but consistently, that I began to wean myself off of the injections. I began to maintain on two GH3 tablets twice a day beginning about the middle of December and continued that program until April 1, 1984. Then I alternated 4 tablets one day and 2 tablets the next. I do not take the prescribed rest period. I am convinced the GH-3 is a substance that my body needs to help me to stay well!!

As many M.S. patients will attest, severe stress, heat and viruses will trigger an exacerbating, or worsening of the disease and this last 9 months have been the first time in 18 years that this has NOT been the case with me. It’s great!

I learned through studying, how important good nutrition is in conjunction with Vitacel supplements. In order for any of us to benefit from Gerovital H3, we must supply our bodies with the proper nutrients with which the DEAF and PABA can do the job they are meant to do. I believe the combination works more effectively than when I don’t eat properly The most important factor is exercise. This is the most difficult for MS. victims, but even if it means rolling your eyes, moving your toes and fingers and whatever else you can move, do it!

I had my yearly physical the first of April and for the first time since I was a teenager, all of my blood profile report was normal! I am now 49, I am no longer anemic, no more Thyroid problem, my blood pressure is a high normal (I quit taking the medication for high blood pressure and thyroid last September, 1983). I now have reflexes in my legs and feet, although there is only a slight reflex in my left ankle, at least it is coming. The right side isn’t completely normal, perhaps it never will be, but I believe I will continue to get stronger as I continue the program I have set out for myself I was one of the small percentage of Multiple Sclerosis patients, who never had had a complete remission. It is so great to be able to teach dancing again, ride a bike, ride horse-back and swim. Most of all . . . I do my own housework and cooking. I hop in and out of a tub without help, turn over in bed by myself, and only since I have been using GH3.

Doctors often told me I should be using a wheel chair or at least a walker Even as late as one year ago last March but I was afraid if I did, I’d never get out of it. I began to try to read my body and experimented (under a doctor’s care) with vitamins, diets, massage, and under the doctor’s prescrip­tion, prednizone and ACTH (both of which exacerbated me considerably). Last, but not least, GH-3. Now after 17 years since I had been diagnosed, I AM IN REMISSION! And I love it!

I wish I could come right out and tell you it is all due to Vitacel and Dr. Koch, but even though I believe it was for me, I can’t stress how important it is for you to read your body signals. Use good nutrition and exercise, and as my doctor said at my last physical, “It can’t hurt you and as it seems to be helping you, keep it up.” Meaning of course, the GH-3 therapy It is such an awesome responsibility for anyone to say Try GH3. It may be just the answer for you !“ But I say it gladly and joyfully! lt just could be, you know!

Yours to you in good health and wishing the very best for you!

Idaho Falls, ID 83406

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