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Ė after using Vitacel supplement.


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NUMBNESS ON TOTAL RIGHT SIDE - I awoke one morning with numbness in my right hand. After shaking it, my hand returned to normal, but with each morning, it took longer to get any feeling back. In time, this numbness moved up my arm, neck, half of my face and the top half of my skull. Within a short time, it moved to the lower right side also. I could walk and lift my right leg, but not my arm. If I wanted to move my arm or place it, I had to lift it with my left hand. If I raised my right hand, with my left arm, to the right side of my face I couldnít feel my face or my hand.

Many doctors were consulted and tests were run, but they didnít prove anything specific. They all took stabs at their own diagnosis regarding this disease or that disease. By now, I was experiencing fear coupled with anxiety The straw that broke the camelís back was the M.D. that hold my husband to send me away on a long vacation alone, implying that it was psychosomatic. That was it! No more doctors for me. I had to try another route, but what?

Even with my physical problems, there wasnít anything wrong with my memory recall. I remembered seeing the award-winning TV program, ď60 Minutes,Ē when Mike Wallace did an excellent documentary on a product called Gerovital H3. I heard and saw foreign and American doctors tell of this amazing health product. It had no side effects and seemed to be efficacious and a natural cure for numerous diseases. I couldnít understand how one product could do so much, but that wasnít important. I needed help and felt this might he the answer. I know now, how right my hunches were. I managed to obtain some GH-3.

In my wildest imagination I never expected such fast relief. One day after taking Vitacel supplements., my major complaint was gone. Yes, I had complete recovery on my right side. Too good to be true. I feared it would return and almost expected it each morning on arising. I soon stopped expecting it. It never came back.

LOW BLOOD PRESSURE - I felt tired and had very little energy Naps were frequent and I retired early Doctors telling me, ďbetter low than high,Ē was of no comfort. Donating blood was out of the question. If they took a pint, I was told that they would have to replace it with two pints. Today my blood pressure is normal!

LIVER SPOTS - I had many of them in just the clavicle area. The doctor said there was nothing that could be done about them. I have one left!

SCAR - As a youngster, I cut my thigh on a piece of glass. The cut was deep, requiring stitches, which was financially impossible. As a result, I had a large scar which was thick, shiny and white. It is gone!

VARICOSE VEINS TREATMENT - They hung like ropes on my legs. I was advised to wear surgical hose, which I did for a few days and took them off as they were tight, ugly and hot. Instead, I sat with my legs propped up every chance I had. After taking Vitacel supplements, relief came quickly. A year later; it was brought to my attention that the Varicose Veins were gone and cured.

FOOT CRAMPS - I remember coming home from first grade with pain in my feet. After removing my shoes, I noticed that my toes were twisted on top of each other. Soaking my feet in hot water brought relief quickly Little did I realize this foot problem would follow me through life. As an adult, the cramping became my nightly visitor. Sleep was disturbed and foot soaks became routine. Morning stretches were out and cramping was in. With each pregnancy, the cramping got worse. I now couldnít walk, but had to crawl to the bathtub. The cramping went clear up my legs. Foot cramps are now history!

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME - Difficult to describe. Nerve-wracking, no pain, but a feeling of something crawling inside my bones. This would voluntarily cause me to move my legs from sides to side, trying to find relief Sitting would often bring it on. Many occasions would find me getting off the bus a mile or two before my stop as walking would bring some relief plus the passenger seated next to me would stare at the constant moving of my legs. The same occurred at movies, plays and concerts that I attended. I-low nice not to experience that any more.

I found excellent results with GH-3, and for that I will always be grateful. However, since I started taking Vitacel 7 (which is an improvement of GH-3) almost four years ago, Iím feeling and looking even better. I have finer skin tone, rapid hair growth that requires thinning twice a year, and a very positive outlook on life. Instead of being shy and introverted, I find I have become extroverted. I not only feel healthy and happy, but Iím thrilled to tell the Vitacel 7 story to those who will listen. I have been using these remarkable products, first the GH-3 and now Vitacel 7, for over eight years.

2421 West Pratt, Suite 1192
Chicago, Illinois


I started taking Vitacel 7 in September, 1988, for the arthritis Iíve had real had, and also, for the swelling in my legs, hands and face that Iíve had real bad since December, 1987. Doctors, hospitals and a lumbar spine test showed arthritis real bad in my back as well as in the rest of my body. I couldnít get up out of a chair or in and out of my car without help.

I started improving in a little over a week, so friends had me ordering Vitacel 7 for them. Iíve referred 19 people to Vitacel 7 since I started taking it. I feel so good and get around so much better People who know me have noticed the new me.

The varicose veins in my legs have gone down and they donít hurt as bad. Also, Iíve lost 10 pounds.

Try it. It has worked great for me. I will be glad to talk to anyone about it. You may use my full name and mailing address if you wish to do so.

Just keep my orders coming. Itís great!

Thanks to N.E.L. and Vitacel for this good product and please keep my orders filled.

Route 3, Box 1014
Rockwall, TX 75087


July 31, 1990

Hi there!

My name is Carmelo Baysa. I own a ballroom dance studio in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Iíve been taking Vitacel 7 for about ten months. At that time, my friend Greg told me about Vitacel 7, but I didnít expect to see results so soon.

You see, I love my job but when youíre in business for yourself, there are times when things can get stressful. Iíve had ulcers before and I knew when she called in August of 1989 that I had it again. Well within 3 months, the pain I experienced from the ulcers was gone! Thank goodness. My smile was genuine once again and not an effort to cover up my pain. Also I realized that I was not experienc≠ing the intense stress that I used to have when showcase time came around as I was extra busy with ticket sales, choreographing routines for my students, planning the decorations and designing and sew≠ing the beautiful gowns and outfits for them, most of which took countless hours of hand sewing for the heads, sequins and fur trims. Needless to say, when youíre not tied up in knots, life can be beautiful. Also I have so much energy now! And my vision has improved too! My right eye was so sensitive to light that I needed to wear dark glasses all the time or my vision would be blurry. But itís just fine now. As I started to share this with my students, I had one woman tell me that the flab under her arms disappeared. Another one almost cancelled all her dance lessons because she had undergone surgery for her varicose veins and her legs were so painful, she could hardly walk let alone dance. I told her about Vitacel 7 and she agreed to give it a try. In 2 weeks she was back in my dance studio dancing her heart out. No more pain!

Several weeks ago, I was doing an exhibition with my student Amy and somehow damaged the ligament of my right leg. I was in pain from the hip down and what made it worse, I had to dance in 2 more competitions! The pain was so bad after that that I couldnít bend down to put on my socks and shoes or even walk on that leg. And then I thought, why not increase my Vitacel supplements from 2 to 6 a day. Well, wouldnít you know it? In about 5 days the pain just about disappeared. My arthritis in my left thigh is gone too. I have presently gone back to 2 Vitacel pills a day.

We just had our second child in December and my wife is taking Vitacel 7 while breast feeding our baby who is so healthy! Currently there are 18 dance students who are seriously taking it. Would I recommend Vitacel to everyone? You bet I would and I do too! Itís one of the best decisions Iíve made.

All the very best.

1418 Kapiolani Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii



Phil Dale 71 yrs - Doris Dale 68 yrs


Seventeen years separate the sitting for the two photographs. This fact has been disputed recently more than once. The top photo was used for our 1979 Christmas greeting cards. The lower photo taken 11/96, will be used for this yearís greeting cards. Doris and I are happy and proud to witness to what validly appears to be a slowing of aging.

In addition to our effort to improve diet--marginally-- the one thing we can point to or call attention to is our long term, consistent and liberal regimen of Vitacel 7 (and now Vitacel 8). And nothing will cause us to change our story or our witness to this fact. All of Dr. Kochís Vitacel formulas are backed by patents.

Further, neither Doris nor I are taking any prescription medication at this time. We arenít against prescription drugs. We just do not feel the need. Our last complete physical reports, Jan, 1996, show: A perfect bill of health for me and only a unsatisfactory cholesterol reading for Doris. We increased our regimen of Vitacel 8, along with other corrections. She has responded well.

Question: What would happen if every person were to maintain a reasonable regimen of Vitacel over the years? Answer: Our current annual Trillion dollar national health cost would drop like a lead balloon. A surprising number of hospital beds would be vacant. This is beyond question.

Phil Date
3252 NE Flanders
Portland, OR 97232


November 27, 1991

Dear Zephyr,

ďI had the first good nightís sleep last night for the first time in a long time.Ē This was my immediate benefit from using Vitacel 7 and Vita-Mins. In time, more wonderful things developed.

Poor circulation has plagued my legs for over twenty years. The whole calf and shin of my left leg along with itís toes were a deep purple - the color of a day old blood blister. The colored area was puffy and its upper layers of skin continually peeled off in patches the size of a 25 cent coin. Swelling pressure made standing difficult. Amputation was proposed more than once.

The surface of my left foot had a rash and the skin oozed so much that the sock became wet and it smelled badly The bottom of the foot had blisters and it bled. Wearing regular shoes was not possible.

Thank God for Vitacel 7 and Vita-mins! After using them twice a day for two months, my leg has changed to a cinnamon color, although tiny bright red blood veins arc visible on the surface of the upper calf. The puffiness is gone and the skin has stopped peeling. My foot is red around the toes and very little scaling remains. Oozing is insignificant. Blistering and bleeding has stopped. Previously my feet fit snugly into Birkcnstock shoes because of swelling. Now the swelling is down so much that the shoes slip off.

Now I can stand longer and there isnít any pain. Walking is easier because there is no pain and there is freeness in my legs. I can get up and do things. I have more energy and lam not as tired because there is no pain. Amputation? Never!

I am thrilled about these improvements and write this letter to thank you for telling me about Nutritional Engineering Limited and to inform others about what this wonderful vitamin molecule has done for me.

Sincerely yours,

4010 NE Hancock
Portland, Oregon 97212

I visited Paul in April of 1992. Paul had used Vitacel 7 and Vita-Mins then for six months. Paul pulled down the support hose and proudly showed his leg. The change was dramatic!

Leg was normal color 2. Swelling was completely gone. 3. Skin was smooth. 4. Varicose veins had disap≠peared. 5. Normal leg hair had regrown.

I saw the change. My eyes and mouth gaped!!

2732 NE 15th
Portland, Oregon 97212


Being a skeptic, I decided to use Vitacel 7 for six months, before mentioning the product to anyone. My back, knees and thumbs gave me so much pain that I consumed six to eight aspirins daily In two months my arthritis simmered down considerably No more aspirin. Varicose veins that plagued me for over forty years disappeared in four months. My wife and I gained a feeling of well being and energy far greater than we anticipated at age seventy two. Vitacel 7 is magic for us and we tell others of our sense of well being. I must add that our patience is not short anymore and we flow along with the tides that come to us.


Joseph & Rose Ehlers
1710 S. Gilbert Rd. #1188
Mesa, AZ 85204


The following concerns immediate members of my family. My mother, my son and my wife. My name is Charles Still of Stephenville, Texas.

My mother is 84, a widow and lives alone. My son is 13, and until recently was a vigorous and active young man.

First, my mom. Hazel, two months ago began experiencing intense pain between her shoulders in her back. After thorough examinations by two orthopedic specialists, she was diagnosed as having osteoporosis. Fitted with a brace, she was sent home with ďpainĒ pills to more or less live with it. Taking up to 15 extra strength Tylenols daily plus the pain pills offered little relief. This continued until June 9th.

My son for the past two months has had difficulty swallowing due to stress/anxiety as diag≠nosed by his pediatrician. Upper Gl barium x-rays and complete lab work showed no physical dysfunction. We were sent home with valium and hoped for the best. Perhaps the cause was school and we would see improvement as summer vacation was here. He had lost 30 pounds to his present 120.

June 9th, Vitacel 7 arrived. A friend told us of these vitamins. June 11th, 48 hours after starting my son on Vitacel 7, his symptoms began to vanish. His appetite returned, his fear of choking was gone, his overall demeanor was visibly improved. His sense of humor returned. This day, his weight loss stopped. Since the 9th, he has continued to return to normal. Now, heís fighting again with his little sister, into everything and is eating with no problem. Only a slight sinus problem remains. After beginning Vitacel 7, within 48 hours, we saw results.

Now, my mom. Starting her Vitacel 7 on a Tuesday, in bed, unable to function, by Thursday she was out of her bed clothes, up and about. She was around town in her car, grocery shopping, going to her bank, taking care of business. Two days. Today is the 21st. Itís been 12 days since Hazel began her 1st Vitacel 7. She now is taking 6 daily. She has had one Tylenol in four days. Yesterday, she was again visiting her friends, out in her car, living a pain free, drug free normal life. Her varicose veins have flattened and are fading in color A ďhammer toeĒ which was curled up is now flat and the callous on top is gone. Age spots on both arms have completely vanished. Her legs have quit cramping at night as they have for years. Her eyes have quit tearing which they have done for 40 years. Several bumps on her forehead which would not go away, plus they itched, are gone.

My wife Kati for the first time in 7 years has no lower back pain at night.

As if this isnít enough, Tank, our 160 pound Bull Mastiff dog is starting to hear better Heís been getting one Vitacel 7 per day for 3 days now.

Me? At 50 and a heavy smoker youíd think there would be something I could comment on. Please excuse me, I must go now. I am going to chase my child bride, Kati around the house some more. Itís kind of fun. Sheís getting easier to catch.

Charlie Still


I had not been taking Vitacel 7 long before I experienced remarkable results. I do alot of standing and walking on concrete and because of this, developed varicose veins. I am a weight lifter and having varicose veins didnít look too good. I started to take Vitacel supplements and I didnít realize that it would have an effect on the varicose veins, but within a few weeks I noticed they were beginning to go away. I thought that was pretty special and I was very pleased with that. Vitacel 7 was the natural treatment varicose vein remedy for me.

I started to notice other very positive effects from the Vitacel supplements. Years ago, I had a back injury from lifting weights and from time to time it would bother me a hit, and since taking Vitacel I noticed a decrease in the pain and greater mobility and I donít have as many problems with my back when I do work out. I feel in my heart that if I continue to use Vitacel my hack will get stronger and I wonít have the problems that I had before. Since taking the Vitacel supplements. I feel alive, I have a sense of well being with a kind of peace, but a very definite difference in the way I feel.

My father has gout and arthritis. He was initially reluctant to try Vitacel but decided to give it a try. Within a few days he began to feel better and within a weekís time he said you must order me some more product. He has not had a gout flare-up or arthritic pain since taking Vitacel. He is now a Vitacel supplements fan.

Anthony SaVage
2250 W. Ridgeway
Jackson, MS 39213
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