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Vitacel 8 GH8 Description

  VITACEL GH-8 = - GH7 + Grape Seed + Ginkgo Biloba + Milk Thistle + Artichoke

GH7 100% GH3 Factor 600% improved

60 Capsules
Vitacel 8 gh-7 ginkgo milk thistle grape seed artichoke extracts
Each capsule contains:
Vitacel GH7 Base
Procaine HCl
Ascorbic Acid
Citric Acid
100.0 mg
25.0 mg
25.0 mg
16.0 mg
Folic Acid
0.4 mg
0.3 mg
11.0 mg
4.0 mg

Bonus Super Antioxidant Health Supplements
Grape Seed Extract 92%-95% OPC (Oligoproanthcyanidins)
Ginkgo Bloba 50:1 extract standardized to 24% flavonoids
Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) extract silymarin (80%)
Artichoke Extract standardized to 2% cynarine content.

50.0 mg
40.0 mg
100.0 mg
50.0 mg

60 Capsules -$31.88
3 @ $26.62 Each
6 @ $26.64 Each
12 @ $24.15 Each
Vitacel 8* lets you take one capsules versus having to take 5 separate pills for the super antioxidant and herbal medicine ingredients of the Vitacel GH-7, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed and Artichoke health supplement product

Vitacel 8* is a patented GH7 procaine based health nutriment supplement, the Milk Thistle, Gingko Biloba, Grape Seed Extracts and Artichoke extracts for much better assimilation into the blood stream. The bonus super antioxidants ingredients are much more effective when taken in concert with Vitacel GH-7 than if taken alone. Essentially you have less Vitamin supplement waste, and more powerfull super antioxidants in your blood stream.

Vitacel 8 is the latest improved on the original Gerovital GH3 formula from the biochemist Dr. Koch DSc. This ultimate procaine hcl powder based *patented* product provides the same complexes as the advanced Vitacel GH7, enhanced by upgrading with natural herbal medicine supplement remedies and super antioxidants anti-aging free radical scavengers.

The OPC natural antioxidants (Oligoproanthocyanidins) in the Vitacel 8 are often referred to as Pycnogenol*. These natural herbal remedy super antioxidant properties were discovered and patented by Jack Masquelier, PhD. The OPC extract from grape seeds is used and protected under Dr. Masquelier's patent (U.S. patent no. 4,698,360). Dr. Masquelier's original research was conducted using the extracts from grape seeds. Dr. Koch in his research has found the grape seed extract to be superior to the pine bark extract because of its higher polyphenol content, containing the gallate esters of the proanthocyanidin, which are not in the pine bark extract in any notable concentration.


OPC is the abbreviation for Oligo Proantho Cyanidins. Grape seed extract compounds are some of natures most powerful super antioxidants and free radical scavengers. Their bioavailability is almost 100% because they are 100% water soluble. This class of compounds is found in many fruits, seeds and barks (i.e. nut shells, cranberries, grape juice, grape seeds, bilberries, green tea, ginkgo biloba, pine bark etc.). The characteristic that determines the potency is not the source as much as the method of extraction and concentration of the OPCs in the final extract. The scientist who first isolated the OPC was Dr. Jack Masquelier. He has the patent (U.S. patent no. 4,698,360) on one of the best extraction methods and on the anti-oxidant effects of this class of compound. His first research was using OPCs isolated from peanut shells he later used grape seeds because the OPC content in the extract from grape seeds is much higher in the active OPCs.

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Gingko Biloba is a herbal medicine which is one of the oldest surviving tree species it is resistant to insects, drought etc.. Research through the centuries has shown that the extracts from the natural herbal remedy Ginkgo supplements are beneficial for many different health problems. Following are a few of the many health conditions and diseases:

Ginkgo Supplement Health Benefits:

  • Gingko Biloba improves capillary circulation which improves circulation to all of the tissues and organs such as the brain and heart.
  • Ginkgo biloba interferes with PAF (platelet activating factor) which has been shown to possibly cause asthma, heart disease, hearing disorders and skin disorders like psoriasis.
  • Ginkgo biloba helps stop the damage to our organs and tissues by free radicals. It is a good antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
  • Ginko biloba improves memory and brain function and helps to preserve general health and vitality. Research and clinical studies show promise for the use of Ginkgo biloba extracts for improving memory and helping with some of the symptoms of Alzheimers disease.
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    MILK THISTLE - Silybum Marianum

    These natural herbal medicine flavonoids from the concentrates and whole extracts of the Milk Thistle seeds are some of the most potent liver protecting super herbal medicines substances known to man.

    The liver is the most important organ of metabolism. Disruption of normal liver function results in significant disruption of all metabolic processes. The metabolic functions of the liver include regulation of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, storage of vitamins and minerals, and detoxification reactions. Disruption, to varying degrees, of liver function can be major contributor to the development of degenerative disease and premature aging. Since the liver is the organ that detoxifies all chemicals that come into the body it is in need of all the help we can provide. The milk thistle provides a non toxic extract that offers significant protection against liver damage by

    1. preventing free radical damage
    2. by preventing the formation of damaged leukotrienes and
    3. by stimulating the production of new liver cells.

    In human studies, silymarin has been shown to have significant positive herbal medicinal effects in treating liver diseases, including cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. Positive results have been experienced by many suffering from psoriasis through the use of milk thistle. It is another of Natures weapons that we can use to fight disease and improve the quality of our lives.

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    ARTICHOKE EXTRACT - Health Benefits

    Artichoke extract improves digestion, liver function, and help lower ldl cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease and artherosclerosis.** Artichoke extract has been shown to be a natural remedy which improve various digestive health disorders, shown to significantly lowered blood ldl cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis - plaque problems, enhance detoxification reactions, as well as protect the liver from damage. This combination of benefits is very important to healthy liver function. During detoxification of the liver, the toxic substance is often initially converted to an even more toxic form. Without adequate protection, every time the liver neutralizes a toxin, it is damaged in this process. Artichoke extract has been shown to provide these valuable preventitative health benefits and protection.

    The naturally occuring flavonoids found in the grape seed extract along with the flavonoid glycosides found in the Ginkgo biloba extract, those from the silymarin group found in the Milk Thistle, combined with the bioflavonoids and cynarine in the artichoke extract, all work synergistically with the procaine complexes to feed and protect damaged cells from free radical damage.

    *Pycnogenol is a registered trademark of Horphag Research, Ltd.

    **Artichoke Extract: Improves digestion, liver function, and cholesterol levels. By Dr. Michael T. Murray N.D.

    ***Dr. Robert Koch, Biochemist

    *U.S. and Foreign Patents
    U.S. Patents Nos. 5,162,344 / 5,283,258 /.5,283,068 / 5,254,686
    Patent Nos. 332917 / 046241
    Patent No. 2,012,021

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