Healing Health Conditions and Diseases – after using Vitacel GH-9 to GH-3 Health Products



I was diagnosed with both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and was well on the way to becoming bedridden. I had been medicating with arthritic prescriptions such as Naprosyn, Clinoril and Mecloman, to name a few, along with large doses of Extra-Strength Tylenol. Most of my joints were involved with intermittent inflammation and swelling, in any one or all areas and at any given time. The inflamma­tion was often so severe that the area would turn color as though it had been bruised. Climbing stairs was a monumental task and without the availability of a handrail, sometimes impossible. Changes in barometric pressure would send me to bed with a heating pad and increased medication. Sleeping the night through was unheard of as I would often be awakened with immobilizing pain that literally took my breath away. My husband would have to move my hips and body to a different position so that I could try to go back to sleep. It was difficult to get into or out of bed without help. I was unable to wring out a rag, pick things up with one hand and it was becoming exceedingly difficult to type, which was devastating because that was my livelihood. I could not raise my hands above shoulder height as my shoulders were so painful.

In early 1982, a friend brought the good news of Vitacel GH-3 and its availability to us. I received relief from the inflammation of the arthritis within four days and inside of three weeks almost all of the pain had subsided. I stopped taking my prescriptions the day I started the GH-3. This isn’t a recommenda­tion, it’s only because I had to know if it was the GH-3 that was helping me, if indeed I received help. Today, almost seven years later, I only have occasional arthritic discomfort. That is when I’ve either been working or playing too hard and not eating the right foods for proper nutrition.

Migraine headaches had been a way of life to me since the age of 13. Again, every medication available was prescribed to abort the migraine before it became fully involved; to get rid of the mi­graine when it did become totally involved; to somehow lessen the pain if we could not get rid of the migraine; to stop the nausea and vomiting. As a last resort, I would use a suppository that would render me unconscious and, hopefully, I would awaken without the migraine. The success ratio for that was very small. Oftentimes, I had to go to the hospital emergency room for a shot and I.V. replenishment of potassium. This was because the migraine medications were also diuretics and would reduce fluid pressure as well. If vomiting occurred, my potassium level would also be dangerously low.

Scintillating Scotoma, the medical term for the ‘light show’ migraine sufferers often have, together with the partial loss of vision in my left eye, happened at least twice a month. This was often the forerunner of a full-blown migraine that would send me to bed in a dark, quiet room with a bucket by the bed for the vomiting that accompanied it. On occasion, I still have a light show when I’m distressed or overly tired, but I have yet to have a migraine in all these years. Among the medications prescribed for me as preventative measures for the migraines were: Valium (which I took for at least 15 years in varying doses, and ElaviI (which I have been taking for four years when I started the GH-3. Valium (a depressant) was not as effective as the Elavil (an antidepressant) as a preventative. The Elavil kept me relatively migraine-free for about two years. However, I had to take at least 75 mgs. every night. The Physician’s Desk Reference lists over 100 adverse reactions to Elavil (one being death). I tried to wean myself from the drug. Within four days, I was in bed with a full-blown migraine that left me feeling physically ill for nearly a month. I didn’t try that again until after I had been on GH-3 for a month. I decided to stop taking the Elavil because of what the GH-3 had done for my arthritic inflammation and pain. Surely it could do as much for my migraines! My faith was reinforced because of the reading my husband had been doing about 61-1-3 where reference was made to its vasodilatation ability. Was this the reason for my hands and feet being warm again? Better circulation?

Due to cancer in 1973, I had a mastectomy and the lymph nodes under my arm were removed. My entire upper arm and chest were completely numb. After about one week of GH-3 therapy, I noticed itching in these areas - itching that just couldn’t be scratched. I’d take a dry washcloth and scrub and scrub. I now have all the feeling back in that area. If you’re familiar with what phantom sensations are, I even have feeling in the tissue that isn’t there!

I also had edema in my arm that sometimes encroached into the chest and lower arm. It was very painful and often necessitated my wearing of a Jobst sleeve to suppress the fluid. Or I would wear my arm in a sling because it was so heavy. The edema has subsided to where the arm on the surgical side is only slightly larger than the other arm. A physician friend says he can’t medically explain what happened. That’s okay!

I’ve been taking Vitacel 7, an improved GH-3, for the past four years with even greater benefits. A feeling of well-being is present, even during times of stress. My sleep is of better quality My skin tone is more colorful and moist, the dryness is gone and there is a resiliency that wasn’t there before.

The toll on my productivity due to the many medications, is all behind me. For the first time in my life I am taking no prescriptions and that’s a miracle! I get weepy when I think with gratitude of all that Vitacel 7 has done for me. My husband says he has his “bride” back. I know that I will be taking Vitacel 7 for my well being the rest of my longer, healthier and happier life!!

1035- 156th Ave. N.E., #3
Bellevue, Washington 98007
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Many things can happen in a person’s life to alter the course we find ourselves on with the passing of time. A milestone in my life was being smart enough to go to an information meeting on a product called Vitacel GH-3. The time, December 2, 1982.

As a skeptic, but with a built-in curiosity, I began to consume the tablet form of procaine therapy labeled Vitacel GH-3 early in January 1983. Much to my surprise, I began to feel a distinct improvement in the debilitating arthritic condition that was slowly affecting my ability to work with my hands. Early signs of improvement included a warm sensation developing in both hands; and thus, the slow road to recov­ery began. A very painful and persistent ache in my right shoulder and arm was slowly alleviated to where the area is virtually pain-free to this day The same holds true for the painful arthritic condition that existed in both of my big toes. They are about 75% improved to the point where pain-free walking is now a reality A recent industrial injury to my left leg continues to plague me, but that area also is ever so slowly mending itself.

The glaucoma pressure in my eyes has been reduced to the high side of normal range, and the headaches and double vision I previously experienced have totally disappeared. My last four periph­eral vision tests have been excellent.

For the past four years, I have been consistently consuming the higher potency product known as Vitacel 7 formulated from Robert Koch’s research. I am thoroughly convinced by personal results that continued good health has been a direct result of this product. The biggest lift of all is experienced by those of us who continue to share information about this remarkable vitaminic compound, Vitacel 7. We reap the rewards of being able to help our fellow man and hear the marvelous reports regarding improved health!

“If this is a placebo, I love it!” And that’s the way I experienced it!

13 Red Wing Place
Penticton, BC V2A 8K6
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After someone was kind enough to tell me about Vitacel 7, I realized that I might also benefit from using the vitamin. My health has always been good. I live a clean life and practice good nutrition. I keep a very busy schedule and felt I needed some added protection. After reading about Vitacel 7, I ordered it. A month after using the tablets I felt a new surge of energy and a general feeling of well-being.

One day I paid a visit to my barber for a trim. He was surprised to see new hair growth in the hairline and in thinning areas. With each repeat visit he comments on how much thicker my hair has become. The quality is better and less gray. I continue to share my delight with others and they too are seeing the need to use this great product. It is a glorious gift, and we should say a prayer of thanks to those responsible for making it available to us upon our own order.

1211 Sherman
Rockford, Illinois 61103
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In May of 1988, I was introduced to Vitacel 7. After taking the product for approximately one month, I noticed I was sleeping much better and I had a feeling of well-being. I also felt less tired. I then stopped taking Vitacel 7. (Human nature, I guess.) One morning in November 1988, I became aware of an uncomfortable throbbing sensation in my left cheek. In looking in the mirror, I determined it had to be a sebaceous cyst and there wasn’t much I could do but wait it out.

By the second day, it had become much larger and was very uncomfortable. Later that day I made the mistake of squeezing it quite hard and broke it open and a lot of pus drained out. On the third day, it looked just terrible. I again squeezed it hard and this time an oily substance came out. (was trying to think of something I could do to help it along and I then thought of the Vitacel 7. I remembered I had a couple of tablets left. So before going to bed that night, I took a Vitacel 7 and wet it and just patted it on the infected area for a couple of minutes, and finally, just held it right on the infected area for about five minutes. I let it dry and then went to bed.

The next morning, while taking a shower and washing my face, a cakey, crumply material fell off my cheek. When I looked in the minor, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All that remained from this terrible looking cyst was a faint redness. New skin had formed over the entire area.

This experience has made me a true believer in the Vitacel products and I intend to make them a part of my life on a regular basis.

3431 Kent Street, #713
Shoreview, MN 55126
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I am a very excited to share this with you. We’ve been taking the Vitacel products and supple­ments for about three months. I have my six-year-old son on Vitacel 5 for a swollen tonsil. About three months ago, the school called stating that one of my son’s ears showed signs of a hearing impair­ment, and they recommended I take him to the doctor for possible ear infection. I told her I was already giving him “something.” A month later, I received another call stating the same and that an appoint­ment would be set up by them with an ear, nose and throat specialist, and that I would hear from them in a couple of weeks. I never did hear from the specialist, but I did hear from the school today, a month later, stating that his hearing tested Normal!

I knew this hearing impairment was related to his swollen tonsil, because they were on the same side. He developed this swollen tonsil when he came down with a case of strap. Antibiotics proved to be ineffective on the swollen tonsil. A sand-papery rash around his mouth has also cleared up and I have read that it goes hand-in-hand with strap throat. So I know lam on the right track. Also, he began getting a deep, raspy cough a couple of days ago. I gave him a Vitacel 5 and a hot lemon juice and honey. The next day, the cough was gone. He’s usually our sickly one. I also have my eight-year-old on Vitacel 5 for stress headaches, and it has helped.

I’m a thirty-year-old mother of four boys. Pain has been alleviated in the following: lower back pain, previously injured knee, strained wrist and shoulder, and a sprained knuckle has finally responded. A bladder-yeast infection has cleared up. I sleep sounder and need less sleep; have improved muscle tone and flexibility I read faster-especially aloud; hair grows faster, wounds heal faster, clearer lungs; and some laugh-line wrinkles have lifted.

My husband is thirty-six. His bad knees hurt so bad after a hard day’s work that he couldn’t sleep. He took a couple Vitacel 7. By the next evening the pain was gone, never to return. (Old football injury and surgery) He’s the assistant wrestling coach, and gets right in there with the best of them. He strained his shoulder, took his Vitacel 7 that night, and the next day the pain was gone. His hemorrhoids are also gone. We also seem to play a lot more “catch,” he chases me around and I let him “catch” me.

The statements I have made may sound extravagant, but they are true. I sometimes have a hard time believing it. It is important to know that Vitacel works on the cause and not the symptom.

Box 924
Beach, ND 58621
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Oh, my goodness! I had forgotten what a wonderful world this can be if you’re feeling well, and I was not feeling well at all. My wrist started to ache and my hand also. The doctor said I needed surgery to correct what he diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Unfortunately, surgery was not the answer and the pain still persisted. Sometime later, the other wrist started to pain me. Foolish, I consented to the surgery hoping this time that it would be successful. It was wishful thinking on my part because the outcome of the surgery was the same the second time. Now I had two painful wrists.

Sleep was difficult as swelling and pain occurred nightly In the morning I would have to soak both wrists for 20 minutes before relief was felt. I happened to hear someone tell about the good results with Vitacel 7 and I ordered it. After using it for two weeks, all pain and swelling disappeared, as did the depression. My memory has improved, and with it came a general feeling of well-being. I operate a calculator at work and find my speed accuracy has improved.

Try Vitacel 7 before you consent to surgery for Carnal Tunnel Syndrome. It might work for you, too!

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I was introduced to Vitacel 7 in May of 1988. In 1970, the automobile I was driving was rear-ended by a school bus. I began receiving outpatient therapy treatments for neck and back pain. After four years, and periodic visits, I discontinued treatments as the relief of pain was so short-lived. I consulted a chiropractic physician in 1976, and began spinal manipulation treatments twice weekly, along with nutritional guidance. For twelve years, I continued these treatments, experiencing greater relief between visits. In addition to my neck and back pain, I have suffered widespread allergies accompanied by a sinusitis condition which has prevented a clear airflow through the nasal passages. I have tried most of the drugs related and over the counter products available, with little or no success.

Six months prior to my using Vitacel 7, I had experienced sharp intermittent pains in my knees, which led me to believe the possibility of the onset of an arthritic condition. I took my first Vitacel 7 tablet before bedtime. The next morning, I awoke, laid there for a few moments, and realized that for the first time in some 25 years I was actually breathing clearly through my nose instead of my mouth. Was this a dream? I was ecstatic. I jumped out of bed and raced to the cupboard to take my morning tablet.

In the days to come, I began noticing an increased surge of energy; along with a “real” sense of well-being within my body I no longer need those afternoon naps due to sleepless nights. I increased my daily dosage hoping for quicker results with the neck and back pain. After about three weeks, and let God be my witness, I no longer experienced any neck or back pain and knee pain. I have not had a chiropractic treatment since starting the Vitacel program. I will indeed share my good fortune with my chiropractor in the very near future.

In addition to my dietary program, I now include Cal-Mag, Vit-Mins and C-Dolphilus and I am feeling terrific. How wonderful it is to feel healthy again. Thank you, Dr Aslan, Robert Koch, and NEL-Vitacel for formulating and providing me with these wonderful products.

As of this writing, I have returned to a maintenance dosage of two Vitacel 7 tablets daily.

5901 - 46th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55422
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Since taking Vitacel nutrients…

  1. Arthritis in elbows much improved.
  2. Head jerking has slowed down.
  3. Feet and hands are warm. . . much to husband’s delight!
  4. General well-being.
  5. Muscles improved.
  6. Relaxing at night easier. . . sleep better.
  7. Skin much improved.
  8. Sore (in nose) of 20± years has stopped bleeding.
  9. Equilibrium much improved.
  10. Shooting pains in knuckles gone. This to end of 2nd bottle.
  11. Tooth has stopped hurting.. . can bit down on corn, etc. hard.
  12. Writing comes easier. . . not so jerky
  13. Hips do not hurt as much . . . and so on and soon.
Lacombe, Alberta


I was first introduced to Vitacel GH-3 in the fall of 1982. Ron and Marcie Abraham of Seattle sent us informa­tion about GH-3 and told of all the wonderful things it had done for Margie. I read the information (I thought with an open mind). “Baloney” I said, and filed the material in “File 13.” I felt that there wasn’t a product in the entire world that could do that much for that many different ailments without it being a drug. In the fall of 1983, we traveled to Seattle to visit Ron and Marcie, and I became a believer! It had been three years since our last visit, and I could not believe the change in Marcie! GH-3 had given Marcie a new lease on life, and I felt it was worth a try.

I wanted to see if GH-3 would do anything for my bursitis. The pain from the bursitis was so bad, it was very difficult to lift my arms in the morning to brush my hair. I feel very strongly against drugs, so I resigned myself to the fact that the pain was something that I would just have to live with. Sleeping was difficult because there wasn’t a painless position to be found. I would sometimes awaken with a terrible pain, and my right shoulder would be locked. I couldn’t move. My husband would have to grasp my wrist and jerk my arm to unlock my shoulder. If my shoulder would lock when my husband was working (he works nights), I would have to grit my teeth, slide to the edge of the bed, fall to the floor and fling my shoulder into the unlocked position.

Five days into GH-3 therapy, I enjoyed the first night of restful sleep in years! The pain was bearable! It was into the second month of GH-3 that the pain of the bursitis disappeared and has not returned. It’s beautiful!

I began GH-3 because of my bursitis, hut other wonderful things have happened too. When I was about five years old, Iran my arm through a wringer of a washing machine. The arm went through the wringer completely to my shoulder until my mother rescued me. There were no broken bones, but the muscles in my lower arm were severely damaged, leaving me with a lumpy arm. As I got older, the arm would ache when the humidity rose, and it would sometimes go numb, causing me to drop what­ever I was holding. Thank God, it was never a cup of hot coffee! There has been no numbness or ache in the arm in the past year.

For the past 19 years, I have been allergic to the sun. I had to cover all exposed skin before venturing outdoors. The allergy would cause bumps that would itch, break open and leave sears. It was really miserable. I read a GH-3 testimony where relief from allergies was experienced and I decided to test myself I ventured out into the hot Montana summer sun with a lot of skin exposed, worked in the yard all day, and nothing happened! No bumps! Later that evening, some bumps did appear, but they didn’t itch and they left no scars! Maybe in the summer of 1985 the bumps won’t even appear. I can hardly wait! The entire summer of 1984 was a repeat of my first attempt to see if GH-3 helped my allergy. It was great!

I can’t say enough for Vitacel GH-3. I’ll never be without it. We figure that the cost of Vitacel product is about the price of a dinner out a month. So we’ve decided that feeling great is worth the price of one less dinner out during the month.

2209 Central Avenue West
Great Fall, Montana 59404
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In October 1983, my doctors diagnosed my condition as Parkinson’s Disease. I trembled con­siderably, mostly on my right side. My stride was uneven and I had trouble doing even the most simple things such as brushing my teeth or mixing or stirring food or knocking on the door I was especially distressed when I was no longer able to write with my right hand. I was very depressed. I slept poorly and my disposition left something to be desired. I had been taking medication for arthritis and thyroid and now for Parkinson’s.

In March 1984, my daughter and a friend heard about Vitacel GH-3. They got some for me and insisted I give it a try. I was totally cynical, but agreed to try it for a few months. Within a week, I was sleeping better at night and my spirits were lighter Within two months, I realized the arthritis in my hips and back was almost totally relieved. I occasionally have a twinge in my back when the weather changes radically. My gums have always bled. That too stopped. I had more energy I felt serene and able to cope with the stressful situations surrounding me. It was over four months when I was able to have less trouble walking and trembled less but I still couldn’t write. By six months, I started to write again. Now, after a year, I write fairly well, feel great, and I’m working part time.

I have, during this time, eased off on all my medications. I still take my vitamins (and will continue to do so) and also take minerals as well as GH-3.

I feel good, energetic and enthused about life again. I’ve had a “reprieve” and I’m very thankful to Vitacel GH-3.

13625 81st Street SE
Snonomish, Washington 98290
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I was feeling miserable with a sore throat and a cold that had lasted 30 days and didn’t seem to be getting any better. I ordered Vitacel 7 and when it arrived, immediately started to use it. In 2 days, the sore throat and cold were gone and I was feeling much better. Pleasantly surprised with the general feeling of well being that I was now experiencing, I asked my husband to try Vitacel 7. He had bleeding ulcerative colitis and it was not getting any better, plus it was costing him $78.00 per week for mediation. He had sustained a sports injury which stretched and damaged the cartilage in his knees and they had to be operated on. There was some nerve damage to his elbow which added to his discomfort. While in the hospital, his knee was suspended in the air for 7 days as the doctor went left with a stiff leg. With much force and pain he could bend it slightly.

Today he is not bothered with any more pain and is able to bend and use the leg that once was stiff. The ulcerative colitis is gone and we continue to enjoy good health and use Vitacel 7 faithfully.

2330 Pinto Rd.
Anderson, Nevada 89015
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August25, 1989

It has been about 3 weeks since my family has started taking Vitacel 7. There are so many things I want to share with you about how this vitamin nutrient has worked for us. Having had active, healthy grandparents for as long as I can remember, I guess I sort of took it for granted that they would always be that way. Well, in the past 4 years, things just started to go downhill for them. I’ve been taking care of them since February of this year and these are the improvements they’ve made so far:

ENDURANCE - Grandma has a hard time walking even with a walker so we put her on a treadmill so she’ll get some exercise instead of sitting or riding around all day Before Vitacel 7, after 2 minutes, she’d want to get off saying that she was sore and she was going to cry, etc, etc. After I day on Vitacel 7, she was able to go for 10 minutes without any complaints. She even walked down the hallway without her walker, singing!

MUSCLE STRENGTH - Grandma’s back and stomach muscles were really shot. Things like getting her out of bed, putting her in or out of the car and even taking a bath on a special chair was quite difficult as she would always say, “I cannot” or “I’m falling.” Now she’s able to hold herself enough so she can get out of bed by herself, get into the car and take a bath with less help.

DISPOSITION - Her attitude is happier now. She smiles more and laughs more. When she does have pain at night, she’s very apologetic whereas before, she’d be screaming or yelling to no end accusing me of awful things.

FEELING WARMTH - For the first time since I’ve been taking care of her, she can feel warmth. She used to always be cold, always wearing long sleeves and a long jacket even in our tropical weather while everyone else is perspiring! Now she says that she’s warm she wears short sleeves and she perspires. The other night when my mom felt chilly because of the cool night air and asked her to roll the car window up, she replied, “I’m not too cold.”

GRAY HAIR TURNING DARK - Both Grandma and Grandpa have dark hair now where I know wasn’t there prior to Vitacel 7. Grandma’s eyebrows are all dark now when they used to be all gray and Grandpa’s bush eyebrows are half dark when they too used to be all gray.

DISCOLORING OF FEET & CALVES - Both their feet and half of their calves had become a black purplish color. Doctors had said there was nothing that could be done. Their feet and calves are slowly becoming their natural color, the back purplish color has left and you can see shades of pink coming through.

ARTHRITIS - Grandma can open and close her hands without difficulty now making it easier to play the ukulele!

MORE ENERGY - Having four children under eight years of age and now two grand­parents to care for, I need all the energy I can get. Thanks to Vitacel 7, I can get through the day without dragging through it. I even feel good after exercising whereas before I would exercise for one hour and then sleep for three to recuperate!

WEIGHT LOSS - So far I’ve lost 7 pounds. My appetite has decreased and I exercise more because I feel more energetic. Believe me I’m not complaining!

LIGHTER MENSTRUAL FLOW - My periods were very heavy before, so much so that I was anemic because of all the blood I’d loose. Now it’s as if time has turned back to when I was a teenager. Although the pain was still there, I felt that in time my body will he free of that also since [never experienced pain with my periods until after the birth of my fourth child three years ago.

TICKS & FLEAS - Not me, my dog! Every time I’d wash him, being an outside dog, he’d have ticks and fleas galore! Well, after only one tablet, I washed him and found maybe 5 ticks and 4 fleas all dead! Now I’ve also been giving him brewer’s yeast which someone told me would keep the ticks and fleas, it might. So whether it was Vitacel 7 alone or Vitacel 7 opening up the cells so it could now take in the brewer’s yeast, I don’t know. But I do know this could never have happened without Vitacel 7!

Are we excited about it? You bet. Things that our family lived with for years began to reverse itself within a few weeks. Even if it took a few months, it would still be worth every cent a hundred times over!

You’ll never know unless you try it for yourself and see what it can do for you and your loved ones. I’d be happy to talk to anyone concerning my experiences as I’d only be too happy to help.

Here’s to your great health!!!!

827 Kainui Drive
Kaulua, HI 96734
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A very exciting thing has happened to me, and lam so pleased that I want to share it with others ... hence this letter…

Like everyone else that is “getting older,” I (at age 63) had begun to experience those signs of aging . . . . mostly little things. But during the past year, my blood pressure had shot up and for a number of months, my arms felt like they were weighted down with lead and I was extremely tired by late afternoon. I started having headaches daily and my head seemed to be “under pressure.” I guess this was related to the high blood pressure. I saw my doctor and he started mc on medication.

A few weeks later, while I was still having alt these symptoms, a friend told me about Vitacel GH-3 (discovered by a doctor in Romania 40 years ago, well-researched, tested, and harmless to the body) that brought about a rejuvenation at cellular level. And because of that benefit, many people experienced unexpected relief from other ailments. I care about the quality of my health, so I decided to try it.

WOW!! In the first 24 hours, I noticed a marked decrease in my “tired feeling.” In a few days, it had disappeared completely. My headaches immediately ceased, and in about two weeks, the “leaden feeling” in my arms was gone. In the following weeks, I noticed other improvements, too. My finger­nails, which had been brittle and split easily, were smooth, flexible and strong. The cuticles, too, had improved. My skin was smoother When I now try the “5 second pinch test” on the back of my hand, the resulting ridge is gone in about 3 seconds! I no longer have occasional mouth ulcers and I sleep soundly My blood pressure is almost hack to normal and I have not been on the medication for the past four weeks. Even though I have been taking GH-3 and GH-7 for less than 3 months, overall feeling and outlook is remarkable. I have written down every single “irregularity” that I have (from age spots to athletes foot) to see if they disappear over months to come.

Recently, I had read a best seller “Life Extension” (Warner Books) that makes mention of GH­3, and states that aside from accidents, there is no reason why we should not live at least 120 years in good health. Our bodies arc made to do that. But due to our eating habits, toxins, air and water contaminants, our body cells suffer from a slow poisoning that leads to cell deterioration and early “old age. This invites a host of serious aliment, cancer, stroke, diabetes, head attacks, arthritis, etc. be­cause our cells and immune systems are “too sick” to fight off invaders. This surely “fits” with what I have learned about GH-3! All of my parents and aunts, uncles and grandparents died of cancer (my mother at age 49). That leaves a gloom on my own future, but now after taking Vitacel GH-3 and living sensibly, I have no worries about it.

1523 Brookside Drive
Germantown, TN 38138
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After using my bottle of GH7, I was amazed to find out that the pain in my fingers, knees and my feet have gone. I have more energy. My well being is wonderful. This product really works.

75 Carrol St.
Trenton, NJ 08609


The person in the accompanying photo is now in his mid-eighties. He will repeat the same pose for a valid witness request. He also will submit to a thorough physical examination to verify superior health. He no longer feels the need nor does he take one prescription-based medication. This was not always the case by any means. For the record, let us review, in condensed form, the record of his physical history from childhood to present.

A small town in Eastern Oregon was home in his youth. A community 85 miles from a mainline railroad. Except for a narrow gauge logging railroad, communication was by dirt roads. He was fortu­nate to have survived to his first birthday; the problem a near fatal case of whooping cough. Within the next several years he experienced mumps, German measles - or rubella - chicken pox and rheumatic fever. The country doctor diagnosed ‘leakage of the heart.’ Parents were warned to not allow the boy vigorous play A pronounced heart murmur and arrhythmia remained. This non-debilitating, but rea­son for concern, “glitch” disappeared seventy five years later Refer to later years resume.

Tonsils and adenoids were removed surgically by the same country doctor. The operating fa­cilities included the family kitchen table plus a little black satchel. A hospital was not part of the rural scene at that time.

During his twelfth year, he experienced the deadly virus known as the Spanish influenza. The one local undertaker was pressed to maintain his service. Followed by a relapse which proved worse than the original illness. Within the next ninety days. he survived the red measles and typhoid fever H is weight dropped to that of a seven year old.

Before his fifteenth birthday, an accident with a horse resulted in a broken ankle. The foot was positioned 90 degrees out from the leg calf He was packed by friends a quarter mile to a waiting car The same doctor on the same kitchen table, assisted by three strong men, managed to set the bones. Chloroform, yes; x-ray, no. ft was necessary to interrupt the routine to apply cardiac resuscitation. The following two-plus years of exercise, exercise, exercise were required to regain a good measure of strength and flexibility.

He was plagued with ‘hay fever’ or sinusitis during high school. At that time, it was referred to as catarrh. A risky radical operation involving the maxillary sinuses proved of little or no value.

He had a sincere desire to be a Medical Doctor hut was forced to walk away from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1932 because of a deteriorating eye problem. The resulting trauma lasted for years. Got hooked on cigarettes and spent 38 years trying to quit. Experienced a bout with pneumonia. A hack injury required spells of confinement in bed. Treated periodically for right shoulder bursitis-inflammation for several years professionally.

During the last two years of his 70’s, he learned about and studied the history of procaine hydrochloride. He and his wife, Doris, have maintained a steady regimen of a special formula of procaine hydrochloride known as Vitacel 7. For both, the physical benefits have proven to he outstand­ing. At the present, Vitacel 7 is ordered from the Grand Cayman Islands, British West Indies.

Within these last few years, the heart arrhythmia disappeared completely, totally. Blood pres­sure has dropped to normal, cholesterol is now that of a young man; not one joint in his body is subject to pain or restriction. Twenty years of semi-annual treatment for prostatitis now has been discontinued. He jogs ten miles each week slowly, of course, and spaced.

Without giving total credit to any one thing, here is a picture of him as he is today: In the company of a devoted wife of over fifty years, five wonderful daughters with their families of ten grandchildren and now starting with great-grandchildren. Each one worth more that than the rest of the world. Living has a golden hue. The writer is in robust health. He and Doris find their eighties to be the most enjoyable of any previous time. And this is the way it should be!

3252 NE Flanders
Portland, Oregon 97232
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I think it is so important to tell you the story of my dog, Little Boy.

About three years ago, he began having seizures. One convulsion was so severe that he threw himself against the piano, permanently damaging one eye and knocking out teeth.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Gerald Brown, put Little Boy on Phenobarbital (120 grams). He said the dog should have Phenobarbital in his system at all times to prevent Epileptic seizures. Someone men­tioned that Vitacel 7 might be beneficial in helping my dog. I myself had always enjoyed good health and as a preventative measure took Vitacel daily. I decided to give Little Boy one tablet in the morning and one half the Phenobarbital at night. I gradually reduced the Vet’s medication but maintained his Vitacel 7 intake.

Little Boy has not had the Phenobarbital for two years. He is totally off of it.

He has had no convulsions in that time and continues to receive one Vitacel tablet daily. He is a small dog, so this is a good dosage for him. At 15 years old, he is active, alert and so healthy At 75 I too any healthy, fatigue free and feel like 25. I take 2 tables a day.

I am so grateful that I found Vitacel 7, for both Little Boy and me.

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Being a skeptic, I decided to use Vitacel 7 for six months, before mentioning the product to anyone. My back, knees and thumbs gave me so much pain that I consumed six to eight aspirins daily In two months my arthritis simmered down considerably No more aspirin. Varicose veins that plagued me for over forty years disappeared in four months. My wife and I gained a feeling of well being and energy far greater than we anticipated at age seventy two. Vitacel 7 is magic for us and we tell others of our sense of well being. I must add that our patience is not short anymore and we flow along with the tides that come to us.


Joseph & Rose Ehlers
1710 S. Gilbert Rd. #1188
Mesa, AZ 85204
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Since taking Vitacel 7, people that haven’t seen me for some time comment on how much younger I look. That is good to hear hut it is better to enjoy good health and when you are feeling better, you look better.

An unexpected thing happened. My dog is a Mim-Pin and he developed a tumor on his eyelid. I had him examined by the Vet and used his medication for one week and nothing happened. The Vet scheduled an operation but before that occurred, I read about a Doberman with a tumor on her lip. The owner used Vitacel 7 herself and decided to give it to her dog. The results were excellent. In a few days the tumor shrank in size and some days later it was gone. I tried the same with my dog and in one and half weeks the tumor was gone. I took my dog back to the Vet and he sure was surprised to see that the tumor was gone. Now we are both looking and feeling good and will continue to do so as we are going to take Vitacel 7 from now on.

Elmer R. Coombs
15 Lakeside Dr Ext.
Ridgefield, CT 06877
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Seven months ago I started taking Vitacel 7 after I saw the benefits that a relative of mine received. He encouraged me to try it as [had asthma and even with medication I had difficulty breath­ing. I tried Vitacel 7 but found the Vitacel 5 more beneficial for my asthma.

I am 30 years old and lost much of the hair on the top of my head. What was left wasn’t of good quality so I decided to wear a long pony tail and shaved off what little I had left on the top. I also started to apply the Vitalize cream to the bare spot. Recently people wanted to know what I was doing or taking, as my hair was growing in thick in the area that was sparse. When I noticed this new growth, I stopped applying the cream and now take six Citadels a day I especially enjoy taking them before going to bed. It makes sleeping and breathing so much easier.

Lenny Romano
195 Herricks Rd.
Garden City Park, NY 1] 040
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I felt that I must write to tell you how pleased and excited I am with Vitacel 7. I have been taking two tablets twice a day for two months and have already experienced many positive results. After about one week I noticed that my eyes were much clearer and brighter and my skin looked better. At first I just noticed the changes on my face but now my whole body is much smoother and softer I now use the wonderful Vitalize skin cream and the results are more noticeable now.

I also sleep much better. Insomnia was a problem for almost two years. Every day now I feel very mentally alert and have lots of energy - both physical and mental. For sometime I have been under quite a bit of stress. I have been feeling very moody and feeling down. I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it. Since I have started taking Vitacel 7.

I have felt great every single day! I feel serene and confident and able to handle anything. It’s wonderful to have a good attitude every day If this product did nothing else~ I would continue to use it because of this great benefit to me.

I had a wart on the tip of my finger for a year that resisted every possible treatment. After about one month I noticed that it had vanished! My whole family including my husband, three sons, my mother and sister are now using Vitacel 7. I am so excited to see what positive health benefits they will experience. My mother already notices that she is sleeping better and her restless leg syndrome has vanished. It’s great to be able to share something so great with the ones you love and care about. We run the whole spectrum from young adults, middle aged and senior citizen.

I’m sure that all of our futures will be healthier and happier with Vitacel. I love it! thank you.

Patricia Hain
1151 Pinesong Place
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
P.S. My memory is much better.

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It was after I broke my back that tests revealed that I had osteoporosis. I was told that I had the bones of a centurion, yes a hundred year old woman. Yet, I was only 52 years old. Following my father’s death I had 4 years of traumatic ordeals. I don’t know which was worse, the physical pain or all the emotional feelings one experiences with traumatic occurrences.

Sleeping was difficult, especially when my husband was away traveling on business. I also had a considerable amount of pain in my thumb joints. I am a librarian and must thumb through hundreds of cards a day. This wasn’t easy. Yet another problem was that one of my front teeth had been loose for 20 years.

On March 17th, a caring dear friend gifted me with Vitacel 7. She had remarkable results from taking this dietary supplement and thought that I might benefit also. Yes, indeed, I sure did. I am feeling and steeping better. The tooth that was loose has tightened. I now have a deep inner peace or sense of well being. The pains have lessened in my thumbs considerably and with continued use of Vitacel 7, I think all pain will diminish. What’s truly amazing is that all of this has happened in just two months of taking Vitacel 7.

My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and builds scaffolding for construction. Like other occu­pations that require repetitive motion, he developed carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery was performed to correct this condition, yet after surgery the pain was still there. After I noticed how much better I felt, I suggested he try Vitacel 7. He takes 4 tablets a day and he no longer has pain.

Our daughters ages 19 and 26 are very healthy. They also take Vitacel 7 to maintain and preserve their good health.

Mary Anne and Dean Stiles
Rd-I, Box 258
Homer City, PA 15748

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I had not been taking Vitacel 7 long before I experienced remarkable results. I do alot of standing and walking on concrete and because of this, developed varicose veins. I am a weight lifter and having varicose veins didn’t look too good. I started to take Vitacel 7 and I didn’t realize that it would have an effect on the varicose veins, but within a few weeks I noticed they were beginning to go away. I thought that was pretty special and I was very p!eased with that.

I started to notice other very positive effects from the Vitacel. Years ago, I had a back injury from lifting weights and from time to time it would bother me a hit, and since taking Vitacel I noticed a decrease in the pain and greater mobility and I don’t have as many problems with my back when I do work out. I feel in my heart that if I continue to use Vitacel my hack will get stronger and I won’t have the problems that I had before. Since taking the Vitacel I feel alive, I have a sense of well being with a kind of peace, but a very definite difference in the way I feel.

My father has gout and arthritis. He was initially reluctant to try Vitacel but decided to give it a try. Within a few days he began to feel better and within a week’s time he said you must order me some more product. He has not had a gout flare-up or arthritic pain since taking Vitacel. He is now a Vitacel fan.

Anthony SaVage
2250 W. Ridgeway
Jackson, MS 39213

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I’ve been actively involved in sports most of my life and have been blessed with good health. For the last ten years I have been playing full-court basketball three to four times a week with 20 and 30 year olds and competitively in Senior Masters basketball tournaments (50 - 55 and 60± age brackets). Last year, I started playing in men’s Senior baseball League (hardball) after a 32 year layoff. We just returned from a 30-40+ Baseball Tournament in Puerto Rico where I played in five games in four days. Young and older players and specta­tors ask where I get all my energy. I tell them that I take care of my body and have been using Vitacel faithfully for over 12 years. They cant believe I’m in my early 60’s and still going. (I pitched a full 9 innings in Phoenix last November in the National MSBL Tournament (50+)... we won). Thanks for introducing me to Vitacel.

G.E Belko
Box 544
Winnetka, IL 60093

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Dr. Albert Einhorn, Dr. Ana Aslan and Dr. Robert Koch

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